How to Kiss a Girl If You've Never Kissed Before

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How to Kiss a Girl If You've Never Kissed Before
How to Kiss a Girl If You've Never Kissed Before

A girl's first kiss is something we never forget. If you've never had this experience, it's okay to be anxious before the big moment; however, if the lovebirds are alone in a comfortable and secluded place, there is not much of a secret. Try to notice if she's in the mood too, and gently approach. It might not turn out like you dreamed of, but it's the first step towards a more serious relationship.


Part 1 of 3: Creating the mood

Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 1

Step 1. Bet on a gum or peppermint to ensure good breath

Nobody deserves to be breathless at this time, right? Always have a refreshing candy when you meet her, and chew when she isn't looking. If you want, you can even offer one!

  • Mint candy is usually better than gum for this purpose, but let it dissolve completely. If you prefer some chewing gum, don't forget to throw it away before kissing the girl.
  • You will be very close to the person you like, and for this reason, hygiene is essential. Brush your teeth, floss and finish with a mouth spray.
  • Spicy foods, onions and garlic cause bad breath. Run away from them that day.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 2

Step 2. Take the kitten to a discreet place

Getting your first kiss in public can be a bit chaotic; ideally a place where they can be alone. It doesn't have to be a super-romantic environment, it just needs to be peaceful and comfortable for you. A tip is to do this at home, for example.

  • It can also be in the car, on the beach or in a park. If you are on the road, look for a more reserved corner.
  • In fact, the first kiss can happen anywhere; being in the mood is most important. However, if you can plan for a more special moment, so much the better.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 3

Step 3. Stay close to her to increase intimacy

When you have a cue during the conversation, approach gently, and if you prefer, invite her to sit down. Preferably, try to put your foot on hers, and if she gets a little nervous, stay still for a while.

  • You don't need to make a big deal of ceremony before the kiss, but the proximity helps you tune in. When you feel the time is right, go ahead.
  • You need to be close enough for the kiss to be natural, without any sudden movements.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 4

Step 4. Find her eyes to show interest

This moment of connection is very important. Hold your gaze a little longer than you usually do, and note: if she doesn't pull away, she probably wants to kiss you too.

  • Stay like this for about five seconds, and repeat the strategy every now and then during the conversation.
  • Be careful not to stare at her! That is not the intention. Look at her from time to time, pass her lips, then look back at her. It's a discreet way to show your intentions.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 5

Step 5. Set up the atmosphere with some flirting

Find an excuse to touch her arm or hand while chatting. Praise her eyes or hair, and bring your body toward her, creating more physical contact. It's a good tip to ease the embarrassment and make way for kissing.

  • For example, you could say, “I feel so comfortable with you”, or “I can't look away from you”.
  • Be respectful of touches. Don't invade her personal space, and try to keep her very safe.

Part 2 of 3: Keeping an eye out for the signs

Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 6

Step 1. Notice the body language

If she's interested, she'll act more or less like you; maybe move closer, cross your gaze, or try to touch him. Body signals are easy to interpret, but don't forget about eye contact.

  • See if she looks receptive. The cat should be facing you, with her arms relaxed.
  • Maybe she looks at your lips, or moves hers.
  • When it's time to say goodbye, she can stand still, as if waiting for something, or she can come very close.
  • Some attitudes can appear out of nervousness. Compare with her normal behavior, and don't take as a green light any quirks she already has, like licking her lips, for example.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 7

Step 2. Pay attention to the way you speak

Of course, if romantic issues come up, you already have an obvious “yes,” but there are other ways to show interest. She may start asking personal questions, or reacting well (too well) to everything you say. Use all this to your advantage to create the right mood and go for the kiss. With luck, the girl may take action herself.

  • By getting into sensitive topics, the girl shows that she wants to create more intimacy with you.
  • If the cat starts laughing at everything you say, even what isn't funny, she certainly wouldn't think a kiss would be bad.
  • Don't forget to assess the entire context. If the lovebirds are having fun and her body language is open, the girl is probably enjoying the flirtation.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 8

Step 3. If the girl looks uninterested or uncomfortable, stop there

Did you notice that she is with her posture deviated, and with her arms crossed? It's probably not into you; besides, no one deserves to kiss someone distracted by their cell phone or anything else. Wait until you have her full attention, and be patient.

  • The problem can be too much of a distraction. Invite her to a more private space, or just let it go. Whatever your decision, it's important to know the right time to risk a kiss so you don't get frustrated later.
  • If body language isn't receptive, don't push it. It will only make things worse.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 9

Step 4. When in doubt, ask if you can kiss her

Spontaneity is always ideal, but sometimes it is difficult to decipher the other's intentions; in that case, it's better to talk straight away (as romantic as possible, and without pressure). On the other hand, if you think you can make it through the attempt, go for it!

  • It could be something like: “I really wanted to kiss her now”, or “How about a goodbye kiss?”.
  • If you want to try something different, say: “Can I show you in practice how much I like you?”. Wait for the answer, and if you get the green light, take action.
  • If she rejects you, don't question it. Smile, answer "Okay!" and change the subject. It's even worth ending the meeting and trying to schedule another day.

Part 3 of 3: Kissing the girl for the first time

Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 10

Step 1. Tilt your head towards her

You don't need to leave your seat; just bring almost the entire body, and let her finish the action. If she pulls away, stop there. It's not the right time for the kiss yet.

  • Keep your eyes open as you move. Depending on how she reacts to eye contact, you'll know her intentions.
  • If the girl stays still, pay attention to her expression. Don't move forward without a clear signal, such as a smile or pout.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 11

Step 2. Get ready for the kiss

In general, people go a little to the right when they're going to kiss. Move your face about 4 cm to the side, looking for a comfortable position. If the girl takes action first, head in the opposite direction so you don't bump into each other.

It may happen that you move in the same direction. Don't be bored with it: giggle and try again

Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 12

Step 3. Open your lips a little, as if you were going to drink something

Stand towards her mouth, approach slowly and pout, without exaggerating. Do not exhale through your mouth at this time!

Breathe lightly through your nose, and be calm. Everything will be fine

Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 13

Step 4. Close your eyes and concentrate

You won't be able to see much while you're kissing; enjoy to relax and let it go. You'll see that it's something very instinctive, and even if you're not a star yet, it's enough for a first experience.

  • Of course you can kiss with your eyes open, but some people think it's weird. It's better to be safe and do it the traditional way, at least this time.
  • With your eyes closed, you will have no distractions. Enjoy the moment, and don't worry too much.
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 14

Step 5. Gently touch your lips to hers

It's just the first kiss, so take it slow! Approach with a gentle touch, stay like that for four or five seconds, and then return to your seat. Depending on how the weather is, you can go with a few more bits.

  • No imitating movie make-outs! Not the best idea for your first experience.
  • As long as you don't do anything bizarre, everything will be fine. Be careful not to drool or lick the girl; leave your lips just a little open, and your tongue quiet (for now).
Kiss a Girl if You Have Never Been Kissed Before Step 15

Step 6. If she pulls away or refuses the kiss, don't push it

The pain of rejection is always terrible, but it passes. Sometimes things don't go as we wish, but don't assume that the problem is with you, and above all, know how to respect the girl's decision. Instead of reacting badly or questioning, take it as a risk that everyone takes, and respond in a friendly way.

  • For example, you could say, “Oh, fine!”. Don't push the envelope, and remember: “no” is “no”.
  • If she looks annoyed, annoyed, or aloof, maybe she's just not in the mood.
  • It could also be that she is nervous about the kiss, or has had some trauma in the past. Who knows in the future, when you know each other better?
  • Being rejected is not the end of the world, and it can happen to anyone. Those who do not risk do not snack!


  • Invest in a good lip balm. Nobody likes kissing a dry or rough mouth.
  • Pay attention to your body language! If what you want is to win the cat, stay in her direction, maintain eye contact and let your hands relax.
  • It may be that you don't enjoy the girl's kiss very much. In that case, just ask her (kindly) to do it another way.
  • Relax and let yourself go. Put nervousness and insecurity aside.
  • When they're already doing a bit of sex, they don't need to get their arms frozen. Hug her, touch her face or stroke her hair.
  • If you find it necessary, you can practice kissing in the hand, with a fruit or object, and even in the mirror.
  • Remember: this is practice. Don't worry if you don't get it right right away. Over time, everything gets better!
  • If you still don't feel ready, don't force yourself into anything. You will know the time and the right person.
  • You don't have to tell him it's your first kiss, unless you see the need.


  • It's very important to wait for the right moment to kiss, or you could ruin everything. Watch for her signs.
  • Everyone has been (or will be) dumped; it's part of life. Remember that the important thing is to try, and that everything passes.

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