How to Marry a Millionaire (with Pictures)

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How to Marry a Millionaire (with Pictures)
How to Marry a Millionaire (with Pictures)

It's hard to lead a quiet life and be truly happy when you have to worry about things as basic as having the money to pay for a doctor's appointment. Money is one of the most common reasons that couples break up, and it's understandable that people want to permanently eliminate this type of problem by marrying someone with a good financial situation. But how to do this exactly? If you are looking for a marriage with the good life, read this article.


Part 1 of 4: Becoming a Desirable Person

Marry a Millionaire Step 1

Step 1. Escape the cliché

Don't want to be the futile, silicone-clad girl who spends the day shopping or sitting by the pool. It's not interesting that your millionaire wants to be with you for superficial reasons, because people without personality are easy to replace. It's easy to find a lot of girls with these characteristics, but it's not that easy to find a person who has common ambitions and dreams.

Another part of the cliché is being with the guy just for the money. It's okay to want to be with someone who can offer all the best and the best, but the ideal is that, in addition to the interest in good financial condition, you have real feelings for the person. He certainly doesn't want a tomboy for a partner, because he knows these types of people will only make his social circle talk bad and feel sorry for him. What the guy wants is to be loved

Marry a Millionaire Step 2

Step 2. Respect yourself

Most men, and that includes rich men, want a woman who knows how to respect herself. The guy has no reason to like you if you don't show yourself worthy of esteem. Show your value by taking care of your body and appearance through healthy eating, exercise, good hygiene and dressing well.

Marry a Millionaire Step 3

Step 3. Study

Richer men don't usually want dumb women on their side. They are smart and want a partner of the same level. Dedicate yourself to studies and seek to learn more and more, even after graduating. If you can't get into a university, take technical courses or look for free courses. Keep yourself well informed by attending lectures and seminars.

Marry a Millionaire Step 4

Step 4. Have a good cultural background

The rich often participate in cultural events, and it's important that you feel comfortable in this kind of environment. Develop your interests in music, arts, history and politics - the richest guys are citizens of the world.

Marry a Millionaire Step 5

Step 5. Do something good

Nobody wants to be with a completely superficial person who never has anything to do. Do something useful and profitable! Cultivate hobbies and dreams for the future (something you really want to pursue, not just sit at home and think about it). Show that you have personality and that you are a complete person.

Marry a Millionaire Step 6

Step 6. Develop your talents

In addition to being sexy, skills make a person much more interesting. Learn something new or improve on an existing talent. One of the most common skills to develop is learning to cook, but you can also take art classes or learn to play a musical instrument.

Marry a Millionaire Step 7

Step 7. Be passionate about what you do

It's critical that you be passionate about the guy, but it's also important that you be passionate about life. Being with a person who loves life and isn't afraid to chase dreams is inspiring – and that's what makes passion so sexy! Go after what you want, do everything you always dreamed of. When a millionaire crosses your path, he will be impressed by your thirst for life.

Part 2 of 4: Finding the Right Guy

Marry a Millionaire Step 8

Step 1. Grab your boyfriend early

Go to bars and cafes near medical universities and technology courses. You will meet people on the right path to success, such as future doctors and technology gurus. The sooner you meet the guy, the more likely he is to be single and the less worried that a woman is just after him for the money. You'll have to deal with a college student's busy schedule, but that can count in your favor when it comes to proving you're with him even in lean times.

Marry a Millionaire Step 9

Step 2. Go to the right places

Go to places that millionaires usually go. Escape the cliché of charity club lunches, go for cafes and restaurants near the financial districts. At night, go to the most chic bars.

Marry a Millionaire Step 10

Step 3. Participate in auctions

People with money like to cultivate expensive hobbies, like collecting old or rare things. They enjoy collecting vintage cars, rare toys and comic books. Find out more about these matters and check the agenda of auction houses in your city.

Marry a Millionaire Step 11

Step 4. Attend charity events

This type of event is also frequented by rich people, but don't go unprepared. Look for information on the subject and on the beneficiary institution. During the ceremony, talk to new people. Making friends in the right places can help you meet someone interesting.

You are not obligated to make a donation to the institution, but it is good that you do. Holding this type of party is expensive, and institutions rely on donations to make the event worthwhile

Marry a Millionaire Step 12

Step 5. Work in the right places

Did you know that about 22% of people know their spouse in the workplace? Try getting a job at a tech company or some other lucrative field and watch the people around!

Marry a Millionaire Step 13

Step 6. Make friends with rich people

You can use all these tactics simply to make friends with rich people. Through them, eventually, you can meet your future husband. The closer you get to these people, the easier it will even be to ask for help in introducing you to one of the rich young men. The good thing about this strategy is that you will no longer look like a kicker behind a millionaire.

Marry a Millionaire Step 14

Step 7. Use dating services

There are several agencies that offer a social network, both online and physical, that help people find a rich partner. Choose a reputable company in the market and try out the services. They usually focus on compatibility between people, hence the importance of taking the first steps in this article on personal development seriously.

Part 3 of 4: Finding your mate

Marry a Millionaire Step 15

Step 1. Show that you are not interested in him for the money

Your future husband needs to understand that you're not with him just because of his good financial situation, but out of love. No relationship is easy, and a courtship only goes forward when two people like each other. Don't mention money in conversations (especially at the beginning of the relationship) and be moderate in spending. If the guy wants to make a prenup, don't fight about it. You can suggest one yourself if you think it will make you more comfortable.

Marry a Millionaire Step 16

Step 2. Create a trusting relationship

It's so common for people to try to take advantage of the rich that it's hard for them to trust anyone. Try to create a credible relationship to differentiate yourself from other people and show that you are the right girl to marry. Avoid judgments and be honest when you confide in your own insecurities.

Marry a Millionaire Step 17

Step 3. Be good company

Don't be the kind of person who accepts everything the other wants, show personality and attitude! Take your partner to some places of your choice, even if they are not the best. Be flexible and take it easy when things don't go according to plan. Ask questions about topics the guy likes to talk about.

Marry a Millionaire Step 18

Step 4. Bring more joy into his life

Everyone wants to marry someone who makes life better. Rich people don't have to worry about someone who can provide financial peace of mind, but they worry about having someone who can make life more joyful and fun. Be that person your partner is looking for. Encourage him to do different and fun things. Always be optimistic and avoid complaining about nonsense.

Marry a Millionaire Step 19

Step 5. Really love.

Become an expert in the art of loving. Not necessarily in the part that involves sex (although there are no contraindications to this), but in love in its purest and most genuine form. Do not be selfish in the relationship, always seek the happiness of both as a couple. Don't be afraid to cuddle and show affection.

Marry a Millionaire Step 20

Step 6. Make him always want more

Don't give yourself away completely at once. You can sleep with the guy if you feel like it, but don't get him used to sleeping with him every day or spending time with him all the time. Why would he want to get married if you, as a girlfriend or lover, have already done everything he wants?

Part 4 of 4: Other Considerations

Marry a Millionaire Step 21

Step 1. Try to have your own money

If you are still young, study and have ambitions for the paths that will open up. Try to put money into savings every month, regardless of the amount. If you're already working, keep working hard.

Marry a Millionaire Step 22

Step 2. Be realistic about your appearance, intelligence and personality

If you have an ordinary beauty, are not very smart and tend to value frivolous things, it is a problem alert. You need to make a list of everything you have to improve and really work to change those characteristics. It's important to look as rich and powerful as the guy you want to hook up with, but not forgetting your personality and personal style.

Marry a Millionaire Step 23

Step 3. Don't be so obvious

Avoid asking how much money he has or how much he earns per month. If the guy brings it up, be polite but not questioning. Show that you're not worried about his money.

Marry a Millionaire Step 24

Step 4. Be polite and show your manners

Avoid swearing, getting drunk, using drugs, laughing too loudly, behaving aggressively, and wearing very low-cut and flashy clothes. Try to follow a more elegant and discreet style. You want to be a millionaire's girlfriend and wife-to-be, not just any mistress.


  • Take time to yourself and let the guy miss you. Have your own life, go out with your friends, cultivate your interests. Be an interesting person and a great company for those who are by your side.
  • Look at your shoes, bags and watches. Use simple leather or natural material accessories that don't look cheap. It doesn't have to be flashy to be chic!
  • Don't pressure the boy. If you start pressuring him to marry, he'll probably back off. If you've been with him for more than five years and you have no prospect of marriage, get out.
  • Wear simple jewelry and avoid tattoos and piercings. Makeup should always be subtle and well executed – throw out vibrant eyeshadows and glitter products. Less is more.
  • Be the best company for him. Learn how to massage and pamper him a little.
  • Work out for a toned body, but avoid showing more than you should. Forget the idea of ​​putting silicone to show off your breasts in very low-cut pieces. Think about how a rich man's wife should behave and dress.
  • If his fortune was built on his own merits, he would want a responsible woman to handle the money. Avoid unnecessary expenses and empty boasting. Avoid using his money before the wedding. Rich men, when they identify women's interest in money, usually classify them in the following categories: “charity”, “exploiting” and “joy-boots”. A man of character wants a woman of equal worth, not a completely dependent person.
  • Be a fine person. Think of slim, elegant women like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Learn about etiquette and manners and never stop using these lessons.
  • Learn to cook. Rich men like women who know how to be good hosts. Conquer it by taste.
  • Get a good haircut and discreet highlights.
  • Women with children seem more attractive in the eyes of men who like children.
  • Wear clothes in shades of navy, brown, black, beige and white. Avoid colors that are too flashy unless they suit the occasion. Choose classic pieces made from natural products, such as 100% cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc. It's better to have just one good quality garment than lots of cheap clothes. Avoid pieces with the brand name stamped in an exaggerated way.
  • Don't act with an interest only in the money. Suggest cheap or free activities that you would normally do without your boyfriend. He will probably have fun and be happy to do something interesting without having to spend a lot of money.


  • Do not get pregnant with the intention of holding the man. This attitude is disastrous!
  • Avoid inviting him to meet your family with little dating time. Leave the presentations for the right moment, and consider whether your family is able to behave well in front of it.
  • Do not accept gifts, at least until the relationship reaches a more serious level. Don't sell yourself for pampering so as not to lose respect.

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