How to Get a Man's Attention (with Pictures)

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How to Get a Man's Attention (with Pictures)
How to Get a Man's Attention (with Pictures)

If you'd like to get the attention of a man you're attracted to, your approach will depend on whether you've had previous contact with him or not. If you're already talking to him, or planning to do so, it's important to show your best qualities. In the case of a distinguished stranger, your appearance and body language will make the most difference.


Part 1 of 3: Getting Ready

Attract a Man's Attention Step 1

Step 1. Build your self-confidence

This is the first step in getting men's attention. Loving yourself and knowing how awesome you are can be one of the most decisive things in the game of conquest. When you like yourself, other people feel good around you. To become more confident, do the following:

  • Focus on your qualities. Think about everything you like about your body and personality. Seeing yourself positively can help you feel more confident.
  • Remember how amazing you are. Think about everything you've accomplished in your life.
  • Think about how to improve the things you don't like about yourself. Color your hair if you don't like its color too much. If stress puts you down, practice relaxation techniques. However, keep in mind that the idea is to improve for yourself, not others.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 2

Step 2. Dress to impress

Now that you feel more confident, you can concentrate on attracting male attention. Start with your clothes. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel sexy and beautiful. However, don't try to get men's attention by wearing a neckline that goes down to the navel; instead, wear clothes that match your personality and make you feel fabulous.

  • If you can, show your neck and shoulders. Many men find these body parts very attractive. Instead of wearing a dress that barely covers your breasts, wear something that allows men to get a good look at your neck.
  • Don't forget to choose really nice shoes. The key is to wear something comfortable; it's not very easy to impress when you're stumbling around like you're drunk.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 3

Step 3. Keep your hair and makeup in order

After selecting a jaw-dropping look, it's time to do your makeup and hair. There's no need to overdo it, but if you think you look great with a lot of eyeliner and mascara on your face, go for it. Anything that makes you feel sexier and more confident is valid.

Choosing a hairstyle can be tricky. It's important to keep in mind the shape of your face as well as the texture of your hair. To learn more about how to get a stylish hairstyle in this guide

Attract a Man's Attention Step 4

Step 4. Smell good

Men notice when you smell good or bad. So, use deodorant and spray a little of your favorite perfume. The right scent can enhance your natural pheromones, making you more attractive to the opposite sex. Some perfumes that usually catch men's attention include:

  • Pink.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Jasmine.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 5

Step 5. Wear an attractive necklace to draw attention to your neck

Many men find the neck an endearing part of the female anatomy. Give preference to necklaces that match your look.

Part 2 of 3: Getting Attention

Attract a Man's Attention Step 6

Step 1. Check that there is nothing on the teeth

Lettuce between your teeth can kill any smile, so be sure to check them out before you leave. When you're finished with lunch, chew some gum to remove the most obvious stains from your teeth.

Attract a Man's Attention Step 7

Step 2. Make eye contact.

When you find a man whose attention you'd like to catch, make eye contact in a subtle way. Unless you're really good at casting seductive looks, avoid staring at him, or it will be a little scary. Instead:

Look at him until you get a look back. When this happens, maintain eye contact for a second and then look away. If you're feeling really adventurous, you might even have a smile

Attract a Man's Attention Step 8

Step 3. Use your eyebrows to send a message

After making eye contact a few times, move your eyebrows when you close your eyes, then look away. This shows that you noticed that he noticed her.

It might make the guy think he knew her before. This creates a good chance he will come up to you and say hello

Attract a Man's Attention Step 9

Step 4. Smile at him

After making eye contact several times, feel free to smile. It makes you look approachable and open. And that's exactly what you want.

Attract a Man's Attention Step 10

Step 5. Cross and uncross your legs when sitting

If you have an irresistible pair of legs, don't be afraid to show them off. Instead, change your position in the chair from time to time to draw attention to them. It's a foolproof strategy.

  • Crossing and uncrossing your legs can be seen as an invitation to flirt. However, it is best to avoid overeating, or you will give the impression that you are very nervous or anxious.
  • It is also important to cross your legs towards the guy in question. Make your moves confidently and slowly. Use the closeness between the two of you to bring your legs close to his.
  • On the other hand, don't cross your legs too tightly and keep them hidden under your body at all times, which could be interpreted as a sign of disinterest. If you're not crossing your legs comfortably, it's best to keep them in a more neutral position.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 11

Step 6. Hang out with one or two close friends

Some men find it easier to approach a woman if she is in a small group of friends. When the guy approaches you, they'll know they have to give them some privacy.

  • Party friends will know who you are trying to attract and will do whatever they can to help.
  • If you're in a large group of friends, try to leave it once in a while to give the guy an opportunity to approach you with confidence.

Part 3 of 3: Keeping the conversation focused

Attract a Man's Attention Step 12

Step 1. Be yourself

When talking to him, be confident. Don't try to pretend to be someone else; you're amazing just the way you are. If you start contacting a guy pretending to be someone he's not, it's going to be very difficult to fix it later.

Honesty is the watchword, especially if you expect to see the guy again. If he asks you to talk a little about yourself, try not to brag too much

Attract a Man's Attention Step 13

Step 2. Show your intelligence

Don't be afraid to be humorous. Intelligence is attractive. Being yourself also means not looking stupid to get a man. Trust your intellect.

  • Discuss matters that interest you and show that you are not afraid to be smart.
  • Understand that some people are not into smart women. That said, a man's degree of interest in intelligent women is highly dependent on his intentions. Men who want more serious relationships tend to prefer smarter women.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 14

Step 3. Don't be afraid to laugh

Laughter can be charming and a good sense of humor can really grab a man's attention.

  • Don't force yourself to laugh at his jokes. Instead, try changing the subject.
  • If the guy doesn't seem very humorous, or demonstrates that he doesn't like it when you laugh, he may not be the best possible company.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 15

Step 4. Talk about your passions

Passion is a very attractive quality. The things that interest her really tell part of her story and personality.

Despite this, don't stick to one subject for too long. If you spend 45 minutes talking about horseback riding or anything else, he may start to lose interest, or find you pretentious

Attract a Man's Attention Step 16

Step 5. Pay attention to what he says

While discussing your passions is important, listening to what the guy has to say is equally essential. Show that you are interested in the conversation.

While he's talking, make eye contact. Ask questions that show your interest in what is being said

Attract a Man's Attention Step 17

Step 6. Establish physical contact

Break the touch barrier by placing your hand on his arm when he laughs at something, or putting your knee on his when you are seated. This can guarantee the boy's undivided attention. There are other ways to break the touch barrier, but remember the idea is to be casual.

  • When you hand him something, touch his hand for a moment.
  • If they're side by side, brush your arm through his.
Attract a Man's Attention Step 18

Step 7. Use your hands to tell a story

If you keep your hands in front of your body at all times, it may appear that you are using them as a barrier. To avoid this, let go of whatever you're holding and gesture while you're talking.


  • Don't be afraid to approach the guy. Just be confident and you will get his attention.
  • You will probably know if he isn't interested. Don't try to force it.
  • If it doesn't work with a man, life goes on. There are many, many others out there.
  • Although a good perfume is seductive, be careful not to overdo it and have the opposite effect.

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