How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous: 8 Steps

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How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous: 8 Steps
How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous: 8 Steps

If you've been rejected or abandoned by your ex-girlfriend, making some small, positive changes to your lifestyle can make you jealous and intrigued by your new life without her. As long as the feeling you want to evoke in her is for a good cause, making your ex jealous may even make her realize that she still cares for you.


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Step 1. Understand the difference between healthy jealousy and harmful jealousy

This can prevent one of the parties involved from getting hurt in this process. A healthy approach to jealousy is when the intention is to deepen or rekindle the relationship, while the harmful approach is one where the person intends to get revenge or intentionally hurt the ex for having broken up.

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Step 2. Stop looking for your ex-girlfriend

Ceasing any kind of contact can make her wonder what you've been doing and why you stopped looking for her. She may think you're seeing someone else or that you're busy with fun things that don't involve her. If you don't want to cut off contact completely, wait at least two or three weeks before talking to her again.

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Step 3. Improve your lifestyle

An old Spanish proverb says that “living well is the best revenge” – a great phrase to keep in mind when making your ex jealous. Becoming a better person is good for your health and helps to increase self-esteem for those going through the process of breaking up. Get more exercise, spend more time with friends and family, and make other positive changes that make your ex wonder if your life is better without her.

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Step 4. Keep in touch with mutual friends

This indirectly helps keep your ex up to date on what's going on in your life, even if you don't have any contact with her. Friends can even tell her that they've met you and that you're fine without her. For example, tell friends that you were promoted at work, that you lost weight, or that you are making plans to run your next marathon. It's possible that the news starts to circulate and that your ex-girlfriend gets an elbow pain for your conquests.

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Step 5. Stay active on social media

Maybe your ex joins your profile just out of curiosity to see how you're doing without her and to see if you're seeing anyone. Make posts natural and positive, and try to keep an air of mystery without explaining details. For example, share photos of yourself having fun with friends on a Friday night without explaining where the photo was taken or what you are celebrating.

Share photos of yourself with other women, especially beautiful ones. Seeing you having fun in female company can make your ex jealous and confused about her feelings for you

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Step 6. Act with confidence and indifference when meeting her in public

If meeting is unavoidable at work or on a date with mutual friends, smile, say hello, and move on. This positive behavior will make her wonder why you aren't looking unhappy without her, and will show you that you are a confident person who has left the past behind.

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Step 7. Don't be at her disposal

If she calls or texts you, don't respond right away. She'll get the impression that you're a busy person, and she'll be curious to know what you've been up to. With this attitude, you'll also avoid appearing desperate to talk to her. Depending on the nature of the call, delay returning for a few hours or days.

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Step 8. Allow yourself to find another relationship

Even though you still like your ex and hope to get back together, starting to date other people is a natural way to make her jealous, as it will seem like you're over the end of the relationship and are moving on. Also, you might end up meeting someone nicer than your ex.


Spend more time on your interests after the relationship ends. Doing things you enjoy can help you take your thoughts off of her and open up possibilities for making new friends, and even meeting someone special


  • Don't go out of your way or take obvious actions just to make your ex jealous. It can backfire and she can lose even more interest when she finds out what you're trying to do. Be subtle, try to act indirectly to make her jealous. For example, don't kiss another woman in front of her just to get to her.
  • Avoid spending too much time and energy trying to make your ex jealous. The effects on you can be disastrous and can disrupt your life, causing you to stop chasing your goals and paralyzing you from doing the things you love.

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