How to Make Your Boyfriend Break Up With You: 12 Steps

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Break Up With You: 12 Steps
How to Make Your Boyfriend Break Up With You: 12 Steps

The end of a relationship is never easy, but when things are not going well and the case seems unresolved, putting an end to the love story is the only possible way. The most sensible way to make an outcome is to talk openly with the other person. However, if you don't know exactly what to say or are concerned about how others will react, you can try to turn the situation around and have your boyfriend dump you. Keep in mind, however, that endings are always painful, no matter who takes the initiative.


Method 1 of 2: Moving away from the person

Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 1

Step 1. Withdraw slowly

Do you and the cat tend to be together or talk all the time? Move away gradually. To get started, take time to call back or reply to text messages sent by him. Also avoid being the person to call first or start a conversation by text. Don't be so obvious, do it little by little.

  • Instead of replying to his message the moment you receive it, wait about five or ten minutes. One thing that will completely frustrate you is canceling a last-minute outing. Say "I'm not feeling well today, I need to stay home."
  • Another idea is not to celebrate his birthday or dating anniversary. If he asks why, tell him you forgot the date.
  • Slow down your conversations if you can't avoid talking to him. Do you guys chat every day after work? If you don't answer, he might get suspicious. What you can do, therefore, is pick up and make up an excuse after a few minutes to hang up.
Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 2

Step 2. Make a face of boredom when you are with the boy

Instead of playing the role of a cute, affectionate little girlfriend, try to look uncomfortable and oblivious to what's going on around you. When he asks something, give terse answers and don't make small talk. Grumbling a little, as if you were fed up with being there, will add even more veracity to your performance.

  • If he asks what's going on, say “Nothing big. It was normal at work today, but then I had to come here”.
  • It's likely that he'll start to get annoyed too. In this scenario, you have two alternatives: loosen up a bit to make the guy feel better, or be totally honest and say, "I didn't want to be here right now."
Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 3

Step 3. Be vague about the future

With all this feeling that invades her, it is normal not to want to make plans that include the young person. Following the same premise, try to dodge his life projects at your side. When he mentions something about the future, say something like “Let's see. We don't know what it's going to be like until then”.

  • Be irritated when he asks questions. When he calls to ask what you're going to do for the weekend, answer him curtly: “What do you want to know for? You don't need to know where I am or what I'm doing all the time.” Maybe he gets the hint that if you don't want to commit even a weekend to him, you're unlikely to want something more serious for the future.
  • Do not include it in projects. Talk about the idea of ​​traveling with friends or the possibility of going to work in another city. With this kind of conversation, he will understand that it is not part of his plans.
Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 4

Step 4. Avoid saying you love him

Whenever he declares himself, don't say “I love you” back. If he asks you if you love him, say "Of course I do" or "Ahem!" Try to speak in a way that sounds fake or unconvincing, like it's something you never bothered to think about.

  • Or when he says “I love you so much!” respond with “You're so cute!”.
  • Keep in mind that this can hurt his feelings and lead to an argument. On the other hand, if you really don't like the guy, maybe it's better for him to know your feelings now than to keep having the false illusion that everything is fine.
Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 6

Step 5. Ask for space

A great way to get away from the guy is to say that you need to spend more time alone. When he calls or texts, ignore it. Eventually he will understand what you are doing and will take the initiative to end the relationship.

Say something like, “I feel like all we've been doing lately is fighting. I need space, I'm staying with my sister this weekend. When I get back we'll talk”

Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 5

Step 6. Reduce intimate contact

Limiting a couple's intimacy is the kind of attitude that will definitely put your boyfriend on high alert. Avoid kissing him or cuddling. Faced with his attempt to take your hand, pretend to be looking for your phone in your bag.

  • When it's time for sex, say you're not in the mood. And if he asks why, don't answer.
  • Intimate physical contact, in addition to making him feel that everything is fine between you, can make you even more confused.

Method 2 of 2: Giving even more obvious signals

Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 2

Step 1. Complain about little things

The idea is not to pick a fight, but to plant in him the desire to get away because of nonsense. An example is correcting him whenever he says something wrong or implying that he can't do anything correctly.

  • If he's a little late, for example, say “I'm not surprised. You are never on time for absolutely nothing.”
  • When he suggests a restaurant for you to go to dinner, say “No thanks, that place is gross. I'm going to make some bread and cheese right here”.
  • This type of comment can drastically affect his self-esteem, especially if he is more sensitive. Instead of putting him through all of this, perhaps the best thing to do is simply say that you want to break up.
Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 8

Step 2. I do the sticky type

Some people are more independent and prefer to have space within the relationship. Is your boyfriend like that? In that case, perhaps the best strategy to push him away is to exaggerate the doses of affection. Take his hand, even if he's busy doing something. Wrap your arms around his neck and shower him with kisses while he's talking to other people.

  • Make a scene of jealousy if he talks to other girls, demand to know where he is all the time, or pretend you're upset that he doesn't answer your calls right away.
  • Is he afraid of commitment? Start talking about your future. This can make you uncomfortable enough to break up. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this will make him reflect more on the subject and he will start to dedicate himself more to the relationship and accept your ideas just so he doesn't lose you.
Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 9

Step 3. Change information on social media

Is your profile cover you and the cat together? Change to one where you are alone or with your pet. This is a way to signal the desire to end the relationship.

For an even more obvious tip, change the relationship status to “It's complicated” or hide the option that shows the status

Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 10

Step 4. Talk to your friends about your desire to put an end to romance

Next time you and the young person go out with the class, state the situation. Say you're waiting to see if he breaks up with you and ask people not to treat him as well as they used to. When the group is talking, pay less attention to them than to others. He will feel ignored and will realize that something is not right.

That kind of situation can make him turn to you when you're alone

Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 11

Step 5. Complain about his friends

Whenever the guy mentions friends, roll your eyes or make a critical comment. Take the time to point out these people's shortcomings. With his sense of loyalty to his fellows, he'll end up turning away from you.

Do you really like the boy's friends? So forget about this tip. Someone can listen and feel hurt, and it will ruin all your chances of maintaining a friendship in the future, whether you are with or without your current boyfriend

Make Your Boyfriend Break up With You Step 13

Step 6. Compare him to your ex

Nothing irritates a man more than hearing his girlfriend talk all the time about her ex. Mention your old love's name during conversations, say you miss him, or say you think a lot about what he's been up to. The boy's ego will be extremely hurt, and that alone is enough to drive him away.

An example of what you might say: “You're the skinniest guy I've ever dated. My ex was all muscular, he went to the gym every day!”


The best scenario is sincerity. Openly saying you want to break up is easier and less stressful than playing games


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