How to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend: 10 Steps

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How to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend: 10 Steps
How to Steal a Girl from Her Boyfriend: 10 Steps

Just imagine: you meet the girl of your dreams (or maybe she's your friend) and you spend time talking, having fun, until you want to be with her. Suddenly, she says she has a boyfriend - or he appears out of nowhere and starts kissing her in front of her. Not get upset! With a little patience and emotional sensitivity, you can win your mate without major problems.


Method 1 of 2: Demonstrating Confidence

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Step 1. Earn the girl's trust

To do this, stay with her whenever possible and treat her as if she were your friend: listen to her problems, strengthen your bonds and do typical things, such as going out to eat or going to the movies.

  • Don't despair just to get the girl, or she'll think you're being intrusive and using her for fun.
  • Be independent. If you get needy or too attached to the girl, she will see you as a friend, not a possible boyfriend.
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Step 2. Create positive memories with the girl

If she feels good about you, she will remember more of your interactions. Be very considerate and do fun things with her. For example, if she likes to go bowling but her boyfriend doesn't, be willing to keep him company. Avoid arguing and don't even talk good or bad about the other guy.

  • You may end up finding the weak point in the girl's relationship and filling in the gaps in her life, until you completely replace the boy. Listen carefully to the outbursts she makes.
  • Find points in common with the girl to further strengthen your bonds. If she wants to practice an extreme sport, but you prefer something calmer, combine business with pleasure and explain your desire to live an adventure.
  • If the girl likes to spend a lot of time with you, it is because she is not so happy in the current relationship.
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Step 3. Treat the girl with respect

Don't hit on her and don't see her as an object, but as a person. To do this, listen to what she has to say and encourage her to pursue her dreams. If the girl wants to be a photographer, for example, praise her camera skills. Remember that there is no shortage of guys out there who are interested in her because of her looks - and who are willing to do anything, even disrupt the relationship more directly.

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Step 4. Keep in touch with other girls

Don't be clingy or needy. Show that you are confident and independent, especially if she doesn't show that much interest. For example, if you study together and she is more distant during class, talk to other girls. Make them smile to make your suitor jealous (and, hopefully, willing to do something to change it).

After communicating with other girls, invite her to do something with you, like lunch. If she doesn't accept it, it's because she's not that interested in your company

Method 2 of 2: Communicating Effectively

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Step 1. Develop communication skills

Build a story with the girl. This might take a while, but she's probably not going to leave her boyfriend for someone she doesn't even know. The happier the girl is in the relationship, the more patient you will have to be. Show that you are confident, comfortable and assertive with her.

  • Take good care of all aspects of your life: be hygienic, exercise, eat well and learn to communicate better with others (training in front of the mirror, for example).
  • Approach her when you feel safe. Speak clearly and make eye contact.
  • Be direct when talking about a subject that is relevant to the girl. If she's reading a book, for example, ask what it's about and only start talking about something else when you've exhausted that topic.
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Step 2. Discuss with her about a variety of issues

While it's very easy to just talk about work or your friends, this is wrong as it makes the girl bored and makes your conversations monotonous and repetitive. Try to entertain her by talking about interesting facts from time to time.

Many people ask their suitors profound questions in order to prompt them to come up with an answer, such as "You must meet a lot of interesting people, as you work in a bank. Can you tell me about your favorite customer?"

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Step 3. "Publish" your personal brand

To do that, find out what she considers the ideal boyfriend: Ask, "If you could be with anyone in the world, who would it be? How would you like him to behave? What would he feel?" Instigate a vivid image and then compare that ideal to reality.

  • For example, if she says "I want someone to listen to what I have to say," say "Your boyfriend seems very busy, but I'm sure he does what he can."
  • Never insult a girl's boyfriend or list his imperfections in front of her.
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Step 4. Don't think you're the girl's second boyfriend

She probably has numerous other suitors. Don't praise her or do the things the other guy doesn't, like listening to his relationship issues or buying presents and the like. Otherwise, you'll look like just another friend, and she'll be back in his arms soon.

Use your marital status as your "weapon": be mysterious, intriguing and independent, without making it clear that you want to be her new boyfriend

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Step 5. Be flirtatious

The best way to express your desire is not to say a word. Remember, you need to convince her to want you without being direct. To do this, be engaging and patient; touch her from time to time on her hands, wrists or shoulders - as long as she doesn't mind. In time, opportunities may arise to go further, such as showing her how to go bowling or helping her climb a hill during a trail.

  • Don't make your intentions clear. She will see these gestures as a threat to your relationship, and may feel used and uncomfortable.
  • The girl will certainly be confused by your advances. Still, don't make her feel threatened. Stop touching her when she asks for it, for example.
  • Never demand anything from the girl. Don't try to make her choose between you and her boyfriend.
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Step 6. Steal a kiss

After you've been friends with the girl for a while, you can try to show her affection. Think carefully about the best time for this: when they are close, comfortable and alone - and the attraction is already clear. Don't force anything if she rejects the gesture.

  • Don't keep showing affection after the first kiss; maybe it's better to leave her alone.
  • This strategy is risky, but it may be necessary to make the girl emotionally confused if you are stuck in the friend zone. If she gets scared, don't insist.


  • Be willing to keep the girl company when her boyfriend isn't there, but don't just be a friendly shoulder.
  • Be brave: defend her when necessary to make her feel safe and grateful.
  • Be careful when her boyfriend is around. Defend her from others, but never insult or hit her.
  • Don't be angry with the boy; he probably didn't do anything wrong to you. If you treat him badly, you will appear immature and jealous.
  • Prepare to be patient. Building a trusting relationship and helping someone develop a love interest can be time-consuming processes.
  • Let the girl break up with her boyfriend naturally. It's wrong to cheat - and if she does it to him, there's nothing to stop her from doing it to you.


  • If the girl cheats on her boyfriend, but refuses to leave him, you could go wrong. Her relationship may even be going bad in the legs - however, whoever cheats once, can cheat on two or more.
  • Suggesting that she break up with her boyfriend will bring out your intentions as well as make her feel manipulated and ruin her chances.
  • Someone might do something like that to you in the future by stealing your girlfriend. Trust the girl, but keep an eye out.
  • Don't do anything typical of dating or friendship (like listening to the girl's rants or going shopping with her), or you'll end up in the friend zone.
  • Beware of girls who just want to take advantage of you. Never lose control over your life.

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