How to Show Your Ex You've Moved Forward

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How to Show Your Ex You've Moved Forward
How to Show Your Ex You've Moved Forward

If you have yet to see your "ex" on a regular basis or are in the habit of bumping into him, it's important to demonstrate that you've moved on in a positive way and that seeing him again doesn't make you vulnerable or in the mood. to run after him again. Keep your self-respect and tame that urge to cut his head off!


Part 1 of 2: Signals to Give Your "Ex"

Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 1

Step 1. Smile and act with concern

When you bump into your ex, you'll want to give the impression that you're happy but busy, even if that's not really true. If your "ex" sees you trudging through the mall, sad and depressed, he certainly won't believe you moved on.

  • When you meet him, smile at him a few times, but not flirting or missing him. You want him to think you're happy because your life is good, not because you saw him. Try not to let the unhappiness you felt during and after the breakup ruin your mood.
  • If your "ex" asks you how you are, just focus on the good things, not the bad. That competition you won last week? Tell him. That school you got accepted to? Tell us too. Don't lie, but focus on success, not failure.
  • Don't give him time. This will make him think twice. Say something like "Oh, I'm about to meet a friend. Nice talking to you" and leave without looking back. Do this early on in the conversation.
Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 2

Step 2. Take a while to reply to his messages, sms or calls

Nothing says "I'm desperate" more than when you immediately respond to your "ex". Take a while. Take a couple of days to reply, pretending it's not a big deal.

Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 3

Step 3. Post all your fun new activities and interesting friends on your social media profile

The Internet is a great way to convince your "ex" that you've moved on. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are all a golden opportunity for you to publish your newfound freedom.

  • Take lots of pictures when you're out with your friends, especially if you're having a lot of fun. Are you going to the beach? Take a picture and post it with a caption that says something like "From the beaches in two days with my best friends. Beach body, say hi to summer!"
  • Keep a little mystery. Leave your "ex" and his friends wondering what you're up to. Post something a little mysterious on your social network that will leave your "ex" thinking about all the cool things you're doing without him.
  • Become an expert in false modesty. False modesty is when you pretend to be humble but are actually bragging. It sounds a bit like this:
    • "Weird. My hair looks awful, I'm off makeup, I'm wearing a sweatshirt and baggy pants and they still honk at me in the middle of the street. Tsk tsc tsc."
    • "The guy I'm going out with on Saturday is so cute… I'm already nervous/excited and I don't usually get nervous."
Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 4

Step 4. Show no signs of interest

It's perfectly acceptable that you still have feelings for your "ex," but if you want to show them that you've moved on, they can't know that. The signs below should be avoided at all costs:

  • Go to the parties he throws. Make up an excuse not to go.
  • Praise him.
  • Call your ex "to talk". If you need to talk, have something specific in mind that you want to talk about.
  • Getting caught looking at or drying your "ex". Try to pretend he's not even there.
  • Be seen, but be classy. Letting other people - including your "ex" - know you're seeing other guys doesn't mean you need to rub it in their face. Let people see you going to the movies, clubbing, flirting, but not doing anything that would embarrass you in front of your parents (eg kissing, making out, etc).

Part 2 of 2: Signs You Must Demonstrate to the Rest of the World

Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 5

Step 1. Act as if you've had it there before

Act like you know what's going on. The signs you should show your ex directly are one thing, but the signs you show the rest of the world reinforce what you show your ex and should really help you move forward, if that is. your wish.

If someone asks you how you're feeling, say something like "You know. Breaking up is hard. There are parts that were wonderful, but after we broke up I realized there were other parts that weren't so good and now I am focusing on someone who can change that"

Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 6

Step 2. If you can, take a trip

Nothing better to say "I won't let this breakup shake me" than a safe trip. Some people travel to far-flung places like India or Tahiti after they break up, but all you really need is to find fresh air, even if that change is half an hour away!

  • When you're there, hang out with the townspeople. There is no better way to forget your regrets than to learn from them and feast on them.
  • Remember to publish your travels on social media! Never pass up the opportunity to brag to the rest of the world about where you're going, especially if it's a really cool place.
  • Try different things. Be adventurous. Be curious. Get on track. Very few people regret doing this once they had the courage to try. This will soothe your soul.
Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 7

Step 3. Don't get caught talking or dreaming about your "ex"

If you are constantly talking about your "ex" to your friends, chances are that eventually they will leak this information and it could end up in your ex's ears, and then he will know you don't managed to forget it. It's best to confide in these things only to your best friend and forget about your "ex" the rest of the time.

Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 8

Step 4. Choose a hobby, sport or pastime

To help you stay busy and keep your mind from thinking things over, take up a new hobby, or take up a hobby you've put down.

  • Sports, for example, combine exercise with fun. Going to the gym and running on the treadmill every day can be boring, but playing volleyball is great.
  • Try something that will push you beyond your limit. Breaking up relationships are an opportunity to get to know each other better. So why not learn about yourself by trying to do something you never thought you would like? Climbing, preserving wildlife - it can be anything as long as it's something new!
Show Your Ex You've Moved On Step 9

Step 5. Find your true self

In order to move forward you need time for yourself to think about things like "Who am I? Is this me?" Spending time thinking about yourself will allow you to really move on and feel separate from your ex. The more confident you feel, the easier it will be to deal with finding him anywhere.


  • Who cares if he or she is around?! Act like you don't even know he's there!
  • Keep your mind open and show him he's not the only guy in your life.
  • Show your "ex" that you don't need a guy or girl by your side to feel complete.
  • Prove you have self-esteem!


  • If your "ex" is very immature, pretend you didn't hear the jealous words.
  • If he tells everyone he doesn't care about you anymore it's because he probably doesn't care at all. Or maybe you care but don't want to show it. Be careful and don't embarrass yourself.
  • Don't brag to your "ex" (if he still likes you) that you have a new boyfriend… this will make him think you're trying to make him jealous.

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