3 Ways to Deal with Your PMS Girlfriend

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3 Ways to Deal with Your PMS Girlfriend
3 Ways to Deal with Your PMS Girlfriend

The female mood can be strongly influenced by hormonal fluctuations caused by the menstrual cycle, especially during the days before menstruation. It's not uncommon for a woman in PMS to be perfectly happy at one point, but the next minute she starts crying - and this can be quite frustrating for other people, particularly when they become the target of someone's anger and feel they didn't do it. nothing wrong. However, you can live peacefully with your girlfriend if you handle PMS the right way - avoiding fights, relieving your partner's stress, and being loving and supportive.


Method 1 of 3: Taking some of the weight off her back

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Reduce the number of social activities

The feeling of pain and swelling doesn't make anyone want to leave the house, so check with your girlfriend before confirming the couple's presence at any type of event, or inviting friends to visit your house. Be particularly careful with events that involve physical activity or that require your partner to dress up a lot.

For example, don't promise to go to the beach with the couple's friends if you know your girlfriend's period is coming up - talk to her first

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 2

Step 2. Take on some of her tasks

If your girlfriend always does the dishes or cooks dinner, take on that role when she's in PMS (and when she's not too). In addition to being happy with your initiative to do more housework, she will feel less stressed overall.

Ask if she needs help, or just take the initiative and do what needs to be done - note which rooms and objects need cleaning, roll up your sleeves and start cleaning

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 3

Step 3. Adapt the couple's routine to dietary changes

Your girlfriend may eat extremely healthy most of the time, but feel like eating a whole pizza during PMS-regardless of the situation, avoid commenting on any changes in her diet. If your loved one complains that some clothes are tight, offer to walk with them or simply tell them they look beautiful.

Suggest healthy options if you want to deal with PMS and help your girlfriend maintain a healthy diet at the same time. For example, if she's craving pizza, suggest that you make one at home instead of ordering it over the phone

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 4

Step 4. Do something relaxing for her

Women can be much more emotional and restless during premenstrual tension, so help your loved one relax: prepare a hot bath, massage your girlfriend's shoulders, or even meditate with her - it all goes. make her more relaxed.

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 5

Step 5. Help her sleep well

Sleep can do wonders for a woman with PMS, so avoid disrupting your girlfriend's rest hours - don't make her stay up late or watch TV at high volume while she tries to sleep. Instead, engage in activities that will soothe her and help her fall asleep, such as lighting a scented lavender candle or making hot tea.

Method 2 of 3: Avoiding Conflicts

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 6

Step 1. Know when she is on TPM

Calculate the time of the month when she should enter TPM and mark those days on a calendar (but remember to hide it from your girlfriend). You can be more patient if you know your loved one is in this difficult phase, and there are a number of iPhone and Android apps that can help you monitor their menstrual cycle. Keep in mind, however, that many women have irregular cycles.

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 7

Step 2. Avoid blaming menstruation for your partner's bad mood

Even if you know she's about to menstruate or you're used to seeing the same symptoms every month, keep this observation to yourself. Many women will be offended by the insinuation that they are just irritated because they are "in those days", especially if they are already in a bad mood, and your partner may feel that you are doubting or belittling her opinion when trying to justify everything with PMS.

Instead of saying something like “Wow, you must be in PMS”, say “It looks like you're not in a good mood right now, want me to fix you a hot bath or something to eat?”

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 8

Step 3. Avoid unpleasant surprises

You know she's more moody than usual, so don't give her bad news or do any surprises that might make her even more upset, unless it's something that really can't wait. Ideally, wait for a moment when she has a cool head and can give her full attention to the situation.

  • For example, if an ex-girlfriend has spoken to you, wait a few days to share the news with your loved one.
  • However, some things need to be communicated immediately, such as a resignation, some kind of betrayal or a lie you have told.
Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 9

Step 4. Avoid difficult or problematic questions

Questions like "Does this outfit make me fat?" they are often tricky at the best times in a relationship, but they can be particularly tricky during PMS. Try to avoid this kind of subject when your partner is about to menstruate, or try to raise her self-esteem in every way possible - positivity will help you improve the mood of the woman you love.

  • For example, if she asks if you are fat, respond, "No, you look beautiful today."
  • If she tries to pick a fight over something nonsense, like you leaving some dirt on one of the dishes after washing the dishes, simply respond, "Sorry, love. I'll do it one more time and then we can watch a movie.".
Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 10

Step 5. Let her choose

When the other person isn't feeling very well, avoid getting into fights to decide what the couple is going to do or which television show they're going to watch. Don't make a fuss about movies, series, food or outings during those few days of the month - just spend time with your girlfriend, doing whatever she wants to do.

However, of course, she will need to be understanding in case of any special event or circumstance. For example, you should still watch your heart team play if it's in the league final, but promise your girlfriend that she can watch whatever she wants after the game is over

Method 3 of 3: Providing Support

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 11

Step 1. Be patient

Dealing with a person with a short fuse can be very difficult, but don't lose your mind and fight with your girlfriend if she yells at you or does something to provoke you - such a reaction will only make things worse. Instead, take a few deep breaths, withdraw from the situation for a moment, and only come back when you are able to talk calmly.

Take it easy on her, but keep your limits - even if you're not feeling well, your loved one has no right to yell or insult you

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 12

Step 2. Don't take it personally

Emotions can take over a woman during PMS, and her best defense is to stay calm and centered. Instead of fighting with your girlfriend, simply say "Okay, I understand. Let's talk about this later," even if you think she's not being rational.

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 13

Step 3. Practice compassion.

Recall a time when you were in a bad mood because of a physical change: Have you ever had too little sleep one night and felt irritable the next day? Put yourself in your girlfriend's shoes - in addition to experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms, she is emotionally affected by the constant fluctuation of hormones.

Use such reflections as a way to feel more compassion for the woman you love

Deal With a Premenstrual Girlfriend Step 14

Step 4. Ask what she needs

When your girlfriend is on TPM, talk to her and ask her what she needs. While taking the initiative and doing things on your own is great, maybe she has a need that you haven't yet taken into account - like needing someone to solve her problem or even a simple hug. Regardless of the need, do your best to help her.


  • Don't make jokes about menstruation.
  • Sometimes a simple "I love you" at the right time can be enough to counteract a negative emotion brought on by PMS - hugs and kisses work just as well.
  • Many women are able to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual tension with over-the-counter medications. Familiarizing yourself with these remedies will help you earn a lot of points with your girlfriend, so always have one around or offer to go to the pharmacy.
  • Although some women do not want to have sex during menstruation, others may feel more craving it, particularly when sex increases their physical and emotional well-being. If you're not comfortable having sex with your menstruating girlfriend, read How to Have Sex During Your Period to learn some helpful options.


  • Don't act like her emotions aren't real - they are completely real and are simply heightened by hormones.
  • Don't accept everything. People have different emotional states, but they always retain the ability to make decisions. Don't confuse problems like bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder with premenstrual tension. If your girlfriend mistreats you frequently, it is your responsibility to leave the relationship and find a new partner who will treat you with the proper respect.
  • Don't try to blame your girlfriend's period for relationship problems. Look further if you really want to find the real root of the problem.

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