How to Catch an Unfaithful Girlfriend (with Pictures)

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How to Catch an Unfaithful Girlfriend (with Pictures)
How to Catch an Unfaithful Girlfriend (with Pictures)

If your relationship is strained, you may suspect your girlfriend is with someone else. This can be a difficult time, but how do you know if the suspicion is real or just paranoia? It's important to look for the right signs, be responsible and respectful, and learn to talk about the relationship in an open and healthy way rather than snooping around.


Part 1 of 3: Looking for the Signs

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Keep an eye out for signs that she may be losing interest in you

People cheat for a variety of reasons, but this usually occurs when they are unhappy with relationships. If you suspect your girlfriend may be with someone else, keep an eye out for signs that your relationship is in trouble. See if your girlfriend:

  • Call less often
  • Seems distracted when they're together
  • dress differently
  • Cancel your plans often
  • mind about where it's going
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 2

Step 2. Check her calling and messaging habits

When you're together, does your girlfriend spend more time on her cell phone than talking to you? Does she seem to care too much about talking in private with someone else?

  • Too many text messages can mean she is looking for someone else or just talking to her mother. Remember she can talk to anyone she wants. If you need to, say something like "I wish we could spend some time alone right now, no phones, unless there's an emergency. Is everything okay?"
  • Don't try to poke around on her phone. If you feel the need to spy on your partner, the relationship is already bad and should be ended.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 3

Step 3. Keep an eye on her social media as online profiles make cheating much more complicated

If you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you online, sign up on dating sites to search for her.

  • Did you notice that she is commenting too much on photos of a co-worker? Don't panic, she can post whatever she wants on anyone's profile. This does not mean that she is cheating on you, but that she may be losing interest or commitment in the relationship.
  • Never, under any circumstances, should you attempt to log into email, Facebook profile or any other password protected page. Breaking someone's trust by suspecting something means you're in a bad relationship.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 4

Step 4. Keep an eye out for canceled or weird plans

If your girlfriend starts behaving in a way that is contrary to normal, this can be a cause for fanfare. It's hard to describe this, but keep an eye out for anything that doesn't look like her.

  • If you have a date and she cancels or changes it suddenly, something could be up.
  • If your girlfriend starts going out late with people you don't normally date, talk about it.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 5

Step 5. Try talking to her friends

If she's changing her mind about your relationship or cheating on you, she's probably talked to someone about it. If you do your job right, her friends might feel sorry for you and tell you everything.

  • Do not approach them with accusations, but with doubts. Say that you have noticed that she is far away and that you don't know why. Ask if they know how to help you fix the relationship.
  • If they say no, it doesn't mean they are involved. This could mean that your girlfriend is not cheating on you. Try to relax.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 6

Step 6. Look for warning signs in yourself

Are you the best partner possible? Are you contributing to the health of the relationship in a positive way? Are you doing everything you can to make the relationship work? Are you a respectful and kind partner? Make sure you're not doing anything to push your partner away.

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 7

Step 7. Controlling and manipulative partners are often the causes of betrayals

If you're digging through your girlfriend's stuff or snooping around her Facebook posts because you suspect something, try standing back and evaluating your relationship.

Part 2 of 3: Investigating

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 8

Step 1. Check her hidden cell phone

A lot of evidence of infidelity can be found on people's cell phones, but this must be done carefully so that no limits are crossed.

  • If you need to check, do it "accidentally". When her cell phone is unlocked and she receives a new message, see the sender out of the corner of her eye. If there are a lot of messages from someone suspicious, you might have a good reason to talk.
  • You'll completely lose someone's trust if you take their cell phone and start browsing their message history. If you don't find anything, you'll be the asshole of the relationship.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 9

Step 2. If you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you at home when you are away, change your routine regularly, going home at times you would normally be away

  • Have a good reason. Go home for lunch if you normally eat close to work or show up earlier than usual.
  • If you don't live together, don't go to her house when you shouldn't. This might sound scarier than anything.
  • It's important to know that catching your girlfriend in the act can be very traumatic. It's best to talk about it before resorting to the tactics of the "Family Affairs" program.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 10

Step 3. If nothing is found, stop searching

If your relationship is hurting and you're worried, focus on making it better or ending it, not playing the investigator. Be better than that and don't even start investigating. If you have problems with your partner, talk to her.

Don't obsess. If you're thinking about putting hidden cameras in places you suspect she's cheating on you, end that relationship and find a healthier one

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 11

Step 4. Assess your relationship, regardless of what you discover

If your girlfriend is being unfaithful, think about her motives and whether or not you want to end the relationship for it. If she's not unfaithful, think about what might have changed in your relationship so that she's suspected something.

  • If you were suffering from paranoia that went nowhere, talk to your girlfriend and apologize. Talk openly and honestly. Try to rebuild lost trust.
  • If your girlfriend was cheating on you, ask her what she wants to do and try to decide if this is the end of the relationship for you. If she wants to break up, it's all over. If she wants to solve the problems, decide if it's worth it or not.

Part 3 of 3: The conversation

Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 12

Step 1. Keep calm, being betrayed is not the end of the world

In fact, you might even see this as a good thing, as it means your relationship was somewhat unfulfilling and probably unrepaired. Now it can run out and they can both stop wasting time on something that doesn't work. Keep calm and take a deep breath.

  • Exit if necessary. If you find your girlfriend cheating on you, just leave. If you find some kind of evidence, go away. Call a friend or family member and then leave.
  • The last thing you should do is have a tantrum and act irrationally. Be the best person in the relationship, stay calm and decide what to do.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 13

Step 2. Ask if she is happy, not cheating on you

Breakups are difficult and she may have hidden her infidelity to avoid this pain. So getting to that point is bad, whether she's cheating on you or not. It is important that you are objective and sincere.

  • Ask important questions. "What do you want from this relationship?" "What are you not getting out of this relationship?" "What could I change to improve?"
  • Try to be as specific as possible. You don't need an answer to "Why did you cheat on me" or "What did you do to him?" Focus on things that matter for the future, not the past.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 14

Step 3. Ask what she wants

Try to keep the discussion focused on her feelings and not yours. Being betrayed hurts and you may want to express your feelings, but step back and focus your energies where it matters.

  • If she's already given up on the relationship, there's no reason to go out of your way for someone who doesn't care. The relationship only works if both want it.
  • If she wants to fix things, you can talk about how you feel and decide whether or not you want to continue. Try to think about whether you will be able to forgive the infidelity or whether your trust is gone.
  • If your suspicions were wrong but you're in serious trouble, it's still important to have this conversation.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 15

Step 4. Listen to what she has to say

Even if you think you know how you feel, you might be surprised. Let her talk and try to hear her side. This does not mean that you should accept the apology, but that it is important to let the other person speak. You can still end the relationship.

  • Don't assume you know if she cheated on you or not. Don't accuse her or try to lecture her. Just listen.
  • If necessary, you can try a conversational game. Set a timer and promise that you will express yourself, judgment-free, for 15 minutes without the other person interrupting.
Catch a Cheating Girlfriend Step 16

Step 5. Share your feelings at the right time

If you are going to try to mend the relationship, it is necessary to confront the way in which you were hurt by the infidelity, if it happened. Choose the best time to do this. It's best to hear her version and then decide whether or not you want to share your feelings.

  • Talk to a trusted friend first. Gaining perspective on what happened can be difficult. Talk about what happened, saving graphic details, to get a new view.
  • Many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to overcome a betrayal. If you believe you can't continue with someone who has betrayed you, don't continue. Break up the relationship.


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