4 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

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4 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy
4 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

It's one thing to get a girl to go out and commit to you for the long term, and quite another to keep her happy. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what she wants and you can get careless and forget to show your love for her. Although relationships are demanding, you'll find the rewards are worth it. Follow the tips in this article to make your girlfriend happy.


Method 1 of 4: Make her feel special

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 1

Step 1. Treat her like a princess

Open doors for her, offer her her coat, pull out her chair so she can sit, and get up when the girl enters the room. She will love these little gestures. When you go out and take her somewhere, never let her pay the bill, at least split the money; girls love it when men really don't seem to mind paying the bill. But don't force her if she doesn't like it and doesn't want to split the payment.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 2

Step 2. Praise her

Tell her she's beautiful, especially when you least expect it. Girls spend a lot of time and strive to look good; saying something pleasant will no doubt make her very happy that you noticed.

  • The compliments must be sincere. Instead of saying "Your hair is beautiful", try saying "I love the way you styled your hair today! It looks so soft and beautiful." Use different expressions that show you are serious.
  • Don't be shy about praising her or showing affection in front of others. Real men aren't ashamed to show the world that they've found a woman they like and your girlfriend will love you for it. People talk publicly about the things they value, making her feel prioritized by you if she's confident enough to show the world how she feels about her. Hold the girl's hand at the mall or put your arm around the back of her neck when they're at the movies, whichever makes her more comfortable. If in doubt, give signs of what you are going to do to see if you will pass.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to her

After being together for a while, you may end up falling into the trap of "forgetting" to pay attention to your girlfriend. Some men purposely ignore girlfriends out of revenge for something or as a way to punish them.

  • Let her know you're thinking about her. For example, send her a message when you feel homesick. Just don't send something you wouldn't want someone in your family or friends to read; a "good morning" with a short sentence is a great idea. Girls love to know that their boyfriends wake up thinking about them.
  • Never ignore it as a way to be manipulative. You will hurt her too much, and if you repeat such behavior too much, she may break up. Don't keep her waiting for a call or for you to come talk to her. If there's a problem with your girlfriend, talk. After a fight, wait a few hours or a day for tempers to cool down a bit, letting homesickness overcome anger, leaving you with a good chance of getting along again. Be ready to ask for forgiveness if you feel it is necessary, but also maintain your own integrity. When arguing, usually both sides will be hurt and both sides have a right to have feelings. If she waits too many days, she may feel that she has been forgotten and "neutralize" her feelings.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 4

Step 4. Be spontaneous

Surprise her with flowers or letters, if she likes it. Take her out for a romantic dinner or an unplanned trip.

  • Take her to a new place. Many girls will be bored if they go with their boyfriends to the same place every weekend (unless it's a very special place for both of them), so vary your schedule a little. You should take advantage of the many opportunities that the locals offer to have fun with it, creating new memories and giving new topics to talk about.
  • Make sure you plan something on a day/night/weekend when the girlfriend doesn't have any commitments. Ask if the girl is going to do anything during this period, in a casual way, so that she doesn't suspect that you are planning something. Also, get a Plan B if your girlfriend can't participate. For example, if she is going to the hot springs, she may need to know what part of the month it will be or she may reject it.
  • If you can, surprise her with a romantic song or a short poem. If you prefer, find one that really says a lot about your feelings and send it to her.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 5

Step 5. Return her calls and messages

Unless she specifies that you don't need to call back, you must respond when your girlfriend calls you. Let her know you're always thinking about her, even when they're away from each other. Women can be insecure about being ignored. When she is confident, she will be happy, and a happy girlfriend is good for a boyfriend.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 6

Step 6. Surprise her with gifts

Even a souvenir, like her favorite chocolate, will be of great value. Listen when she talks about the things she wants and surprise her from time to time by buying her something special. But don't try to "buy it" with luxury items.

  • Don't go after gifts at the last minute. Invest time and research when choosing something to give your girlfriend. What does she like? Song? Scarves? Delicate bracelets? A special perfume? Does she have a collection or wishlist that you can refer to to find out what your partner wants? Did she say she would like something recently? How about asking your girlfriend's mom or best friend for gift tips? Remembering what she likes is far more important than the price tag.
  • Never forget important holidays or birthdays that are meaningful to both of you. Hear tips your partner can give you about what you want. Special gifts will show the affection you have for her. Take her to the mall and pay attention to what she seems to enjoy.
  • Buy her something she can wear every day to remind her how much you like her. A locket with a picture of you inside might be an excellent idea.
  • If your girlfriend buys you a gift for a special occasion (Christmas, for example) and you don't give anything back, she'll probably be upset (even if you don't admit it). If this has happened in the past, make sure it doesn't happen again by asking her for forgiveness with little surprise gifts.
  • A gift can reflect how much you cherish her, love her, and are ready to make sacrifices for her. Also, personal touches will please girlfriends a lot, like creating a custom item of your own, if you have the knack for it.
  • Avoid repeating gifts unless they have special meanings, such as a birthday or a day of remembrance. Also, if the girl finds out that you gave the same gift to a previous girlfriend, she may not like the gift.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 7

Step 7. Make her laugh

Use humor in a natural way. It's not necessary to tell silly jokes all the time, unless she likes it. Know what kind of mood your girlfriend likes. When she's angry, try to cheer her up with humor; if she laughs at something, try to understand and laugh along. Show that you like her jokes and funny remarks.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 8

Step 8. Respect her

Remember that your girlfriend is not your "property". Know her opinions and desires, even if they are different from yours. Don't make her feel stupid because you don't agree on everything. The boyfriend being a copy of the girlfriend and vice versa is tedious; small arguments and disagreements give a better perspective on the things in life. One person may even win the argument, but runs the risk of losing the other's affection.

Method 2 of 4: Be Someone She Can Trust

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 9

Step 1. Keep your promises and be responsible

  • Be punctual, being late for a maximum of 10 minutes and making your commitment to your girlfriend (and other people) a priority. A woman who sees that her boyfriend is not keeping his word will consider that the relationship with him cannot be taken seriously. If there's no way to keep a promise, let her know in advance, apologetically, so she realizes you're a trustworthy man. A broken promise is often seen in the same way as a lie. Asking for forgiveness is better than making up a stupid story as an excuse. Over time, she will sense what her real priorities are.
  • Show responsibility in studies, work and finances. This will signal that you too can be a family man in the future. An irresponsible man can easily be seen as a ridiculous guy and not a steady partner.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 10

Step 2. Be sensitive when talking about your friends

If you have friends you'd like your girlfriend to meet or want to get her to trust you about your friendships, never praise their physical attributes.

  • If you have something positive to say about a friend, talk about her personality, saying she is nice, creative, etc. Or when something is very obvious: smart, famous, sportsman, etc. Regardless of what you do, don't start by saying, "My friend is on her way here and I'd love to meet her. You'll think she's awesome! She's beautiful! My friends can't stop looking at her when she's around; they stop talking to just stare at her!"
  • Understand that your girlfriend may be suspicious of your friends at first. Always "comfort" your partner so that she knows that the only woman in your eyes is her. Your friendship with friends will be accepted much more easily if you say this. Avoid too much contact with your colleagues who don't have a stable relationship, but it might be nice to say that they would be good partners for someone. Talk about your friends talking about boyfriends/husbands too.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 11

Step 3. Tell the truth about important issues, but know when "harmless lies" are appropriate

Big lies will erect a barrier of distrust and suspicion between you and your girlfriend, which can be hopeless. Through a single act of distrust, a relationship can be thrown away.

  • Show her that you are trustworthy through your actions. The conversations you have with other women should never cross the line of flirting or intimacy. She needs to know that she can trust what you say and how you behave even in the small things. If you're struggling with this aspect, you may not be ready for a relationship yet, needing to question your need to flirt with other women first. Treat other women like normal people, not potential partners.
  • When in a relationship, never tell your girlfriend that another woman is prettier. If she asks you if someone else is more attractive than she is, the default answer should always be a "not!" resounding.
  • Never talk about a celebrity you think is beautiful. By doing this, your girlfriend will only feel bad about herself, getting upset with you. When you feel the need to comment on the beauty of someone like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, always remind your girlfriend that, in your eyes, she is much more attractive.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 12

Step 4. Trust her

Open up to your girlfriend in a way that most people don't. By showing that you fully trust her, the feeling will likely be reciprocated. Keep your girlfriend's secrets when she does the same for you. It will be possible to show a side that you normally don't share with your friends. Don't tell others personal things that might irritate her if she found out - protect your partner's dignity.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 13

Step 5. Have good etiquette online and on the phone

When dating, don't forget to change your relationship status on Facebook. Be proud of your girlfriend so that she feels confident in you, showing in front of her friends and family that you are taking the relationship seriously and that she doesn't need to fear that you will look for other girls.

  • If someone hits on you on the internet, tell your girlfriend right away. If you keep this secret from her and she's already feeling insecure, it will only make things worse.
  • Avoid communicating with other girls via SMS, social media or emails without your partner knowing what you are doing. If you're flirting with a woman via SMS and your girlfriend finds out, she'll be furious. Invite her to take a look at her inbox if she has any questions. You need to ensure, even to yourself, that you have chosen this woman you date as a lifelong partner, leaving all the other girls aside; otherwise, she will feel bad.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 14

Step 6. Defend it in front of others

If someone is teasing you, take the girlfriend's side. Women need to know that their partners are there to protect them at all times, it's been around since the beginning. How would you feel if she stood by her friends or your friends instead of yours? Let her know she can depend on you for anything. All in all, it's the man who will need the most support in life, so it's wise to show that you're ready to "get shot" for her. A man's prosperous career can be ruined if his partner doesn't support him.

Method 3 of 4: Be Willing to Commit

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 15

Step 1. Make an effort to get along with her friends and family

If they don't like you, they might end up convincing your girlfriend that the relationship won't work out. Always act like a gentleman around her friends and family so that they encourage you to continue dating. You may not like them the way she does, but try to be nice as this will please her. Remember the names and some details of your partner's loved ones.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 16

Step 2. Balance time spent with friends and with her

Never make the girl feel that you would rather be with her friends than with her. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain friendships with people other than your girlfriend. Show that you are happy and have a social life that doesn't just depend on her and that you are strong enough to support her. Find a point of balance.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 17

Step 3. Don't assume she will never leave your side

Remember that she can leave you, so never stop trying to keep her happy, and by extension, as your girlfriend. Make sure she feels it would be a great loss if you left her. If you want to keep her around, it's time to start treating her like a gentleman. Don't think another exceptional woman like her is available out there…

  • Never put your hobbies, video games, YouTube, music or other things in front of her. Never keep headphones when putting a song to play with it at your side, even if it's just an earbud. If you have a work or study schedule, explain to her how it works and for how long.
  • When your girlfriend goes out with you, she won't let you stay on your iPhone playing games and texting your friends. If you do these things, she will consider you a rude guy who doesn't want to spend time around her like anyone else would. After all, you can do all this when your partner isn't around. If she thinks her time is spent too much on these less serious things, her girlfriend's judgment is that, in the future, you won't work hard to achieve a good quality of life, becoming a financial burden for her..
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 18

Step 4. Give each other space

Don't smother your girlfriend; she should be excited whenever she meets you or calls you. If you keep smothering her, a good relationship can be spoiled as she will feel she has no space. There is time for everything, and if one finds that time for studying, working, hobbies, and sleeping is wasted on little things rather than becoming happy, only discord will be felt. Help each other to be efficient, whenever possible, to be calm and relaxed when meeting.

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 19

Step 5. Be willing to change

If she says something you do that bothers her, change your behavior without complaining.

  • There is a limit to hurting girls in a relationship. If you are constantly hurting her, you will end up losing your girlfriend. Some girls can take a few "low blows" from their boyfriends, but after a while, they will find that they can find someone who will treat them as they wish. Also, if you hurt her too much, she will tell her friends.
  • You shouldn't change the way you are, but when it comes to small issues, relationships require commitment on both sides. She must be willing to do the same for you. Both should be equally happy in the end, but in some cases it will require you to take the first step.If the relationship seems to be valued by only one person, who is not happy, there is no basis for it to last.
Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 20

Step 6. Be sensitive to your girlfriend/lover

A woman may feel diminished if the man does too much and doesn't give her room to "take charge" at times, such as paying for dinner or helping her partner. Some may even feel humiliated if they can't ask you out on a second or third date, especially in cultures that value gender equality. If they work and have their own income, perhaps they want to show that they are not "leeches" and that they need a man for their own good. Everything must come down to love and not mere benefits. Having a balance in everything, with some reciprocity, will make the relationship healthier. Attention to the feelings of the other is more important than the rigid "roles" of each sex

Method 4 of 4: Understand Her Needs

Keep Your Girlfriend Happy Step 21

Step 1. Don't be predictable or treat the girl this way; watch her emotions and make pleasant surprises

  • Each person has a unique set of "love languages", things that will touch their heart, making the feeling of affection and love predominate, while some expressions may not have much effect. The most common are probably: kind and sincere words (not flattery), time priority, actions for services, gifts, physical contact, understanding each other, remembering details after hearing them, and showing no regard for mistakes more obvious. For example, a bouquet of flowers for a woman means what a beautiful home-cooked dinner means for a man. Explain your own "love language" so that she doesn't feel bad if she does something with good intentions but doesn't like her as much.
  • A good massage, however, is an asset, as few people don't like it. Still, the situation should be appropriate - starting with the foot is less intimidating and a pure gesture of consideration without erotic associations.
  • Girls know that men can "show their love" just to have sex, and they will be overwhelmed with a feeling that they've been used and worthless if they realize this. If she feels disrespected once, a fear may be created in the woman's heart that this will happen again. Never think that "sex" is the same thing as "making love" for women - make sure it is for her. Show your love to make her happy and sooner or later she won't resist and will want to show her the love she has. in her way and that a man really understands…


  • Girls like guys who strive for their affection. Don't get too comfortable in the relationship. Keep doing the same things you did to win her over and you'll be amazed at what she'll give you in return.
  • Remember: girls love romantic guys. Don't stop making gestures that show your love, like candlelight dinners or buying her flowers.
  • Be aware that girls often have higher hygiene standards than men, often getting sick with odors, dirt and things related to poor hygiene. Bad smell or poorly washed clothes can make them feel discouraged, in addition to making them think that, when they live alone, she will have to do all the cleaning…


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