How to Kiss a Boy (with Pictures)

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How to Kiss a Boy (with Pictures)
How to Kiss a Boy (with Pictures)

The opportunity to kiss a boy for the first time is more than enough reason to make you get that butterflies in your stomach. Knowing the right time and the ideal way to start the kiss is quite intimidating, but it's easier than you think! Flirting is the first step to take, as the guy needs to know you're up for it. Then, when you're already talking to the young man, approach him little by little and wait for a break in the conversation to invest in the expected kiss. Start with a peck and, when both are ready, move on to the long-awaited French kiss.


Part 1 of 3: Flirting and creating a romantic atmosphere

Kiss a Boy Step 1

Step 1. Greet the boy when you meet him and try to strike up a conversation

Rather than superficially asking how things are going, try to start a more meaningful conversation. Say what you've been up to, ask him about his plans for that particular event, or comment on something related to an inside joke. Ask questions that require an answer beyond the terse “yes” and “no”.

  • “I learned that you are going to the school's field trip in the interior of Piauí. Are you prepared for the heat? What are you planning on taking?” it's the kind of conversation you can engage in.
  • Another idea is to ask for help with a school subject. Something like: “I'm completely lost on how to make the story work. Can you help me?".
Kiss a Boy Step 2

Step 2. Find loopholes to make subtle physical contact

A light touch helps to break the barrier of insecurity before closer contact. For example, when you're talking to the guy and he says something funny, touch his arm lightly or "accidentally" touch your shoulder to him when you're walking side by side.

Kiss a Boy Step 3

Step 3. Give sincere praise

Everyone likes to be complimented, and kind comments show you're thinking about the person. Focus on one quality you really like about him - his eyes, his sense of humor, his hair - and make a flattering comment about it.

A kind compliment doesn't have to be complicated! Say something like "Has anyone ever said your hair looks amazing this way?"

Kiss a Boy Step 4

Step 4. Maintain positive and responsive body language

The way you carry yourself says a lot about how you feel! This demonstration will help a lot when it comes to kissing, as he won't be surprised by your initiative. Do not cross your arms or clench your fists. Try to leave the body towards the boy.

  • When you are standing, keep your feet pointed towards the boy; when they are seated, their knees should be pointed towards him.
  • Getting anxious is normal! If you cannot control the restlessness, place your hands behind your back to continue to maintain a receptive posture with the front of your body.
Kiss a Boy Step 5

Step 5. Be alone with him

Maybe being completely alone with the boy is not possible, but at least a little privacy is ideal. When going out with a group of friends, try to get away with them for some fresh air. In public places, look for a quieter area. Even at the mall, which is usually very busy, you can find a bank in a less busy corridor.

  • Another idea is to walk the guy home from school, or stop by his house and ask him if he feels like going out for lunch with you.
  • To make sure you really can be alone, pluck up your courage and ask him out.
Kiss a Boy Step 6

Step 6. Approach him

The kiss will come out more naturally if you are physically close. The closer you are, the easier it will be for him to take the hint that you're up for something more, which is way better than taking the boy completely by surprise.

  • When they're close, in the car or on a couch, get closer. If they're standing, move closer or say you're cold to see if he pulls you to him.
  • Taking his hand or leaning his head on the guy's shoulder are also good tactics.
Kiss a Boy Step 7

Step 7. Give him a hug

The gesture is best if you've just arrived or if you're saying goodbye, but there's no time for a hug. Get closer, put your arms around his neck or shoulders, and stay that way for two or three seconds before pulling away.

The idea is to create an intimate moment. Avoid hugging him for a long time so as not to make the boy embarrassed

Part 2 of 3: Kissing for the first time

Step 1. Wait for a moment to pause the conversation

Knowing the right time to kiss is difficult! The best strategy is to wait for that brief moment of silence in the conversation to invest in the lip touch. Let the conversation die by itself, but stay alert and close to the guy.

Kiss a Boy Step 9

Step 2. Look him in the eye

At this stage of flirting, you need to be more daring and make a lot of eye contact, especially when taking the initiative to kiss. In addition to creating a more romantic moment, eye to eye forms a more genuine bond of complicity between the couple.

Kiss a Boy Step 10

Step 3. Test by kissing the boy on the cheek

Uncertain how he's going to react, start with a kiss on the cheek. It could be a quick peck after he says something kind, or longer to show that romanticism is in the air – at least as far as you're concerned!

If the guy looks shocked or suddenly pulls away, take it easy

Kiss a Boy Step 11

Step 4. Ask if you can kiss him

This idea may sound a little strange, but in reality it can create a cute and romantic moment. It's a way to let him know what's about to happen or to step on the brakes if he shows he's not interested at all.

  • Try saying something like “My day was amazing and I'm looking forward to kissing someone special. Can I kiss you?". Or, if you're feeling more daring, there's nothing like being blunt and saying, "Feeling like making out?"
  • It is important to respect the person's boundaries. If you're not sure how far you can go, ask.
Kiss a Boy Step 12

Step 5. Lean towards the young man, close your eyes and let your head drop slightly to the side

You don't have to close your eyes when kissing, but it's kind of weird to have them open all the time! And don't forget to tilt your head slightly to the side.

Kissing is much easier when heads are tilted in opposite directions. Also, this small gesture prevents your nose from bumping into his and teeth from touching

Kiss a Boy Step 13

Step 6. Gently touch your lips to his

On the first kissing contact, let your lips touch affectionately, maintaining gentle pressure and light, gentle movements. At this stage, keep your mouth shut. If the guy demonstrates that he likes it, you can take a bolder step.

Avoid pouting so as not to give the impression that you are not enjoying the moment

Kiss a Boy Step 14

Step 7. Explore other ways to kiss the boy

Not every kiss needs to be on the mouth! Look for other places to kiss, such as your ear, neck, or arm. Many people feel a shiver, in a good way, when they get a kiss on the back of their neck.

  • While you catch your breath, take the opportunity to peck the boy's nose and forehead.
  • Don't try to rush things! Take it easy and follow the pace in the way that is most comfortable for both of you.

Part 3 of 3: Making out

Kiss a Boy Step 15

Step 1. Try the French kiss

Open your mouth and let your lips slightly apart, just enough to run your tongue over the boy's lips.

Initially, maintain only light pressure and gentle movements. In the course of the moment, you can intensify the kiss, if you're both in the mood

Kiss a Boy Step 16

Step 2. Use language sparingly

Gently and gently, run your tongue across the guy's mouth several times. You can, for example, touch his tongue with yours or make circular motions, but always back off a little so you don't look too aggressive.

This retreat will also help both of you to catch your breath a little

Kiss a Boy Step 17

Step 3. Avoid biting

A light nibble is fine, but nothing that might hurt or leave any weird marks. Likewise, kissing on the neck is all good, but don't give a hickey enough to leave a bruise. A lot of people don't like it!

Leaving visible traces of making out can get you and the boy in trouble in front of your parents. Take it easy

Kiss a Boy Step 18

Step 4. Talk to him about your preferences

If his kisses are more aggressive or faster than you would like, don't suffer in silence! Stand back a little, say “I like it better this way” and show how you like it. He will appreciate these guidance!

Kiss a Boy Step 19

Step 5. Use your hands

Do not leave your hands loose at your sides, make use of them to further intensify the kissing moment! Pull the guy closer and place your hands on his shoulders, hips, chest, or the sides of his face.

  • Another idea is to run your fingers through his hair.
  • If he is uncomfortable with these touches, let your hands relax.
Kiss a Boy Step 20

Step 6. Don't be afraid to try different techniques

As you feel more comfortable, you can increase the pressure or increase the speed of the kiss. Avoid doing the same thing over and over again.

Kiss a Boy Step 21

Step 7. Give me a taste of wanting more

Stopping the kiss before it gets monotonous is the ideal move. When stopping in the middle of the fun, the boy will go crazy waiting for the next opportunity. Pull back, look him in the eye and smile before stepping away from him.


  • If kissing doesn't feel right the first time, try a different technique next time.
  • Don't be afraid to kiss the guy if he says he's been wanting it for ages.
  • Take off your glasses first so as not to hinder this special moment.
  • If you're not ready, don't feel pressured.
  • Exfoliate your lips and apply a specific moisturizer for the region to leave them healthy and soft.
  • Avoid dark lipstick or a very sticky lip gloss. They make your look beautiful, but they are terrible at kissing time!
  • Don't forget to breathe to catch your breath!

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