How to Give an Eskimo Kiss: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Give an Eskimo Kiss: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Give an Eskimo Kiss: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

The myth of the Eskimo kiss says that it was created so that the Inuit people would not freeze their lips when kissing in the conventional way. In fact, the Eskimo kiss (called kunik in the native language of this people) is a very cute way to show affection for family and friends. Learn to give an Eskimo kiss and share lots of love moments with your loved ones.


Method 1 of 2: Giving an Eskimo kiss

Do an Eskimo Kiss Step 1

Step 1. Approach the other person

You should be close enough for both of your faces to touch. If you and your loved one are already close (lying on the couch, for example), giving an Eskimo kiss can be a lot of fun.

From an Eskimo Kiss Step 2

Step 2. Touch your nose to the other person's nose

The eyes can be open or not; do what feels most comfortable to you.

From an Eskimo Kiss Step 3

Step 3. Shake your head from side to side as if saying "no"

Rub your nose a few times against the other person's nose. This is an Eskimo kiss!

If you are affectionate and the mood between you permits, rub your nose against your partner's cheek

Method 2 of 2: Greeting someone with an Eskimo kiss

Do an Eskimo Kiss Step 4

Step 1. Get closer to the person

The Eskimo kiss can be a very nice greeting between people who know each other well and are intimate with each other - family, close friends and romantic partners. Eskimo kissing is not a substitute for conventional kissing, nor is it meant to be used by lovers. In some cultures, even only mothers and children use this way of kissing.

You will need to get very close to the person. If you're a mommy and you want to give your child an Eskimo kiss, how about picking him up or crouching down in front of him?

Do an Eskimo Kiss Step 5

Step 2. Rub your nose on the person's face

The nose itself, cheeks and forehead are ideal places for this. Imagine that the other is freezing to death and covered in scarves, coats and caps. In that case, you would only caress the exposed skin, wouldn't you?

From an Eskimo Kiss Step 6

Step 3. Take a deep breath, feeling the person's skin against the nose and upper lip

Rediscovering the scent of your loved one is a very intimate act and will strengthen the bond between you.

This kind of greeting came a long time ago, when language was not very developed and people relied heavily on the senses – such as smell – to identify, communicate and connect with others


Don't get too close to the other person or you could both get hurt


  • Remember that in some parts of the world the term "Eskimo" is offensive. The people are called Inuit and "Eskimo" has negative connotations for some people.
  • People born in the US state of Alaska even accept the term "Eskimo", but Canadians, for example, prefer "Inuit".

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