How to Find Rich Men: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Find Rich Men: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Find Rich Men: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Meeting a rich man is the dream of many women. To stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of succeeding, you first need to understand rich men. From there, you should be willing to make changes in your lifestyle and appearance, if necessary, to be in the best position possible. This article will discuss all of these issues, plus the places to meet wealthy men and the things you should learn to impress one when you meet him!


Part 1 of 3: Understanding Rich Men

Find Rich Men Step 1

Step 1. Watch the number grow

Although wealth is a relative concept, many associate it with being a “millionaire”. Knowing the exact number of single millionaires in Brazil or in the world is not that easy. However, it is quite clear that this number is growing. In the United States, for example, one in 13 households of all types has at least $1 million in assets, and one in 100 has at least 25 million in assets.

  • How are they making so much money? In different ways. Extremely wealthy men typically run businesses, work in hedge funds, and in other areas of finance and investment.
  • A growing number of men earn huge amounts of money as technology and internet entrepreneurs. Real estate, media, sports and entertainment, oil and gas and other developments continue to be profitable and popular areas.
  • There are also a large number of men who make a lot of money in medicine, dentistry, law, engineering and, of course, in offices being CEOs of companies.
Find Rich Men Step 2

Step 2. Study well who they are

They typically work 60 to 80 hours a week and are very successful entrepreneurs. They did well in school, took well-calculated risks, and have a long-term plan. They are also very energetic, visionary and extremely confident. Many live surprisingly modestly, are positive and recognize that they are not the smartest person in the world, at least not in all areas. In this way, they surround themselves with people with whom they can fill in the gaps and their own vision.

Their trust sometimes ends up reflecting narcissistic behavior, and often they don't feel much empathy for others. Many think they can do whatever they want

Find Rich Men Step 3

Step 3. Learn what they want in a woman

Not all men are the same, obviously, but some generalizations can be made. They are more inclined towards fit, attractive and well-dressed women. Such men tend to feel that they have a right to have a super attractive woman who can accompany them on their social agenda and be a hostess or escort in everything. But when asked, approximately 90% of high-ranking and successful men said they want a woman with a brain and who is also successful. In fact, there was even a greater inclination towards intelligence rather than beauty.

  • Research shows that when men are in a higher social position than women, they tend to choose young, beautiful partners. When they are in the same social class, traits such as intelligence, kindness and a good sense of humor become more important.
  • Some also say that they can spot the gold-diggers from afar; they are not very naive by nature. If they were, they wouldn't be where they are now.
  • Furthermore, according to one study, 75% of wealthy men also have sex more often and have more sex partners than men with less money.
Find Rich Men Step 4

Step 4. Find out where they live

Rich men are usually concentrated in the coastal area of ​​countries. In the United States, for example, California, Florida and the Northeast are very popular places. Rich, single men are a little more spread out across countries, but you can always find one.

Part 2 of 3: Adjusting Your Life to Find Them

Find Rich Men Step 5

Step 1. Move closer to where they live

Maybe you can't afford to live in more exclusive neighborhoods or buildings, but it's still possible to find places that aren't too far from where the money really is. Stay as close as possible or find a compromise. Thus, you will be able to carry out tasks, take the dog for a walk, go for a run, have a coffee, etc., in the same areas as them. All of this will help her to absorb the culture and meet people.

  • This is a great opportunity to become more relaxed and used among wealthy people and get more noticed without spending even more money.
  • If you can't move, start shopping in more upscale neighborhood supermarkets. Drive to an upscale park for an early morning run.
Find Rich Men Step 6

Step 2. Look suitable

If you want to be rich, look rich. Otherwise, you won't be able to close the deal. Your look should be sexy, but not too promiscuous. Sexy and sophisticated is the best option, investing in just a few classic pieces that can be used with a wide variety. Look for them in second-hand stores or on sites like eBay. Also invest in versatile second-hand designer bags.

  • Accessories such as jewelry or costume jewelry are also important, but are more easily faked. Pearls are very classic, for example, and don't have to be real. A pair of small square zircon earrings and a matching necklace will never go out of style and won't be that expensive.
  • Find out what the right outfit is for any event you go to and follow it. If you're not sure, it's better to stay a little tidier than too simple.
  • Avoid getting too tanned, wearing a lot of makeup and dyeing your hair so that your look doesn't look too natural, as this look isn't very classic.
Find Rich Men Step 7

Step 3. Speak as they speak

Even if you're not very knowledgeable about finance or political theories, it's necessary to have a bit of knowledge about the things rich men discuss. As they often have big names in business and politics, gain insight into these areas by reading the newspaper every day, as well as local publications on politics and entrepreneurship.

  • When you don't know the meaning of terms, concepts and historical contexts, search for them on the internet.
  • Being able to have an intelligent conversation will help you stand out from other women, and don't forget - there will be many more out there.
  • It's also important to learn more about the things they like, like horse racing, sailing, art, fine jewelry, varied cuisines, luxury cars, etc.
Find Rich Men Step 8

Step 4. Act as if money isn't all that important

The easiest way to get dismissed for being a gold digger is by asking questions about the size of a rich man's bank account. The other safer way is by asking the value of something he owns. Lastly, it's asking how much something he gave you cost. Avoid these matters with him, just as you should with anyone else.

It's also important to be careful with the questions out there about the size of a certain man's wealth, as gossip may eventually reach his ears

Part 3 of 3: Getting to Know Them in Their Territory

Find Rich Men Step 9

Step 1. Work in the right industries or professions

Given that they work 60 to 80 hours a week, one way to get to know them is to work with rich men, close to or for them. Even better if you have an MBA, as this qualifies you for jobs in the many industries in which they work. Another option is to consider areas in which they spend their money, such as selling art, antique shops, luxury cars, jets, homes and yachts.

  • Also think of areas such as interior design, personal trainer, architecture, nursing, jobs at charitable organizations, country clubs, etc. that expose you to more wealthy men.
  • However, stay away from jobs where you must wear a uniform, as this can create a psychological barrier between you and the rich men you want to meet.
Find Rich Men Step 10

Step 2. Participate in charity events

Dances, auctions, golf tournaments, polo matches, and anything that involves a cultural or medical institution are great places to meet prosperous men. Typically, the less familiar the cause, the richer the donors, who are more proud to support charities few have ever heard of. As you need to be invited to these events or tickets are extremely expensive, the best way to participate is to volunteer, especially in fundraising campaigns.

  • So you can take a look at the guest list, have an invite and the chance to meet people.
  • To discover these events, look for charities on the internet in your city or nearby towns.
  • Try to find out who are the biggest donors for various causes.
Find Rich Men Step 11

Step 3. Go to the right sporting events

Men love sport. The rich generally love golf, polo, horse racing, sailing, skiing and tennis. Learn the rules of these sports and become familiar with the best players, the most prestigious events and locations, and current sports news. Join a tennis club and learn to play, take golf and sailing lessons, among other things that can not only expose you to the rich, but also show that you know how to do the things they do.

Find Rich Men Step 12

Step 4. Go to upscale clubs, lounges and restaurants

When rich men decide to go out to dinner, to enjoy the night on the town or travel, they expect the best service; soon, they go to the most luxurious establishments. That's where you need to be. Luxury hotel bars and steakhouses, where they have a drink before eating, are great places to meet them. To find the shyest rich men, look for posh lounges in upscale neighborhoods.

Never go with a group of friends or another man; instead, choose a friend or two to accompany you

Find Rich Men Step 13

Step 5. Go to the gallery opening

Rich men buy houses, plural, and need art and painting to decorate the walls. In addition to also receiving social invitations naturally in the region, it also means that they go to many art exhibitions, openings and auctions. Start by going to the free openings (after reading a little about art history) and then becoming a member of museums (it's not very expensive and you have access to a lot of events).

Find Rich Men Step 14

Step 6. Volunteer at strategic locations

As with charity events, volunteers are always needed in many places, such as hospitals, politically and socially oriented non-profit organizations, museums and similar places - all can put you in direct contact with the richest men. Don't underestimate the wealth of doctors in the country. Specialists in fields such as urology, gastroenterology, invasive cardiology and orthopedic surgeons earn a lot of money. Hospital directors and administrators are also extremely prosperous.

Find Rich Men Step 15

Step 7. Join a dating website or app for millionaires or hire a professional

There are several sites that help you find rich people, such as Luxy and Millionaire Flirt. There are also millionaire dating people (sometimes known as “matchmakers”) that you can hire to meet a rich man.

There is no guarantee that you will be accepted by the matchmaker, so make an effort to follow all other steps to increase your chances of meeting someone before executing this plan


  • When you meet a man, don't immediately feel that you need to have sex with him. If he's genuinely interested, he won't pressure you and will want to do more than that. In fact, he might even want to spend more time with you if he doesn't give in too soon.
  • Make friends with women - both young and old - from higher social classes if you can. Not only can they be a door, but they can also be obstacles to meeting rich men.
  • Don't pretend to be who you are and don't lie. This is not attractive nor will it bring you what you want in the long run.
  • Choose the right man - one who has interests similar to yours. No money can overcome the boredom of a relationship.

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