How to Forget Your Ex: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Forget Your Ex: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Forget Your Ex: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

You just broke up with your girlfriend and can't get her out of your head? Or have you already broken up for a while but can't move on? Breaking up with someone is always difficult, but here are some tactics you can try to get over your ex and get on with your life.


Method 1 of 2: Dealing with a Recent Breakup

Forget About Your Ex Step 1

Step 1. Accept the truth

You need to be honest with yourself. Whether you want it to be true or not, the breakup happened. Don't suffer thinking she can come back to you or call you, just accept that you're not with her anymore. Take your time, but the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can get on with your life.

This can be easier or harder depending on how much time you spent together. If you've been dating for years or if you've lived together, it may take a little longer to accept what happened

Forget About Your Ex Step 2

Step 2. Clear your mind

Don't let the memories depress you; you shouldn't dwell on what hurts you, as this can end up affecting the people around you as well. Let go of all your anger and regret and don't wonder what you would have done differently or, better, during the relationship. If you find yourself thinking about her, do something to get her out of your mind, like reading a book or watching a movie. If you're having fun, you'll think about her less. This will help you start from scratch and feel ready to date again.

Forget About Your Ex Step 3

Step 3. Think about the negative things

You can write a list of pros and cons or just think about it, but always remember the negative things about it. First, remember why the relationship didn't work out, and then think about all the things she did that made you nervous or hurt. This will help you see her in a different light, taking her off the pedestal you put her in your head and helping you to overcome your feelings for her.

Don't think she's the best woman you'll ever meet. Think there must be a better person out there for you

Forget About Your Ex Step 4

Step 4. Eliminate things that remind you of her

During the relationship, most likely you have accumulated a lot of gifts, photos and memories. Put all these things together, like a shirt of yours that she liked to wear, a CD that you listened to together, etc. and store it somewhere. This will help you compartmentalize your feelings for her and let them go. Without her memories all over the place, you'll be able to move on.

  • You may have an urge to throw it all away, but don't. In the distant future, when these things don't hurt you too much anymore, you may want to revisit the past and you'll be sad that you threw things away.
  • If you find yourself thinking a lot about the things you've saved, pick one you won't miss too much and dispose of it: break it, tear it up, or just throw it in the trash. This will help you disconnect from the memories you have and make you see that they are just objects again.
Forget About Your Ex Step 5

Step 5. Cut off contact

As much as you want to, don't see her again. Cutting ties with her will help you get her out of your head and move on. Delete her number from your cell phone and don't call her. Talking to your ex will only make things worse, and her responses may end up hurting you more than helping. Also, delete it from all social networks, as seeing what it's doing without you will only hurt you more and it will take you longer to forget about it.

  • As appealing as the idea of ​​you guys being friends is, avoid it for now if you still like her. The feelings are still very fresh, and you don't want to risk prolonging your recovery process any longer than necessary. This could be worse for you and her.
  • Try to avoid her friends too. If you have mutual friends, make sure she won't be there when you go out together. Also, see if spending a lot of time with her group of friends won't bring you too many memories.
Forget About Your Ex Step 6

Step 6. Talk about it

If you're really hurt, talk to your friends about it. Go out with them, have dinner and say whatever you want. Talk about the good times and the hard times and, if you need to, cry. Keeping it to yourself won't help you heal, but you need to have a time limit, as you can't stay in this phase forever, otherwise you'll never be able to move on.

Forget About Your Ex Step 7

Step 7. Meet new people

Even if you're not yet ready to date, get out of the house and socialize, it will keep your mind off your ex. Loneliness may be one of the reasons you're missing her, so hanging out with your friends will expose you to new social circles and ease that feeling. Also, socializing can make you feel better as it will improve your mood and help you get out of the pit.

When hanging out with new people, try doing something new or going places you've never been. If you go to the same places and do the same things, you'll end up remembering your ex

Method 2 of 2: Overcoming After Some Time

Forget About Your Ex Step 8

Step 1. Flirt with other people

While you were with your ex, you probably didn't think about dating anyone else, but now that you're single, you can flirt freely. Get out of the house and mingle with people, flirting with some of them. Even if you don't want to date anyone you flirt with, going out on the street and knowing again that you're attractive can help you forget about your ex.

If you know someone you've flirted with in the past, call them and try to arrange a date. You may not have cared about them before, but now that you're single, get back to flirting with them

Forget About Your Ex Step 9

Step 2. Make appointments

Even if you don't feel very excited about dating again, try going on a date. The person may not be your next girlfriend, but just seeing that there are other people to date besides your ex will help you realize it's time to move on. Go to the optimistic date, don't think about your ex and focus on the new person. Even if it doesn't work at first, the more dates you have, the better you'll feel.

Forget About Your Ex Step 10

Step 3. Be open to new relationships

As much as you miss your ex, be open to relating again. Just because your old relationship ended badly doesn't mean the next one will end too. You can even comment on your ex to the person so they understand that you can say some things or take some specific actions. However, never compare her to your ex, as this can end badly, as well as being unfair to the new girlfriend.

Introduce your new girlfriend to your friends and family. Seeing her interact with the people in your life will help you forget about your ex and move on to a new future with someone else

Forget About Your Ex Step 11

Step 4. Be bold

Do something to take your mind off the relationship that is over. Go climbing, diving or skydiving. Trying new things and forcing yourself into different situations will help you remember who you were before the relationship and make you a better person. Furthermore, these activities take you out of the house and occupy your mind, thus helping you to move forward and start your life again without her.

Forget About Your Ex Step 12

Step 5. Write her a letter

Sometimes you just can't stop thinking about the things you didn't say before the end. So write a letter telling her how you feel, what you think went wrong, what you miss, what you won't miss, and anything else you want to get off your chest. However, do not send the letter, just keep it inside an envelope. You don't want your ex to think that you're still thinking about her all the time and that you still haven't been able to move on, but at least the letter will help clear your mind, giving you the opportunity to get it all out.

Forget About Your Ex Step 13

Step 6. Exercise

Just sitting around, wallowing in your sadness, won't help you forget about it. Try exercising, whether at a gym or elsewhere, as long as it's away from home. This will get you in touch with other people, and will release endorphins and reduce your stress, helping you to keep your mind off your ex. Getting away from home and enjoying nature helps you straighten things out and put your mind back in perspective. As a bonus, you'll be fitter for the next woman you meet!

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