Discover Some Fun Ways to Ask Someone in Dating

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Discover Some Fun Ways to Ask Someone in Dating
Discover Some Fun Ways to Ask Someone in Dating

Practically everyone gets that butterflies in their stomachs when they decide to reveal what the crush feels like (which can be a boy or a girl, of course). If that's your case, how about you put some humor in this confession?! While this is not always the best alternative - it depends on the person's sense of humor - at least it helps to reduce the pressure of the conversation. But the best part is, if the reaction isn't the best, you can always say you were kidding!


Method 1 of 8: Give the person a rough pickup line

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 1

Step 1. "Is your father a baker? Because you are a dream"

This kind of teasing might sound like a big shot, but it helps to give the person a sense that you like them. After all, if the feeling is not reciprocated, it is very easy to say that it is all a joke! On the other hand, only try something like that if you and your crush are already friends, as it can backfire with strangers. Here are some variations:

  • "Is your father a thief? Because he stole the starlight and put it in your eyes…"
  • "My name is Arlindo, but you can call me beautiful. Because the air you took from me when you passed."
  • "Do you believe in God's love? So, for God's sake, stay with me!"

Method 2 of 8: Make a silly drawing

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 2

Step 1. If you are shy but creative, have you thought about drawing your crush?

The advantage is that you don't even have to say anything! For example: draw two dolls, but make one of them with bulging eyes facing the other - that is, you concentrate on the person.

  • If you have the time and willingness, try making a flipbook to confess how you feel! The person will see a moving scene when flipping through its pages quickly.
  • It's also nice to draw a short strip of the two of you doing something cool together.
  • If you're feeling braver, draw two little figures and a heart in the middle. Then write the message "Are you willing to do something with me?"

Method 3 of 8: Write a cheesy poem

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 3

Step 1. "Roses are red, violets are blue, and that smile of yours always seduces me

" Starting with the good old "Roses are red…" can be a great tactic! This option has a more romantic air, although it's still corny (and, rightfully so, funny). You can also write a haiku or something else kind of shorter poem!

  • Lacking inspiration, start with a funny metaphor: "You're sweeter than chocolate / It's for you that my heart beats…". Until this example is cute!
  • You don't need to write the poem if you're not the most creative! Just look for a ready-made template on the internet, as long as you make it clear that the original idea is not yours.

Method 4 of 8: Use memes

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 4

Step 1. In the internet age, nothing screams "I'm into you

" louder than a meme. If you and your crush keep sending this kind of thing to each other, take this cue to confess your feelings! Create a meme that looks like a person from a more famous person and send it in with a message like "This is all of you (or all of you)" or "I cried with laughter. What do you think?” It all depends on your level of courage.

  • You don't even need to make a custom meme! The internet is full of ready-made options that are valid for various situations.
  • If you and the person have Instagram, go to popular pages on the platform and find a meme that's cool. Garbage Bag (@saquinhodelixo), Melted Videos (@meltedvideos) and GIFs for Humans Guys (@gifsgalerahumanas) are true public libraries of jokes.
  • How about you take an old-school meme, like the ones that had only one image and one caption written in Impact font? It can be cool!

Method 5 of 8: Use GIFs

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 5

Step 1. The principle behind GIFs is the same behind memes

If you and your crush talk a lot on the internet, especially through social media, try sending funny GIFs confessing how you feel. Again, if the person doesn't reciprocate these feelings, just say it's all a joke! Use search terms like "I like you" or "Falling in love" and see what you find cute.

If you and the person have never been in the habit of exchanging GIFs, it's best not to start confessing your feelings right away. She will just be confused

Method 6 of 8: Send a message to the person "unintentionally"

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 6

Step 1. "I don't know if Jessica noticed, but I couldn't take my eyes off her today

"It sounds risky, but it could be worth it! When your crush (whether Jessica or not!) responds, pretend you made a mistake and that you were supposed to send the message to someone else. You can also leave that sense of ambiguity in the air, with something like "I think she's beautiful, but I don't know if she's interested in me" So, if she responds with "Are you talking about me?"… it's because the feeling is mutual! See other options:

  • "Did you see how hot Renato is? It makes me want to."
  • "Me and Luísa would be a nice couple, right?!"
  • Sending more sensitive information "unintentionally" can also be good. If you and the person end up getting involved, that will make a great story!
  • The biggest risk is for the person to realize that their mistake was on purpose right away. Depending on the case, you'd better use another method.

Method 7 of 8: Use food to send the message

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 7

Step 1. How about you order a heart-shaped pizza for your crush?

Write a cute message and ask the pizzeria to deliver it with you! Better yet: how about you deliver the pizza and the message? If the person is interested, they will melt with your gesture.

Use and abuse your creativity in the kitchen! You can prepare a dish that the person enjoys and even write a message with one of the ingredients. For example: bake a cake and form "Stay with me!" of whipped cream on top

Method 8 of 8: Be ironic and dramatic

What Are Some Funny Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them Step 8

Step 1. "I want you so much! You give me butterflies in my stomach! Stay with me!" If you like this kind of more dramatic gesture, think of a small script to confess how you feel about your crush. But only talk about it when you are alone! Even if the person reciprocates your feelings, the situation runs the risk of getting a little disconcerting if there are more people around. Also, don't do anything offensive or risky.

  • Say something like "You're the coolest, prettiest, funniest, laziest, noisiest, most ridiculous person I've ever met. That's why I enjoy your company!" (but customize according to the person).
  • Prepare a kind of monologue, those typical of Shakespeare's plays, to confess.


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