How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

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How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You
How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

Making a girl fall in love takes time, energy and a lot of patience. By treating her well and showing her what makes you a good catch, she will appreciate you and maybe even fall in love with you in time. Still, you have to have some attraction, or nothing will happen. To increase your chances, do a few things to get the girl's attention, demonstrate your merits, and go out with her.


Part 1 of 3: Getting noticed

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 1

Step 1. Take it easy

Before you start “investing” in a woman, know that rushing through the passion process is not a good idea, as she may think you are desperate, losing interest. If you really like the girl, go slowly; try to create a friendship and discover stories about her before asking her to date.

Never say you love someone before or during the first date. Give it time

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 2

Step 2. Find an excuse to talk

To get noticed, you guys need to talk at some point. If you can't come up with a good reason to go talk to her directly, simply think of an icebreaker; then conversations should flow more easily.

Ask what her homework was about, borrow a pen or, in the case of dinner, have her pass something off the table

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 3

Step 3. Praise her

Sincere compliments go a long way in making a woman feel comfortable around the beau in question, as long as they are straightforward and well thought out. Comment on her appearance, but also on other things like her intelligence, creativity and determination.

Say, for example, “You are an amazing artist! I love your work!" or “Most people don't have the determination or skill to pass an advanced math test. I think it's amazing that you do so well with such difficult courses.”

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 4

Step 4. Flirt subtly

Flirting is important to show that there are feelings bigger than friendship at play. If you don't know how to flirt, try to learn the ideal techniques first. However, it usually happens on its own: you know that moment when your eyes meet and you both smile? Then…

Smile when you see her and keep eye contact often, as these signs are very clear of interest. If she turns away, don't worry so much, because it could be nervousness. And if she's nervous, it could be because the feeling is reciprocated

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 5

Step 5. Always be neat and fragrant

Women don't just care about their appearance, but this Yes is a factor to consider. If you're always cute and sweet-smelling, she'll see you as someone she'd like to date. So, shower daily, wear clean clothes, straighten your hair and shave, apply deodorant and perfume. Having style and confidence (as long as it's not arrogance) is attractive.

Part 2 of 3: Demonstrating Your Merits

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 6

Step 1. Live the life

More important than spending time with the girl is doing the things you like. Trust me, even she won't be interested if you stop having fun so they can be together; moreover, a person who knows how to live life independently is more attractive than someone who needs someone else's company to be happy.

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 7

Step 2. Be a good listener

This is essential to make a woman fall in love. To show that you're paying attention, maintain eye contact and say neutral things like “Yes”, “I understand” and “Ahem”, but don't interrupt. It's a good idea to also repeat some of the things she said: for example, after a story about a friend who slapped her boyfriend, say “I can't believe it! In the face?".

It's important to ask serious questions too, as repeating “I see” and variants is a tricky technique. A genuine question shows interest in knowing more about what is being told. Try, for example, “Wow, a slap in the face? But what about him, was he angry or sad about it? Are they in bad shape?”

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 8

Step 3. Show what makes you special

Demonstrate your unique qualities: think about what are the best features you have and make a way for her to see them. For example, if you play football at school, ask her to cheer you on during a match; if you play guitar in a band, invite them to one of the shows; if you like to read, start a conversation about books.

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 9

Step 4. Support and encourage

By being an encouraging friend, you will make her see you as a good potential boyfriend. Do little things to show you're cool, even before the first date.

For example, encourage her in games and congratulate her after the good result of an exam or a professional promotion. Even if the actions taken are subtle, she will be grateful

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 10

Step 5. Be polite and considerate

Some girls are attracted to bullies, but a kind, considerate guy is much better as a boyfriend. So demonstrate your good-guy qualities even before you ask her out: have good manners, open doors for her, and be kind to others.

Part 3 of 3: Hanging out with her

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 11

Step 1. Ask her out

For a lightly colored friendship to turn into a dating relationship, you have to have a date. Invite her casually and without pressure to increase the chances of hearing a "yes" and make the "no" not so bad. Try something like:

  • “I have a spare ticket to watch [name of movie she wants to see] on Friday. Are you free?".
  • “I don't know if you're interested, but I was thinking about going to the [party or event]. You know, to get a little less bored than I would be at home? [Smile] Would you like to go with me?”.
  • “The School Games are next week. How about demonstrating our spirit of student unity and…supporting any other school?”
Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 12

Step 2. Plan a date to suit the girl

The request may be casual, but it's on the date that you'll surprise her. Use the information you have and plan something you know she will like, or just in case ask her what she would like to do. Assess the girl to see what she prefers: a guy who takes her opinion into consideration or a guy with an attitude.

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 13

Step 3. Be considerate

If you make it clear that you provided all the comfort and fun possible, she will want to repeat the dose. What's more, there are other ways to ensure fun while you're out.

For example, if she looks cold as she sits outside a restaurant, ask her if she'd rather go inside; if the waiter forgets to bring her soda, get his attention (politely) or go get the can at the bar

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 14

Step 4. Explain how she makes you feel

After a few dates, tell them you love spending time together. Of course, she can feel the same way, but you won't know until you make the first move.

Say something like “I always have fun when we go out. It's great to be with you” or, to be more specific, “You have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. He always makes my day better.”

Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 15

Step 5. Keep going out and getting to know each other

Making her fall in love will take time. Even though the first date was amazing, that doesn't mean the woman loves him already. Keep up the good work and have fun while you're in the lovely phase of getting to know each other better. The relationship will have a better chance of survival if things take their natural, unhurried course.


  • Remember: falling in love takes time and it's best not to rush; have fun and be patient.
  • Never look desperate for attention. It's not cute, just sad and scary (after all, everyone who does this seems to be a bit psychopath).


  • Don't ignore or intimidate her, don't be cruel or disgusting, and don't go overboard with teasing.
  • Don't push the envelope: if the conversation doesn't flow and there's no connection, maybe you're not meant for each other.

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