3 Ways to Know if She's the Right Person for You

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3 Ways to Know if She's the Right Person for You
3 Ways to Know if She's the Right Person for You

You meet a girl or you're dating one, and it's all going great. She looks perfect and wonderful…but is she really? Is she the girl you want to give all your affection and attention to…maybe forever? This is a tricky problem, but by focusing on what's most important to you, you might be able to start to take a good look at your situation and find the right answer.


Method 1 of 3: Looking for a Good Person

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 1

Step 1. Look for someone kind

One of the most important things when looking for a girl is to make sure she is a good, kind person. Being audacious is one thing, but someone who doesn't care about the feelings of others won't be able to have a healthy relationship for long.

  • She needs to be kind to others too. It is very important that she is not just kind to you; she should be a good person to others as well, especially to those she doesn't need to be (such as service providers). It's easy to pretend to be nice when dealing with an important matter, but being rude to people she doesn't care about should show her that it's all going to take a fight for her to be mean to you too.
  • This also means that it must be fair. Being a fair person is essential in relationships. Does she offer to pay for things from time to time? Does it share relationship tasks and responsibilities equally? This shows that she thinks about her well-being, which is fundamental in a relationship.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 2

Step 2. Look for a person who tries hard

You will want to be with someone who is willing to work for what they want in life, making the effort, at least once in a while. When someone tries hard, it means that the person will be stable, and the chances of something going wrong will be less.

For example, if she wants to buy a bag, she will have to sell some old objects that she owns. It is not correct for her to assume that you or her parents buy without her contributing a penny. Birthdays and special occasions, of course, are exceptions

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 3

Step 3. Expect to get a girl with good values ​​and priorities

Relating to a girl who has good values ​​and priorities is very important in relationships. Her values ​​and priorities do not need to match what is traditionally considered the ideal, but rather with your value system and your priorities. However, in some cases there are exceptions. The girl must always:

  • Be honest. Honesty is extremely important in relationships, regardless of what kind of person you are and what kind of relationship you have. Relationships need trust, and if she's not honest with you, expect lots of problems later on.
  • Accept people for who they are, including yourself. If your girl judges everyone else, it may just be a matter of time before she judges you too. If she judges you, or is constantly trying to change the way you are or look, you deserve better and she is probably not the right person for you.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 4

Step 4. Look for a girl who creates a trusting, non-judgmental environment

When you're around her, you should feel like you're in a place where you can be honest. You must feel that you can be yourself when you are with her. You should feel like you can cry and be a fool and give you the feeling that you can do everything you normally can't do in front of other people.

For example, if you say something that is very personal to her (like thinking you are depressed, or that you want to be an astronaut), her response shouldn't be through laughter or disapproval. The girl should try to help you, or at least not let you down, even if she doesn't agree

Method 2 of 3: Looking for a Good Partner

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 5

Step 1. Pay attention to how she makes you feel

This is an important factor in determining if she is the right person. You should feel better when you're with her, feel that you and your life are better, more confident and happier. When she's not around, you should miss her. It can't make you feel weak and stupid, nor can it make you feel anxious or worried about talking or doing the wrong things all the time. Being with her should feel natural and good.

Some people like to be with someone who makes them feel bad, nervous, or agitated in bad ways. When you're "hanging out" with someone, no problem, but generally, it's a good sign that this girl isn't the one you want to take care of forever. Relationships like this rarely work in the long run, and you'll be getting into trouble, which shows she's not the right person for you

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 6

Step 2. Want a girl who makes you a better person

When we are in a relationship, we should be with someone who improves us. If you are with someone who makes you a worse person, then what is the point of relating to them? Think carefully if this girl improves you. If so, it could be a big sign that she is the right person for you.

Does it encourage you to improve yourself and your life? Does she find ways to help you achieve your goals? Does it make you want better things for your future? Does it make you want to exert yourself? If so, these are all positive aspects

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 7

Step 3. Look for a partner who strives to make the relationship work as much as you put into it

When two people have a relationship, both must be willing to invest equally to make it the best and most pleasurable possible. If she wants you to do everything and totally change the way you are, but she doesn't do anything to change herself, that's not a very positive sign. But if she's willing to make the relationship work, it's a sign that things can work out well.

  • For example, she should plan dates that are nice for both of you, rather than always having you come up with something to do.
  • This doesn't mean she should be "overactive" in the relationship. If the two of you are more relaxed and relaxed in your approach to doing something together, that's fine. The most important thing is that your attitudes and needs are the same.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 8

Step 4. Pay attention to how she shows her gratitude and appreciation

You don't want to be with someone who doesn't appreciate you. Pay attention to her if she thanks you or shows gratitude in any way when you do something nice for her. Also, try to notice if she does nice things for you occasionally, just to show how much she cares about you.br>

Even if the things she does for you are small, that's okay. Not everyone has the time or money to make large gestures. But doing little things like her favorite meal or a love letter will show her how much you mean to her

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 9

Step 5. She must be willing to share the responsibilities

If the two of you are older and you each own your own home, such as an apartment or a house, you should see if she is willing to share responsibilities and finances equally, or at least fairly. This will show that she is a fair, hardworking and honest person. If she's not willing to contribute in her way, she's likely to be a burden you'll have to carry in the long run.

Sometimes, dividing things fairly may not mean dividing things evenly. For example, if they share an apartment, the rent payment should not be 50% for each. Instead, each person should only contribute 30% of their income, which is considered the responsible financial amount. In other words, if you have a salary of R$4000 per month, and she has R$1600, you must contribute R$1200, and she, about R$500

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 10

Step 6. Think about finding someone to "balance" you

Having things in common is always important in a partner, and you will want to be with someone who, in some ways, is similar to you. However, the partner must also be, in certain ways, different. This allows you to contribute to the relationship equally, just being yourself.

For example, maybe you're organized and shy, while she's more "roomy" and outgoing. She can help you learn to be more social, and you can help keep her life in order

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 11

Step 7. Look for someone who "fights" fairly

In relationships, fights happen. It's normal and can even be a sign of a healthy relationship. However, you should look for someone who fights you fairly. She shouldn't insult you or give you a low blow: it's a serious sign of disrespect. She will also not be able to blackmail you to get what you want. Instead, look for a girl who is willing to argue until they can come to a decision.

For example, she shouldn't talk about your father's drinking problem whenever they fight when you come home late. This is unfair to you and has little impact on the relationship problem

Method 3 of 3: Looking for Someone of a Similar Nature

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 12

Step 1. Look for a girl who shares your interests

You want to be with someone who can do activities and all kinds of things and have fun together. You want someone you can talk to. Choosing a girl with similar interests is crucial in making sure none of these things are a problem in the future.

You can start the relationship with things in common, or build mutual interests over time. Together, try to find new hobbies to discover new interests. A good example of a hobby for couples is learning a new language. You can find classes online for free, or take a course at a college or institution that offers them

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 13

Step 2. Want someone who shares your values ​​and priorities

The person you choose to be with must share values ​​and priorities. This is one of the aspects that can define your judgment of who is the right person for you. They don't need to have "normal" values ​​or priorities, but they should match yours. Thus, tensions and conflicts will be avoided throughout the relationship.

  • For example, if she is very conservative and you are very liberal, many philosophical differences will be found, and over time they can cause the respect between you to diminish.
  • However, if they can find neutral territory even between different values ​​and priorities, it is possible to make the relationship work. For example, when couples have different religions: one person may be Jewish, the other Christian, but both are devout in their love for God, and that is enough for them. Sometimes the fundamental creed is more important than the details.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 14

Step 3. Look for a girl with similar goals

You must have similar life goals if you are planning a lasting relationship. It's okay to change specific goals over time, but overall the goals should be similar. This is because your goals will set you on a certain path in life, just as hers will determine the path she will take. If the paths diverge, the relationship will be very difficult, if not impossible.

For example, it's okay if she decides not to have higher education, if it's something you don't consider important either. However, if education and ambition are important to you, the relationship will be fraught with challenges

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 15

Step 4. Find a girl who understands her friends, and who also has good friends

You two won't be the only ones involved in the relationship. Relationships with other people are also a fundamental part of making a couple's relationship work. Look for a girl who can interact and respect her friends. Likewise, her friends should be people you can coexist with.

  • For example, if her friends are mean and try to get her to spend less time with you, expect many obstacles in the way of your relationship.
  • You will need to determine what you are going to do with this type of problem. If these setbacks influence your relationship a lot (negatively) and she's not willing to solve this problem, maybe it's better to think of another girl. However, you should definitely talk to her about it, seeing what kind of solution they can come up with.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 16

Step 5. Look for a girl with style or experiences similar to yours

This step is not a requirement to have a happy relationship, but it sure can be a very big "bonus". People who grew up in similar environments or who have done similar things in life tend to understand each other better and think alike, which is another aspect that can serve as a stronger bond. If this girl's life is anything like yours, many things in the relationship can be made easier.

For example, maybe the two of you grew up with troubled siblings or relatives. While people who haven't been through this may have a hard time understanding why you don't want to go to her house for the holidays, someone who has experienced this may be much happier partying with just you, alone


  • Remember birthdays, anniversaries and the things she loves in life above all. Don't get tangled up in remembering her favorite and important dates - but from time to time, surprise her with something that shows you know what she wants. Don't make these surprises habitual, or you'll seem like a "sticky" or obsessive person.
  • Learn to be yourself around everyone you meet.

    Above all, in any social situation, you must be comfortable with who you are. Coming to self-understanding is the best way to demonstrate confidence, a trait that virtually all women find attractive. While this suggestion is just a tip, consider it a key part not only of the steps to finding the girl that's right for you, but of overall success in life.


  • Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Be yourself.
  • Women are used to finding men who totally change around women they are attracted to, so don't act differently near the girl. Stay true to who you are around everyone. Play and flirt with her, but don't hide. Most importantly, you should enjoy being yourself and being in her company. Women will know when you're an authentic person by showing confidence, and there's nothing sexier than a man who knows who he is and what he wants.
  • Try to avoid women who like a lot of attention; they are usually superficial and manipulative, and often insecure.
  • When you meet a woman, especially one you feel has the potential to be "the chosen one", you should talk to her honestly, and that requires you to listen to her. Avoid talking incessantly only about yourself. Ask questions you could ask only knowing new information she revealed in the conversation. If you're not sure what to ask, simply ask her how she felt at a specific time in the story she told, and why. She will be grateful to understand you.
  • Compliments are great, but make sure they aren't always telling you she's too sexy. While most girls like to hear that they are sexy, in the heat of the moment, constantly commenting on her body will make her look like a sex object rather than a girlfriend or future wife.
  • If you're still young, don't rush to the intimate part of the relationship.
  • Never be mean and rude to her, or she will consider you an insecure person.
  • Depending on your age, she could be your future wife, so choose well.
  • Just smiling and nodding should not be an option unless they're talking about something serious, and interrupting her would be rude.

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