4 Ways to Be Sustained by a Rich Crown

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4 Ways to Be Sustained by a Rich Crown
4 Ways to Be Sustained by a Rich Crown

Knowing and relating to a rich old man - the so-called sugar daddy, from the English expression, already popular in Brazil - is a great way to have fun, gain experience and earn money to spend with whatever you want. If you are looking for such a person, you just need to know where to look, find out what interests she has and do everything to please her. Follow the tips in this article to enjoy all the benefits of this relationship!


Method 1 of 4: Finding a Sugar Daddy in the Right Places

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 1

Step 1. Think about what you want to find before you even start your search

That way, you'll get a better sense of what you want right away. Make two lists: one with the qualities you look for in a man and the other with the gifts you would like to receive from him. Don't be shy - after all, he's your rich old man.

  • Think about the kind of man you want to meet. Someone between 40 and 50 years old? Divorced, polygamy, or even married? Do you want someone you can spend a good part of the day with or a few hours on the weekends?
  • Decide what you want this man to do for you. Some women ask for an allowance - from R$500 to more than R$2,000 a week, for example - in exchange for company, fun and even intimacy. Or do you prefer to be rewarded through dinners, exotic trips or access to exclusive events?
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 2

Step 2. Access websites to find interesting men

Let yourself go; if necessary, frequent sites and forums where you can find a sugar daddy. In these places, be very clear about your goals to attract a old man who wants something similar.

  • Be very clear about your goals and the type of relationship you want to find.
  • Post photos that are interesting but not very appealing. After all, old men must find you sexy and serious at the same time.
  • Say what you have to offer: it's fun, interesting, mysterious or that you like to live adventures, for example. Even so, don't just discuss your own needs.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 3

Step 3. Create profiles on social networking sites

If you're embarrassed or embarrassed at the idea of ​​accessing specific pages for those looking for rich crowns or want to be more discreet, you can opt for sites like Badoo to find a man who can give you gifts and money.

  • Configure your profile to filter site searches by age, profession, etc.
  • If you like, check out interesting men's profiles to see if they fit your criteria - if they have expensive hobbies and interests like speedboating or traveling to Europe, if they seem to like designer clothes and if they have quirky tastes, etc.
  • Also, find out what the old man expects from a relationship (a woman who is similar to him or who is good company for specific times).
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 4

Step 4. Consult your friends

Don't be afraid to ask if they know of any sugar daddies they can introduce you to. If you prefer, approach them in a more discreet and indirect way. At least one of them must know some rich man-whether from work or other social circles-who is looking for a younger girlfriend. "Play green" to show signs that you are looking.

Ask your friends to set up dates on your behalf and be honest about what you expect from a man. That way, everyone will avoid disappointment (if you just want to be supported by someone, but your partner wants to date, for example)

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 5

Step 5. Go to places where you can meet rich men

If you're afraid to access social networking sites or consult your acquaintances, go out on your own. Invite your friends to chic bars or restaurants and try to connect with men who look wealthy.

  • Be radical and go to places frequented by many rich crowns. If possible, take a trip to lush places like Angra dos Reis and Fernando de Noronha, where people with good financial conditions spend their vacations, and try to find someone.
  • When you go "hunting", dress well. Don't appeal - after all, you want to convey a serious image, someone who doesn't seek instant pleasures. Your relationship with sugar daddy should be longer than that (at least long enough for you to get what you want).
  • Visit places where there are cultural events and that are frequented by rich men, such as museums, theaters or art galleries. If you know of a special occasion in these places, get an invitation and make yourself present.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 6

Step 6. Be persistent

The search for a sugar daddy is time consuming; don't be frustrated if you don't find someone right away. To ensure success, use all the features in the steps above: go online, chat with friends and go to the right places to meet your dream man. If you know what you want and are confident, you will end up attracting the ideal person.

The biggest advantage of getting involved with a rich old man is that you can date a lot of people at once. Remember to keep the range of options open

Method 2 of 4: Getting a Sugar Daddy's Attention

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 7

Step 1. Make it clear what you want

The old man will be more relaxed if you show right away what he expects from the relationship. If you want to receive an allowance, expect him to pay your expenses (such as rent) or only want to meet him once or twice a week, be honest - so he understands the dynamic between you at once.

  • If you're honest, the old man will better understand the dynamics of the relationship and make it clear that you're both looking for something similar.
  • Say right away that you don't intend to stop hanging out with other people.
  • Don't be afraid to say what you want - the sugar daddy will be grateful for your honesty and hopefully even more relaxed.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 8

Step 2. Dress for the occasion

You don't have to dress like you're in your mid-20s, with your breasts almost bared, to attract an older man. Sugar daddies like women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Don't be insecure if you're over 40 and not identical to the Barbie doll. The most important thing is to take care of your appearance: shower every day, comb your hair, and wear interesting, well-tailored clothes.

  • Do your hair and put on makeup. You can find the ideal man at any time, and for that you must always be ready.
  • You don't need to act like a porn star to attract a sugar daddy. Many of them like natural looks.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 9

Step 3. Be confident

Always be ready to take the reins of any situation to attract a good man. It could be that he's embarrassed to act like your sugar daddy and doesn't know what to do. In these cases, it will be good for you to be the "leader" and not afraid to express yourself. Walk with your head up, smile from ear to ear and never lose your pride.

Being confident is different from being authoritative. Hear what the old man has to say about what he thinks, what he wants and what you can do and never ignore him completely

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 10

Step 4. Be independent

Many older men don't look for steady partners or women who simply play housewife for them - after all, they already have maids. They actually want to meet fun and interesting people who have a life, friends and plans of their own. That way, if you seem too attached, obsessed with what the sugar daddy does, or want to "enclose" him on all sides, you'll end up killing the fun.

  • Don't meet the old man more than once or twice a week, or he might think you're getting attached.
  • Whenever possible, avoid sleeping at his house. If you start hanging around all the time, the man will start to think you want something more serious.
  • Always be willing to change your plans. If you're going out with your friends, for example, tell him to make you jealous (and thus more interested). If you both come to an agreement that you're in an open relationship, say you're going to have a date with someone else to convey the image that you're independent.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 11

Step 5. Be sexy

Every sugar daddy wants to find a woman who fulfills their expectations. If you really want to meet someone like that, show sensuality in appearance and behavior whenever possible. Dress up pretty clothes, put on makeup, give your eyes an air of mystery and buy sexy lingerie for intimate hours. Draw attention with your lips, touch the man lightly to get him excited, and send messages or talk about daring things on the phone.

  • If you're really interested in a sugar daddy, get some experience. Every older man likes women who are comfortable between four walls. Know how to act and what to do to intrigue him.
  • You don't need to wear fancy clothes to be sexy; just wear something that fits well and highlights the best parts of your body - which will only increase the man's interest.

Method 3 of 4: Making Sugar Daddy More and More Interested

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 12

Step 1. Be mysterious

If you want to keep the old man's interest alive, don't lose the aura of mystery. When you leave, don't feel obligated to say where you're going. Don't say why you didn't answer the phone when he called. Don't explain what you were doing - just say you were busy. Don't vent about everything you think, your innermost wants and needs, etc. Reveal yourself little by little, always making the man curious and wanting to know more.

Don't tell the old man everything you do every day. Let him wonder what you do when he's away

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 13

Step 2. Be positive and fun

Sugar daddies are looking for interesting women and they don't like people who are negative or complain about life. If that's your case, reduce this behavior when you're close to the old man - let your friends talk about these matters. Be light and smiley and talk about topics that make everyone happy, rather than something delicate.

  • When you notice that you are saying something negative, counter the argument itself with positive speech.
  • Laugh whenever possible. Older men like women who know how to relax.
  • If you're having a rough day or want to cry, don't let off steam with sugar daddy. Call a friend.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 14

Step 3. Make the coexistence spicier to keep the old man interested

Don't repeat the same programs on weekends, even if you tend to go to fancy restaurants. Do new things and ask him to invite you for a speedboat ride, tennis lessons or an exotic trip, for example.

  • If they do the same things on every date, sugar daddy will get bored. Never repeat activities on weekends in a row.
  • Try to keep the indoor climate cool. Take advantage of the hours you spend with the old man to try out new sexual positions, for example.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 15

Step 4. Don't behave like a wife

The quickest way to scare off a old man is to make him think you're ready for marriage. Remember: you guys are together because it's fun, adventurous and interesting - not because you have a talent for housekeeping. Don't sleep in his house, moderate the time you spend together and never fulfill the role of the woman of the home. Otherwise, the man will be scared and want to end it all.

  • Move away at the first sign that he's uncomfortable with your proximity.
  • Don't treat him like your boyfriend or joke about marriage.
  • Don't introduce him to friends or relatives unless he has the idea, or things might seem too serious.
  • Avoid talking about the distant future unless you are planning your next vacation trip.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 16

Step 5. Don't get attached

If you just want to enjoy the old man's financial condition, be realistic. He is not your boyfriend or husband, but someone you can have fun with - a man who brings financial benefits to your life, making it easier and more fun. Don't start planning the wedding ceremony, choosing names for your children, or thinking about the life you're going to have together. Keep your feet on the ground and pursue your own interests to avoid hurt feelings.

  • Don't go after the man every time you want to find him. Arrange one or two monthly meetings and only talk when the time is right.
  • Don't think about what he's doing or your next date when you're not together.
  • Don't question him about other women or show jealousy when he talks about someone.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 17

Step 6. Know how to identify the best time to get away

If you and sugar daddy have been together for a long time, it might be time to put a stop to the relationship - for a few good reasons, like one of you is getting hooked or both are bored. Finally, if he has met someone he likes (or loves) and wants to build a life with that woman, get out of the way.

  • When the time comes, accept the end of the relationship. Be objective and calm about what is happening and try not to hold any grievances. If you've only been involved with him for the money, don't worry: you'll find another candidate in no time.
  • Don't be hurt if the sugar daddy rejects you. This happens all the time: Older men get bored with women and decide to seek out other people. On these occasions, the problem is not yours, but his.

Method 4 of 4: Thinking If You Are Able to Get a Sugar Daddy

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 18

Step 1. Don't you mind relating to people for financial reasons?

The answer is no. After all, you will get paid to act as someone else's partner. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you're honest with yourself about the situation you're getting yourself into.

Think about whether you're comfortable with this kind of direct relationship with the man. If you are too passive or accept money without any questioning, you may be more vulnerable to unpleasant situations

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 19

Step 2. Do you understand the risks of this financial dependency?

Think carefully before answering "yes". Money is not completely free: the sugar daddy will expect you to do certain things, or he may lose interest in a short time.

  • In a way, you're going to depend on the old man's money to maintain your lifestyle.
  • If you have your own source of income and only use what you get from the old man for superfluous things or luxury items, you will be less dependent.
Find a Sugar Daddy Step 20

Step 3. Aren't you afraid to give men false hope?

The answer is yes. As honest as you're going to be with sugar daddy right away, you're still going to deceive him, in a way, as he's going to adopt a sensual and mysterious posture. No matter what the "rules" are, it's likely just going to pique his curiosity. Go deep if you don't it doesn't weigh on your conscience.

Find a Sugar Daddy Step 21

Step 4. Can you keep your emotional distance?

The answer is yes. Many old men know well what they're getting into (and what they're getting their partner into): they start out by giving treats and money, but they don't always make their goal clear at once. If you submit to someone that way, you're going to have to trust the person. Overall, sugar daddies aren't always instantly trustworthy. Keep your head and heart on straight as you're interested in money - and don't expect to have too much control over the dynamics of the relationship.

  • Don't forget that this relationship is basically a financial transaction.
  • If you want something more meaningful with someone, don't go after a sugar daddy. Every relationship cultivated on the basis of money leads to a false and weak connection.
  • As silly as it sounds, relationships of this type are almost never like the ones in the movie Pretty Woman. Don't let the dream of easy profit in exchange for pleasure get your feet off the ground.

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