How to Find Out if He Has a Girlfriend: 15 Steps

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How to Find Out if He Has a Girlfriend: 15 Steps
How to Find Out if He Has a Girlfriend: 15 Steps

Deducing whether a guy likes you and whether he has a girlfriend is often a confusing task. It's important to know whether the guy you care about is engaged or not - especially if you and he have been going out together. Paying attention to small details can save you a broken heart and a lot of heartache in the future.


Part 1 of 3: Watching How He Acts Around You

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Step 1. Listen to how he talks when he's beside you

Guys don't always make it obvious they're in a romance. Pay attention if, when talking about what he did over the weekend and his commitments, he uses the pronoun "we", which implies that there is another girl in the game. Also notice if he always refers to a certain girl without explaining whether the two are together.

  • If a guy refuses to reciprocate your flirting, it means he's either not interested in you or that he already has a girlfriend - or both.
  • Some men are flirtatious and charming to everyone they interact with, even when they're dating. Don't get too involved in flirting until you're sure he's single.
  • And being committed doesn't stop a man from treating women politely and courteously. Don't confuse friendliness and kindness with flirting.
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Step 2. Pay attention to the body language he uses when interacting with you

Some men are uninhibited with those they like, but committed men avoid physical contact with women. See if he only has that kind of contact with male friends and relatives. If he shies away from your attempts to hug him or sit next to him, he may already have a girlfriend.

  • If you notice this resistance on his part, don't force him to hold your hand, hug you, or have any kind of physical contact. You don't want to earn a home wrecker reputation if he has a girlfriend.
  • However, not every man who dates fails to greet women with hugs and handshakes. Don't just rely on that fact to conclude that he doesn't have a girlfriend.
  • If he deliberately avoids being alone with you, he may want to preserve his image as a faithful boyfriend to his girlfriend.
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Step 3. Find out if he only has you as a friend

A man usually dedicates his time and romantic gestures to his girlfriend. If he treats you the same way as his male friends and doesn't seem to mind being alone with you, he could be compromised. The fact that he refers to you as "friend," "colleague," and other non-romantic vocatives suggests that he just wants your friendship.

  • The girlfriend often monopolizes a man's weekend nights. If he's never available at these times, consider the possibility that he's already in a romance.
  • If he mentions family events and special occasions without inviting her, he probably goes with his girlfriend, who has priority in such situations.
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Step 4. Assess whether he treats you like a secret

If you suspect that your date has a girlfriend and that you are "the other one," look carefully. Marking your contact with another name on your cell phone, giving vague answers about how he spends time when he's not with you, or setting times when you shouldn't call or text are all indications that he's trying to hide you from his girlfriend.

  • If he has never introduced you to friends, family and co-workers, he may not want anyone to know about you.
  • But it's not your job to go to your supposed girlfriend and report that she's being cheated on. The shot could backfire. Instead, just end the relationship to get away from the problem.
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Step 5. Find out what he does in his free time

Most committed guys spend their free time with their girlfriends. Therefore, the fact that he is always in your company or with your male friends may suggest that he has no other priorities. If he's always free on nights and weekends, he hardly has a steady girlfriend.

Part 2 of 3: Watching How He Acts in the Presence of Others

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Step 1. Check his social media profiles

An efficient and subtle way to find out a suitor's marital status is to check their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Check out if the same girl appears in several posts and photographs published by him, or simply read the profile description to find out if he is in a relationship.

  • Also check the profiles of his friends. Some guys don't post photos with their girlfriends, but you can get proof by doing a quick look at the photos posted by your friends and mutual followers.
  • Be careful not to accidentally like or comment on old posts and photos. He'll get a notification and know you've been investigating him.
  • Maybe the guy doesn't have profiles on social networks, although this is increasingly rare these days. In that case, it will be more useful to look up information about him directly on the friend's pages.
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Step 2. Search his phone for evidence of a girlfriend

Boys keep photos and messages from loved ones with the same appreciation as girls. Borrow his cell phone and surreptitiously check to see if he's been getting pictures and messages from a potential girlfriend.

  • To avoid arousing suspicion, say your phone is dead and borrow his to make a call.
  • Don't invade his privacy. You could be caught sifting through your suitor's private information and social networks. Gossiping and meddling in other people's lives is never a good idea.
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Step 3. Notice how he looks at the other girls

Usually, committed boys don't pay much attention to women. A faithful boyfriend would not look at passersby with ulterior motives or comment on their appearance to friends.

  • On the other hand, it's impossible to know if dating would prevent you from flirting with other women. Maybe he's unfaithful, so be careful.
  • He's probably single if he gives his phone number to other girls. In that case, your only challenge would be to get his attention before your competitors.
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Step 4. See if he flirts with other people

If your crush flirts with a lot of girls, including you, maybe it's free. But there are people who are charming and fun with anyone - which can easily be mistaken for flirting. It's not because he has a girlfriend that he can't treat people with respect and attention.

Don't confuse lightheartedness and good humor with flirting: this usually involves physical contact and subtle hints that the person wants more than friendship

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Step 5. Ask his friends

Some people are unfathomable or very reserved. In cases like this, it's a good idea to ask whoever lives with him if he has a girlfriend. Mention the subject subtly, as if you don't want anything or, if you don't like beating around the bush, simply send a message to one of his friends.

  • Be subtle when asking the question. You could put the subject indirectly: "Why is that friend of yours always busy?" Or even make a joke: "Oh, why isn't he here today? He had a date?"
  • Know in advance that the fact that you asked the question could reach the boy's ears - men gossip just like women.
  • But this can be to your advantage if he is single. Knowing you're curious about him might interest him.

Part 3 of 3: Asking directly

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Step 1. Ask in person if he has a girlfriend

If your investigations are inconclusive, be straightforward. Avoid asking these kinds of questions via email or over the phone: it's important to see and hear how he reacts to your question.

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Step 2. Wait a good moment to bring up the subject

Don't mention the boy's marital status in front of all your friends. Be patient and wait for a moment alone to address the issue. Having to talk about your personal life in front of others could put you in an uncomfortable position.

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Step 3. Be direct when asking your potential girlfriend

Going around would only make the situation even more embarrassing. Say something like: "I've been wanting to ask you for a while… do you have a girlfriend?". As long as you use an informal tone, he won't be uncomfortable with the question.

  • If he says no and has noticed that you like him, he might ask if you're single too.
  • It's not the end of the world if he's compromised. There are many men in the world, and there are certainly good parties looking for a girlfriend.
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Step 4. See if he tries to evade the issue

If he doesn't respond with a simple "yes" or "no", be suspicious. Signs of discomfort and nervousness are also worrying. Stuttering or making excuses are signs that he's hooked up with someone. Anyway, it's not good to have a relationship with a guy who can't be honest.

Ideally, he should offer a straight answer, no matter what. But take any hesitation as a sign that he's trying to hide his girlfriend from you

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Step 5. Regardless of what you discover, react with respect and maturity

It's always a shock to discover that the person you care about is compromised. However, try to remain calm, whether he confirms or denies he has a girlfriend.

  • If he reveals that he's not single, don't have a nervous breakdown in front of him. Express your regret only after you are alone to preserve your reputation.
  • Ideally, this would be a confirmation that he's single, to which you should respond with a vague statement - "Hmm… Interesting!" - to maintain an aura of mystery and not reveal your interest in him right away.
  • It's not worth trying to ruin someone else's relationship just to take a chance on someone else - no matter how much you love them.


  • Avoid giving the impression that you are jealous, overprotective or possessive.
  • Don't get too attached to the boy until you're sure he's free.


  • If he's really dating, don't force him to be with you.
  • He might be surprised if he notices that you snoop on his life too much. You don't want him or his supposed girlfriend to be scared.

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