3 Ways to Get the Attention of the People You Like

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3 Ways to Get the Attention of the People You Like
3 Ways to Get the Attention of the People You Like

Liking someone can be difficult, especially when the person in question doesn't even know we exist! While no one has invented a secret formula to get someone's attention, we can take steps to get noticed. First, show your best side by being an active and positive person and projecting self-confidence. As time goes by, put yourself in situations where you can talk to your crush so she can discover how nice you are.


Method 1 of 3: Getting Attention

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Step 1. Spend more time on appearance

Before seeing your date, take an extra ten or fifteen minutes to dress up and look your best. Even the most discreet changes can take you out of the background and put you in the spotlight. This will help you get noticed and can also give you the confidence you so badly need to have the courage to talk to your crush.

  • Take care of your hair ─ the simple act of combing it quickly can make a big difference. For girls, especially, straightening or curling the strands can be a way to boost self-esteem.
  • If you wear makeup, make sure it is well applied throughout the day.
  • Also remember to take care of your body in general, getting enough sleep and taking care of your skin so that it looks fresh and healthy.
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Step 2. Display a different look

A good way to get attention is by wearing clothes that are different from what most people wear. This is even more effective for those who work or study in a place where everyone dresses alike.

  • If your schoolmates wear a uniform or dress similarly, put on a flashy necklace or wear stylish sneakers to get your date's attention.
  • In a professional environment, wear something appropriate but different. For example: a dress shirt with an interesting print or a shiny tiara.
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Step 3. Wear red if you like that color

Studies show that both sexes are more attracted to people who wear red, so take that red shirt or dress out of your closet if you want to get noticed. If you don't like clothes with that tone, choose some other intense color that stands out from the crowd.

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Step 4. Don't overdo it

It's easy to go too far when you want to impress someone, but always remember to wear appropriate clothing for every occasion.

  • For example, if your passion is in yoga class, don't dress for practice as if you were going to a gala.
  • Remember that everything is best in moderation, and that goes for perfumes and colognes as well.
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Step 5. See and be seen

Strive to stay in that person's field of vision. If they are in the same room, try to sit at or across a desk. At the gym, work out near her. Keep going until you're sure you've been noticed and that your crush is aware of your existence!

Don't overdo it to the point of getting closer to the person than you should. There is a difference between trying to get noticed and stalking someone

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Step 6. Get more involved

Get involved in any space frequented by your crush. At school, join a sports team or some other extracurricular activity. In volunteer work, spend more hours of your time. Getting more involved will make you more visible and show that you are someone with purpose and motivation, very attractive qualities.

Method 2 of 3: Making Contact

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Step 1. Meet your date's friends

If you're too nervous to be able to talk to the person you're into, try talking to their friends. Go there and start talking if one of your friends knows her friends. If you don't have any connection with these people, try to get to know one or two of them talking about something you have in common, like a class or a work project.

  • Bring up the subject with something as simple as: "What's really the deadline for that English work?".
  • By talking to these people a lot, you will have more chances of finding or dating your crush. Also, she will look favorably on a friend of her friends.
  • Don't talk about your feelings with your date's friends, your intentions will be obvious if you start talking about him right away. Keep up appearances.
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Step 2. Flirt nonverbally

You can do a number of things to get the other person's attention and show interest if you're afraid to approach them.

  • Make eye contact and smile. Looking into someone's eyes and smiling shows warmth and openness, but be careful not to overdo it. Stop right away if your crush doesn't reciprocate the gesture the first time.
  • Girls can play with their hair, especially if it's long. Wrap the strands around your fingers or set them aside - drawing attention to your hair is a good way to highlight its attributes.
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Step 3. Start conversation

If you've never spoken to the person before, now is the time to play. Find a reason to talk, preferably when there aren't many people around so you won't be interrupted. If you don't know your passion, talk about something related to the current situation.

  • For example, in line for something, ask, "Hey, do you think all this waiting is worth it?" In the break room at work, say: "Have you tried the cookies that Silvia brought? They are very good!"
  • A question is a good way to start a conversation. For example, in the classroom, you might ask, "Hey, did you write down what the teacher went through for homework?"
  • Another option is to ask for help. Whether the help is opening a package, reaching for an object on a very high shelf, carrying a heavy suitcase, doing homework or anything else, this is always a great way to start a conversation. Plus, your crush will feel good about himself, a good way to create a positive first interaction.
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Step 4. Talk about common interests

When you start talking to this person, talk about anything you have in common. We are naturally attracted to individuals with whom we have things in common, so addressing similar passions is a good way to develop a bond.

For example, if you are both on the school athletic team, ask, "How do you feel about the next competition?"

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Step 5. Ask about her life

These questions show that you find the other person interesting and want to learn more about their life. Since everyone likes to talk about themselves, this is also a good way to keep the conversation flowing.

For example, ask, "How long have you been working here?" or "What classes do you want to take this semester?"

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Step 6. Be a good listener

After asking a question about the person's life, you may wonder what to say next, how to respond to what they are saying, what to do if the conversation dies, etc., but all of this can be resolved if you listen with attention. Listening to someone and at the same time thinking about how nervous we are can be very difficult, so take the focus off yourself and listen carefully, concentrating on the subject at hand.

  • Try to answer with interesting follow-up questions, or something that shows attention and interest. If the person is talking about diving lessons, ask them how they got interested in the activity, where they are taking the course and how soon they will receive the certificate.
  • Don't see a break in conversation as an opportunity to talk about yourself. Conversations are an exchange, and while you shouldn't spend all your time talking about the other person, you shouldn't feel like you're just waiting for a chance to talk about yourself, either.
  • Showing that you know how to listen and that you are genuinely interested in your passion will make her more comfortable with you.
  • Look into the other person's eyes to show you're listening carefully, if that doesn't make you too nervous. However, don't stare - this could be too intense - just make eye contact now and then.
  • Nod or make a sound to confirm you're listening (like "Aham" or "I get it").
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Step 7. Give praise

Although it's a little superficial, everyone likes to be complimented, so praise her crush when you're talking to her. This is also a good way to keep the conversation alive as it provides a new topic.

  • If you know this person for a sport, you could say, "I watched some of their football games, you're really good!"
  • Another option is to say "I love your shirt" or compliment some other aspect of her appearance.
  • Limit yourself to a single compliment so you don't seem like a sucker.
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Step 8. Laugh at her jokes

This is a good way to flatter your passion and create a connection between you. Show that you have a similar sense of humor to hers, and that you find your crush amusing. Laughing together is a great way to bond and share a moment.

  • While laughing, you might even say, "You're so funny!"
  • If you want to flirt a little more, touch her arm while you laugh. This adds another layer of connection and makes the other person feel closer to you.
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Step 9. Keep in touch

Try to keep seeing and talking to your date. Greet him whenever you see him at school or anywhere else. Pick up the subject of previous conversations and, if you feel reciprocated, intensify the flirting or even ask him out on a date!

Method 3 of 3: Being Yourself

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Step 1. Define your style

Take a look at your wardrobe and consider if all the pieces match your personality or if they're just stuff that's been kept away for years that you haven't had the courage to let go of. Clothes are a great way for someone to express themselves and show their personality, and a very defined style conveys an idea of ​​who you are and the things you like, which could pique your crush's interest.

  • If you like sports, wear the shirt of your favorite team. If you are a very delicate and feminine person, accept this characteristic of your personality and wear clothes with bows and pastel shades.
  • Wear band shirts and black jeans if you have a more rebellious personality.
  • Don't copy your flirting style. You don't have to dress like you work in a law firm just because you like someone with a more formal look, unless that's really your style. The important thing is to feel authentic and comfortable inside your clothes.
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Step 2. Make your voice heard

Express your opinion when you're close to flirting. For example, in the classroom, participate and ask questions. Provide feedback and comments during work meetings. Try to talk normally with your friends when the person in question is around, that way they will have a better idea of ​​who you really are.

Strive to appear cheerful and upbeat. We are naturally attracted to happy, confident individuals, so try to stay positive when you are with that person

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Step 3. Use social media

These platforms are a great way to get in touch indirectly with someone. Even if this person is not your “Facebook” friend and doesn't follow you on any social network, they will still be able to see your photos and posts through mutual friends.

  • Try to plan your social media presence to make the best possible impression by choosing messages and photos that show you are positive and interesting.
  • Make sure you've been tagged on photos that don't favor you or where you're doing something inappropriate.
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Step 4. Display confident body language

Even if you feel nervous around this person, try to act confidently. Keep your posture upright and display a relaxed smile, and don't cross your arms, look at the floor, or move too much - these behaviors give the impression of nervousness or defensiveness. Also, try to keep your body facing toward your crush, rather than leaning in other directions.


  • Take small steps if you feel nervous around this person. Spending more time on your appearance can provide the self-esteem boost you sorely need to build courage.
  • Don't believe that you need to act like someone else just to get someone's attention, being true to yourself will always be the most rewarding path.
  • Don't flirt too much, it's best to be moderate and talk like a friend rather than being too forward.

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