3 Ways to Make Your Partner Emotionally and Sexually Happy in a Relationship

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3 Ways to Make Your Partner Emotionally and Sexually Happy in a Relationship
3 Ways to Make Your Partner Emotionally and Sexually Happy in a Relationship

It's not always easy to make a boyfriend or spouse happy and satisfied emotionally and sexually: on the emotional side, you need to pay attention to his needs and give him a break from time to time; on the sex side, you need to be willing to try new things. In any case, things only make sense if you are content with these aspects of the relationship as well. Read the steps in this article if you want some tips on what to do on a daily basis!


Method 1 of 3: Making Your Partner Emotionally Happy

Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 01

Step 1. Try to identify and understand your partner's mood swings.

Although women are more famous for being temperamental, men are also not a flower to smell. Therefore, you need to try to become familiar with your partner's mood swings on a daily basis. This gets easier as you spend more time together, which contributes to both your happiness. Here are some interesting tips:

  • Learn to identify when your partner wants to be alone and when he needs the comfort of your embrace. Don't confuse these two situations, or he will feel suffocated and alienated.
  • Take it easy when your partner is irritated (after spending hours in a traffic jam, for example). It's better to leave to exchange caresses and tell about your day at another time.
  • Leave serious business to your partner when he is in a good mood. Things can get out of hand if you try to solve a serious problem with the guy while he's stressed.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 02

Step 2. Encourage the boy

This is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Make it a habit to praise the guy, telling him he's amazing, talented, funny, and the like, to encourage him to pursue his own dreams. Just be careful not to look forced! Be honest and always speak from the bottom of your heart. For example:

  • If the guy has an important exam scheduled for the next day, text him tonight that you believe him and know how smart he is.
  • If he's going to participate in some kind of competition (a sports championship or something like that), show that you're in the crowd.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 03

Step 3. Make it clear how much you like your partner

Virtually everyone likes to feel loved - or at least well-liked. Make it a habit to affirm (and reaffirm) your feelings for your partner from time to time, but don't overdo it. Tell him how special he is in your life!

  • Be moderate: you can make it clear how much you like your partner without having to send a million messages to him via WhatsApp.
  • Find out if this feeling is reciprocated. Stay on your toes if he doesn't show you the same affection that you show him.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 04

Step 4. Don't be needy and clingy

As stated above, you need to strike a balance between being present at the right times and giving your partner space when needed. Don't get attached to him 24 hours a day, to the point of getting away from your friends (and he from his). That kind of behavior is never good!

  • As much as you are in a serious relationship, you don't need to spend every night together. On the contrary: it is much healthier for each person to continue taking care of their individual life, even if they are part of a couple.
  • At the very least, you can send the guy a message or two when he's not around. Again, exercise moderation.
  • You and your partner also need to look out for your individual interests. Remember, the two of you are still independent people! Don't adapt your whole life just to be with him all the time.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 05

Step 5. Learn to twist your arm from time to time

Every person who is in a serious relationship needs to understand that you can't always get what you want. It's normal to have to give your arm a twist on occasions. While no one will be 100% satisfied, at least no one will be 100% frustrated. Put your interests in the balance and make the best decision for you and for dating or marriage.

  • You and your partner can also create a fairer system where you each make decisions on behalf of the couple alternately.
  • Don't emotionally blackmail the guy to get what you want. Be mature (and hope he is too).
  • Making certain concessions and giving your arm to hope is fundamental in any healthy relationship.
  • Learn to have healthy discussions without shouting with your partner.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 06

Step 6. Don't pick fights

No real mature person likes to be constantly fighting with their partner or their partner. If you have an important business with the young man, choose the ideal time and place where you both can concentrate. Don't start yelling at him in public! Learn to control your tone of voice even when you're upset.

Think long and hard before starting any fights, even if you're on edge. Look for ways to discuss the matter maturely

Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 07

Step 7. Don't ask your partner if he's mad at you or just in a bad mood

This error is relatively common among people who are insecure. If the guy is clearly angry but you don't know why, never ask questions like "Did I do something?" This risks making the situation even worse, as he will think you think the world revolves around him.

Remember that there are many uncontrollable situations. We are all subject to good days and bad days

Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 08

Step 8. Remember to have fun

Some people get so obsessed with the idea of ​​a "perfect relationship" that they forget the most important thing: relax and have fun. Every love relationship must be based on the formation of strong affective bonds, but there must also always be space for laughter, games and tranquility. Otherwise, no one will be really happy.

Don't waste time trying to minutely plan each date and romantic activity. You and your partner might as well have fun going to the movies to see that silly comedy movie

Method 2 of 3: Making Your Partner Sexually Satisfied

Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 09

Step 1. Learn to have more physical contact with your partner.

Physical contact is one of the most essential and fundamental parts of sex. Every man (or rather, every person) is different, but there are some specific points that are often shot and dropped to "activate" the sexual side. See some examples:

  • Touch the spot behind your partner's ear with your lips and whisper something sensual in his ear.
  • Kiss his neck lightly.
  • Give him a sensual shoulder massage and see what happens next.
  • Pet the back of his head when you're kissing.
  • Run your hand over his lower back when you're talking.
  • Rest your hands on his chest.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 10

Step 2. Try different sexual positions.

It's no use you and your partner doing the same things in bed every night. Always be willing to try out new positions and activities as long as you feel comfortable. This goes not only for sex itself, but also for foreplay and even for the exchange of caresses.

  • You might not like everything you try, but at least you'll know you don't. Then incorporate these new activities into your older ones.
  • Let your partner guide the sex from time to time, but feel free to take charge of the situation as well.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 11

Step 3. Trance in other parts of the house

You and your partner don't have to do everything in bed or even in the bedroom. Explore every corner of the house, but don't be afraid to go further with it either. How about staying at a hotel (or motel!) in the same city for one night?

  • Don't underestimate the power of making out in the movies and in the car!
  • Exchange caresses with your partner in public places, but preferably more secluded and romantic.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 12

Step 4. Be adventurous.

You need to make room for sexual adventures in the relationship. Don't be afraid to visit new places and try different things, even if it is now and then. And think outside the box: go to a nude beach, prepare a night of sexual experiences, and so on.

  • Nobody needs to have a reason to try new things. Just think what would be fun!
  • Call your partner for a last minute trip. Close your eyes, put your finger on the map and take the road to the chosen city. Explore this different place and the boy's body!
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 13

Step 5. Be bold

Boldness is another important element in any sexual dynamic. To do this, make it a habit to tell your partner what you want when you want it. For example: take charge of the room from time to time and tell him exactly what he should do to satisfy your cravings; whisper "I want you" in his ear when you're in the middle of a party; and so on.

  • Your partner will be excited and even excited by your audacity and the frankness with which you are speaking.
  • Don't hold back when you're in the mood. If you feel like being intimate with the guy as soon as he gets in the shower, go after him by surprise.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 14

Step 6. Be cheeky

Many men like a little bit of sass from their partners or their partners. Don't be afraid to go beyond the limits of your sexuality! See some examples:

  • Go to a sex shop and buy some toys, accessories and clothes (even the most ridiculous ones).
  • Invest in sheer lingerie.
  • Talk nonsense over the phone or by text when you're not with your partner. He goes crazy (and so do you).

Method 3 of 3: Making Your Partner Always Happy

Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 15

Step 1. Escape the routine.

You and your partner will only be emotionally and sexually satisfied if you manage to break out of the rut, even after years of relationship. So do your part so he doesn't lose interest (and expect him to do his). Check it out:

  • Do at least one new activity with your partner per month. Anything will do, like climbing, cycling or playing volleyball with friends.
  • Enroll in a dance studio with the boy. Learning different types of dance, like salsa or even ballroom dancing, is a cool way to unite your bodies and explore new horizons.
  • Think of ways to reaffirm how you feel about the guy each week.
  • Play hard once in a while. Don't hand out game points whenever he wants to!
  • Remember: it's not because you're already dating or married that the dust can settle! One must always keep trying to conquer the other.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 16

Step 2. Don't be jealous.

Many relationships end because of jealousy - some of which generate real trauma. Anyone is frustrated when their partner or partner distrusts absolutely everything. So don't try to create imaginary intrigues: it's not because your partner has mentioned another woman, such as a friend or co-worker, that she's interested in him or that the two of you are having an affair.

  • Don't spread gossip or make nasty comments about other women around you. It's much better to show confidence in your partner.
  • Every relationship must be based on trust. For example, your boyfriend or husband will always get along with other women (and you with other men), but he will never have any kind of love or sexual relationship with them as long as he is faithful to you.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 17

Step 3. Don't try to change your partner

If you are bothered by various personality traits of the boy, then why do you want to be with him? It's okay to want your partner to always be the best person possible (don't be late for appointments, don't forget important dates, etc.), but you have no right to try to change the way he dresses, behaves, thinks and speaks. And don't insist, or he'll just get more and more frustrated.

  • You can "touch" the guy when he behaves in an unpleasant way. However, don't imply with every little thing he does that is out of his ideal pattern - like the way he chews, the way he tie the shoelaces, etc.
  • Nobody is perfect. Understand that just as you see faults in your partner, he also faults in your way of being. And it's normal!
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 18

Step 4. Give your partner space

Even if you and your partner have been together for years and live in the same house, it's still important to reserve an individual space for each of you. Remember that a couple is still two-fold: while spending time together is nice, getting a little apart from time to time is just as healthy. You will even learn to value each other more!

  • For example, don't stop him from going out with friends once in a while or traveling to see family alone. The important thing is that he still makes time for you.
  • You will never be truly happy if you have to be with the boy all the time. Respect his individuality and even your own.
Make Your Man Happy, Emotionally_Sexually in a Relationship Step 19

Step 5. Take care of your happiness

While it's important to make your partner happy and satisfied emotionally and sexually, taking care of your happiness is just as important. You don't have to play that old-fashioned role of wife and housewife, who does whatever her husband wants! If this is happening, it's best to rethink your relationship before it's too late.

No one can be 100% happy and satisfied emotionally and sexually all the time, but you and your partner will at least be able to count on each other's support. In the end, that's what matters most


  • Don't get too on top of your partner.
  • Nobody likes getting messages all the time. You can chat with your partner over WhatsApp often, but don't send a million things in a row every day (especially when he's irritated or tired).
  • When they have an argument, try to listen to his side without interruption. Then express your opinion without losing your temper. Only then will you have a chance to reach an agreement.
  • Don't think giving space to the boy is a bad thing! Are you going to say that you never wanted to have a place of your own to escape the world?! This principle also applies to relationships.
  • In general, people like to relate to people who are smart and have common sense. Don't get involved with a guy who doesn't meet these "requirements" or who doesn't value his intelligence.


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