4 Ways To Find Out If He Is The Right Guy

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4 Ways To Find Out If He Is The Right Guy
4 Ways To Find Out If He Is The Right Guy

While it's easy to think your boy is right, it's hard to be sure. To see if you want a serious relationship with him – and if he's worth it – read these tips and strategies.


Method 1 of 4: How It Makes You Feel

See if He's the One Step 1

Step 1. Notice if you feel Wonder Woman next to him

He should make her feel like a superhero. You must feel that you can be whoever you want and that you can do anything when he is around. You shouldn't be afraid of life's challenges as it makes you feel confident and strong enough to overcome them. You must feel that you can face the world and win when you have it.

See if He's the One Step 2

Step 2. Make sure you feel comfortable with your personality in front of him

This doesn't mean just demonstrating that “silly side” of yours known to family and friends; it means allowing him to see that you are vulnerable, whether it's without makeup, after a difficult session at the gym, whether when your fear is just under your skin, or during a moment of sadness.

See if He's the One Step 3

Step 3. Make sure you don't feel embarrassed around him

Do you feel like you need to hide something when you're around him? If you feel like you need to hide things about yourself or your life, then maybe he's not the right guy. He must love you no matter what, and if you care what he'll think of your skinny, hairy legs, then this guy isn't the right man.

See if He's the One Step 4

Step 4. Lose how much you think about your future plans

Do you imagine yourself with him in a comfortable place on birthdays and holidays? Do you imagine the apartment, the house, the animals or even the children you both can have together?

Method 2 of 4: How He Treats You

See if He's the One Step 5

Step 1. Notice when he says “I love you”

It's good if he says “I love you too” after you've affirmed your love. However, it is important to note that you cannot be the only person to say the initial “I love you”. He needs to say that occasionally, too. This shows that he thinks about you a lot and that the guy isn't following a standard script that doesn't change.

Don't worry if he doesn't say anything. Some guys are very shy and hardly share their feelings. Ask him why he never says “I love you” first and affirm that you would like to hear it. This can make you feel more comfortable

See if He's the One Step 6

Step 2. Make sure he doesn't press you for intimacy before you're ready

Someone who wants to enjoy her body before enjoying her heart clearly doesn't truly want her (And if he doesn't think about anything but sex, the guy will likely run away from the commitment of marriage or family).

See if He's the One Step 7

Step 3. Pay attention to whether or not he is a controller

If the boy often tells you what to do; try to run your life; or manipulate your emotions to get what he wants, keep an eye out! This guy is insecure and feels that he needs to have control over his relationship. “The Right Guy” will feel safe with you and allow you to be whoever you want to be.

See if He's the One Step 8

Step 4. See if he keeps you away from his friends

If the boy refuses to include you in his social plans and avoids telling you what he and his friends did last night, it is obvious that such a man is not willing to include you in his life and may even be committing an act. of betrayal.

See if He's the One Step 9

Step 5. Notice whether it alludes to your future or not

If the two of you aren't in a relationship stage where you both openly discuss future possibilities, be careful to find out if the guy gives any hints. Even something small – like imagining what the two of them will do at an event two months from now – is a good sign.

  • If he proposes too soon (before 1 year), take some time to analyze why he's in a hurry. If you're inclined to say yes, suggest that you both live together for a while (just in case).
  • If he doesn't want to discuss the couple's future – even after a significant amount of time (say, a year) – he probably isn't considering a future.

Method 3 of 4: How You Treat It

See if He's the One Step 10

Step 1. See if you can naturally remember his birthday, the couple's birthday, and the days that are important to him

This is one way to determine whether the boy is part of your thoughts when he's not around: it's one thing to give someone space to come into your life, but another thing to make mental space for them.

See if He's the One Step 11

Step 2. Notice if you compliment him when he doesn't look so cute

Are you attracted to him even when there is food in his teeth and hair? Or does his attraction disappear according to what he wears?

See if He's the One Step 12

Step 3. Notice if you feel excited to include him in your life

Wanting to praise him to his friends and include him in his family is a great vote of confidence. On the other hand, if you don't feel secure in the relationship, you may subconsciously find excuses not to introduce it or not to discuss it.

  • Do you include him in family plans? For example, do you invite him to the family vacation (or even just assume he will accompany you without the need for an invitation)?
  • Do you want to help him get along with his family because it's important that she likes you?
  • Do you suggest that he should call his mother-in-law if he needs advice on cooking, cleaning, etc.?

Method 4 of 4: How You Work Together

See if He's the One Step 13

Step 1. Notice how you change each other

We usually change, as people, when we've been around someone else for a long time (especially around someone who cares about us). Sometimes we change each other for the better. At other times, we change each other for the worse. You will need to decide if you positively affect his life. You need to find out if it affects you positively.

  • Do you find that one of you is becoming possessive, envious, suspicious, lazy, or constantly stressed? That kind of person is probably unwanted. She probably doesn't wish you well and you won't like her hanging around.
  • Did you find that both are inspired to become better people? Do you fight more for your life and for yourself when you're with him? Does he do the same? Have you become kinder and happier people? This is a healthy relationship, and you will only improve each other's lives.
See if He's the One Step 14

Step 2. Reflect on how he lives his own life

Does his life match what you expect of his future? Does he share the same values? For example, if you recycle and he throws garbage out your car window, will the relationship work?

See if He's the One Step 15

Step 3. Notice how both claim they care

Does he remain comfortable allowing you to see his gentle side? Do you openly tell him that you love him, even offering qualifiers like “I love you so much” or starting a game of “I love you more than”?

Look for discrepancies between what was said and what was “communicated”. We are usually deceived by someone who does real love poetry, despite failing to do something that reinforces those words. At the same time, we can feel frustrated by someone who doesn't distill poetry but whose kind gestures go unnoticed. Reflect on whether it falls into one of these categories

See if He's the One Step 16

Step 4. See how you feel in each other's space

It is usually said that the couple life is the true test of compatibility; a relationship that takes place entirely in restaurants and parks can be beautiful – but having to share dishes, watching each other shave and slip into dirty clothes can immediately end illusions. If you live together, how do you both commit to your individual and shared responsibilities? If you don't live together, did you at least exchange keys to walk freely in each other's space? If so, how comfortable are you both with it?

See if He's the One Step 17

Step 5. Ask yourself if you have a comfortable balance when it comes to spending time together and apart

Having your own separate interests will provide a more interesting relationship, and will help you both maintain healthy and independent identities. If the relationship is on the right track, you will feel comfortable and secure, even when you are apart.


  • It's interesting that both are best friends when they want to build a good relationship. It's important that you both listen to each other and understand things without too much discussion.
  • Take it easy to meet your partner. Find out what he likes and what he hates. Make him feel your priority.
  • Be patient. Don't let it dominate your body. If he doesn't respect that, things can get out of hand.
  • Find out his worst side. If you can't accept that this bad side is part of the package, then he could be the right guy. However, don't enter the relationship thinking about changing certain aspects of it. This will only create stress and friction within the relationship.
  • Watch him when he is around his parents, siblings, and the elders in his life. Does he respect them? Watch him close to his father. Does he love and respect his father's choices? Does he do the same to the women in his life?
  • Most importantly, trust your gut. Notice what you feel and why you feel that way. Are you rushing too fast? Is something holding you back?
  • Tell him that you love him and that you will always be loyal.
  • Don't give him your full attention. If he demands your full attention and becomes needy or sad because of a lack of excessive affection, take this as a sign.
  • Get to know him. Try asking simple questions. Find out if you have a lot in common.
  • Pay attention to how he reacts when things don't work for him. Does he handle his own emotions well?


  • If he maintains a friendship with an ex and refuses to respect her boundaries and feelings in the matter, he doesn't consider her important enough to change the relationship with that girl (But remember: ultimatums aren't the answer! If he does! If you have a friendly relationship with your ex and you make ridiculous demands about how much he should talk to her, the guy will certainly walk away from you).
  • If he does something you would never tell a best friend, seriously question whether you're being honest with yourself. If a close friend says her boyfriend did the same, what would you recommend to her? Would you tell her to get rid of him? Would you talk to him? Would it calm down? Be honest with yourself and take care of yourself. Be your own best friend.
  • If he makes big decisions (such as changing careers or changing cities) without including her, the boy doesn't consider her a permanent part of his life.
  • If the guy hesitantly answers “Yes, I love you too” when you say “I love you so much, so much,” he probably doesn't have strong feelings for you.

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