3 Ways to Stop Cheating and Cheating

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3 Ways to Stop Cheating and Cheating
3 Ways to Stop Cheating and Cheating

Cheating on a partner or cheating on an exam are easy ways out of difficult situations. However, these "solutions" almost always create more problems than they solve, even if the consequences are not immediate. Stopping these practices is difficult, especially when they have already become a habit. However, exercising a little self-knowledge and calmly analyzing the possible consequences can put you on the right path.


Method 1 of 3: Stop Cheating

Stop Cheating Step 1

Step 1. Try to stop cheating in order to understand the situation well

There are many reasons why someone can cheat, from an unhappy relationship to the thrill of a new conquest. One way or another, the fact is that infidelity will likely greatly impair your ability to judge right and wrong, and this understanding is essential to understanding the cause of that behavior and eliminating it. The first step will always be to put an end to the case you are currently having, even if temporarily.

  • It is normal that this is not easy for you. Stopping cheating can be difficult, but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying.
  • The first step is to simply stop cheating, even temporarily. Take one day at a time and try to keep yourself busy.
  • Set a reasonable goal, such as two weeks without cheating. When that time passes, ask yourself if the urge to betray is gone or if it's stronger than ever.
Stop Cheating Step 2

Step 2. Try to avoid betrayals by finding other forms of distraction

Take a vacation or plan more get-togethers and events with your partner or family. Another good idea is to start a new hobby that you can practice on your own. This will allow you to have an outlet that offers time for yourself that doesn't involve infidelity. Never substitute more stress or work for betrayals, as it is, in a way, a way to relieve stress and tension. Try to find a new activity to relax. Spend your time on things you like to do and the temptation to cheat will be much less.

Stop Cheating Step 3

Step 3. Look for flaws in your relationship that might be causing unhappiness

People rarely cheat for no reason, and one of the most common is unhappiness with their current partner. Is he not meeting your sexual needs? Do you think the betrayal is a response to some of his behavior? If that's the case for you, taking a break from infidelity will be even more important. When you spend some time without cheating, see if your problems will get worse or better. Is cheating the only thing that makes you feel better about relationship issues?

Cheating alone does not mean that you must necessarily part ways with your partner. Many couples end up coming back stronger than before. However, this practice always requires that you take the time to think about the relationship

Stop Cheating Step 4

Step 4. Take your personal problems and desires seriously, even if they weren't caused by your partner

Unhappiness is one of the main reasons for cheating, but many people cheat even when they believe they are with the "perfect" partner. Perhaps you miss the thrill of meeting new people or believe you are wasting your youth in a serious relationship. Some people like to feel in control of their romantic life because they feel trapped at work or at home. It is important to remember that your partner is not necessarily the cause of your infidelity. You need to reflect and define if this is your case.

  • In the United States, about 50% of people have sought some form of psychological help. Seeking professional help is the best option to explore and resolve your fears and concerns.
  • Is there anything you can do in your personal life to make yourself happier, like reducing your stress or the amount of work? This can help to greatly lessen the urge to jump the fence.
Stop Cheating Step 5

Step 5. Put your partner first when making up or ending infidelity

A good way to stop cheating is to stop thinking about yourself so much and think about the other person. It is all too easy to justify our actions by telling ourselves that they are only capable of hurting us. Avoid this behavior and try to motivate yourself to stop by thinking about how your partner will feel when he finds out, assuming he always will (even if it doesn't happen).

If your partner has discovered your cheating, ask (often) what you can do to regain their trust. This won't be easy, but it's not impossible

Stop Cheating Step 6

Step 6. Consider revealing what happened so that you can resolve these issues together, preferably with the help of couples therapy

If you feel that you can work hard to resolve issues together, it might be a good idea to be honest with your partner. Couples therapy and even individual therapy can help you to look at your problems objectively, which helps both of you to find a suitable solution.

If you've ever been caught cheating but don't want to end the relationship, show that you want to resolve these issues together with your partner. Don't just say "I won't cheat anymore". Find a way to show that you are being sincere

Stop Cheating Step 7

Step 7. Use the act of infidelity as a motivation for a stronger relationship, not more fights

A betrayal exposes the main problems in a relationship, but this is the first step in solving them. It may be difficult at first, but a betrayal shows what needs to be improved in the relationship for it to work. Maybe your sex life has become monotonous and you need something different, or maybe you're feeling overwhelmed in some ways. No matter the motivation, view infidelity as a chance to make things better rather than a sign that the relationship is over.

Stop Cheating Step 8

Step 8. Realize what you will be giving up by cheating

Does short-term satisfaction justify the lasting consequences? Can a moment of passion make up for a month of guilt? You should always assess the worst-case scenario for your actions. In 90% of cases, a passing adventure doesn't justify losing a partner when he finds out.

In case of divorce or separation, any infidelity can (and probably will be) used against you when determining the amount of support

Method 2 of 3: Avoiding Betrayals

Stop Cheating Step 9

Step 1. Be honest with your partner about your emotional and sexual needs

One of the main causes of cheating is the person feeling that their partner cannot or will not meet their needs, which makes them look for someone else who can. To prevent the problem from happening to you, it's important to be honest about your needs, including:

  • How often you want to have sex.
  • Your level of comfort and desire for sexual adventures.
  • The division of household chores or child care.
  • Long-term plans and goals for your life and career.
Stop Cheating Step 10

Step 2. Also be a good listener

When discussing your wants and needs, ask your partner's as well. This attitude should not only be taken at this time, as it is the foundation of all healthy relationships. You should understand your partner's thoughts and concerns and take them seriously, and always take the time to listen. Also, remember that you shouldn't just listen passively. Try to ask questions, nod positively, and respond to your partner's requests and promises.

Not all people find it easy to be honest, especially when it comes to more complicated matters. Many conversations will become easier when you show your feelings first and then ask the other person about them

Stop Cheating Step 11

Step 3. Talk about what characterizes and does not characterize a betrayal

If you get drunk and kiss a college classmate, would your partner want to know? Is flirting or buying someone a drink at a conference out of bounds, or do you trust the other to take it all just as an innocent prank? Just because this conversation isn't easy doesn't mean it isn't important. Also, it's best to put everything in clean rags before doing something that might cause regret later.

The more open you are to talking about sex with each other, the easier and more productive these conversations will be

Stop Cheating Step 12

Step 4. Get good with yourself

A good relationship should involve both people, but individuality is important for you to feel free and fulfilled. Take care of your personal needs during the relationship. Being happy with yourself is one of the best ways to avoid infidelity.

  • You should feel comfortable letting off steam and sharing emotions and feelings with your partner rather than keeping them to yourself.
  • Spending time alone or with other people, who can be of any gender, is healthy and recommended. Flirting and talking to people can also be innocent. This is part of being a sociable and free person.
Stop Cheating Step 13

Step 5. Avoid temptation before it gets too strong

A party away from home after a work meeting sounds like fun, but it's a recipe for disaster if you tend to be unfaithful. If you've made a commitment to stop cheating, try to avoid most fence-jumping by avoiding situations that can trigger this behavior:

  • Parties without a partner, especially when there are alcoholic beverages.
  • Travel alone, such as for meetings or business fairs.
  • Hang out with single friends who are constantly looking for partners.
  • Be around people who are attractive to you, especially if you have a romantic background with her.
Stop Cheating Step 14

Step 6. Remember that even the best relationships take effort

When you move in together, get married, or simply formalize a serious relationship, the work will not be over. Even people who have been married for 50 years understand that a relationship requires constant effort and self-assessment to make it work. How can you best support your partner? How can he support you? What are the little things that make you happy and how can you contribute to providing them?

  • Your sex life will not become repetitive if you share and fulfill each other's desires and fantasies.
  • Face these difficult times as an opportunity for you to come closer, not distance yourself. How can you help each other through difficult situations?
  • How can you share household chores fairly for both of you?

Method 3 of 3: Stopping cheating at school

Stop Cheating Step 15

Step 1. Understand that your main goal at school is not to have a high grade point average, but to learn

There are several schools, universities and companies that care about your average, but the fact is that joining one of these institutions just because of the glue and without the necessary knowledge will not make you successful there. Necklace is a short-term solution to a great life goal, which is to learn as much as we can. And before you dismiss school learning as useless, remember that knowledge is power, in all areas of knowledge.

Sometimes it's hard to get through high school, but that doesn't mean that taking the easy way out will help you become a better person. Any new knowledge will make you more competitive in interviews, jobs and other opportunities

Stop Cheating Step 16

Step 2. Understand that solving problems in general, not just school issues, is the real learning provided by teaching

You're right in thinking that maybe you'll never use those math formulas again in the "real world", but that's not the point. Studying mathematics is understanding the concepts that move our world, concepts that we can apply to virtually any problem if we can read and manipulate numbers intelligently. No matter your desired area of ​​expertise, all matters have their importance:

  • the sciences they are essential, even if you don't use them normally. This is because scientific vocabulary and concepts are indispensable in today's modern, technological world. Understanding at least the basics will greatly improve your understanding of the world.
  • Portuguese and Literature they may seem useless, but by better understanding the meaning of words, reading and understanding implicit information, you will be preparing to see things from other perspectives, all of which will make you better as a person, a negotiator and a critical thinker.
  • Foreign languages they create neural connections that make you talk better, focus on multiple activities at once more easily, and make you a better problem solver.
Stop Cheating Step 17

Step 3. Make an effort to better manage your time rather than resorting to glue

Typically, a high school student will have after-school activities and after-dinner chores, as well as, of course, time to hang out with friends, play video games, talk on cell phones, and other leisure activities. After four or eight hours of school, the last thing you want is to spend more time there, but by not taking the time to study and do your homework, you're preventing the development of one of life's most important skills., efficient prioritization of tasks. You need to learn to organize yourself to be able to complete all the necessary tasks.

  • If studying or preparing for school is not your priority, you will be much more likely to use illegal gimmicks.
  • Do your best at school to have more free time later. Every student would like to relax and not study in the school's study room, but dedicating yourself to studying will make you much more relaxed to enjoy your free time later.
  • Define concrete tasks instead of simply saying "I'm going to study tonight." Try to be more specific and say, "Tonight I'm going to do a problem page, read a chapter, and go 50% of that project forward." It is much easier to carry out concrete tasks.
Stop Cheating Step 18

Step 4. Get rid of temptation before it appears

Your chances of returning to heat decrease if you sit next to someone or in a position that doesn't allow you to see the answers. Likewise, if you never make a paper with glue, it will be impossible to use it. You can only paste if you take the time to read the answers somewhere, so avoid this first step. The best way to avoid glue is not to put yourself in situations conducive to it.

Stop Cheating Step 19

Step 5. Remember the consequences of getting caught

There will always be the possibility that some teacher will notice what you are doing. Remember the disappointment this will cause them and their parents, as well as the lack of confidence this act will generate. Furthermore, the consequences of getting caught are far more serious than those of getting some questions wrong. To be honest can be the difference between a 7, 5 and an 8, 5, but sticking together can make that 8,5 turn into a zero.

A bad test will rarely have long-term negative consequences in your life. However, the consequences of cheating on her can haunt you for years


In any situation, cheating on someone or cheating on a test is also cheating on yourself. These are dishonest acts, which is an incentive for you to always try to hide this practice. Ideally, you should try to control this incentive so that it doesn't end up creating more problems in the future


  • It won't be easy, but you'll be able to stop these practices when you're ready for it.
  • The consequences of getting caught in dishonest attitudes are often more severe than those of doing the right thing.

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