3 Ways To Deal With A Wet Kiss

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3 Ways To Deal With A Wet Kiss
3 Ways To Deal With A Wet Kiss

Dealing with a person who kisses poorly can be quite complicated, but you must remember that you must practice a lot to get the kiss right, especially with a new partner. There are some tips that can help you guide the other person without hurting them.


Method 1 of 3: Giving Physical Tips

Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 1

Step 1. Guide your partner

Some people suck on the other's tongue too much or open their mouths too much, but you can avoid the problem with a few tips.

  • Take the lead in the kiss and show your partner how you would like to be kissed. The idea is to be the dominator of the situation, at least for a while. If the other person is sucking your tongue hard, pull it out, but don't make a fuss.
  • Go back to kissing the person, but with light kisses and less intense kisses. After a while, your partner will probably get the idea. Kiss the way you would like to be kissed.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 2

Step 2. Focus on the lips

One of the main reasons a kiss comes out frilly is using your tongue too much. Encourage the other person to focus on the lips, not the tongue.

  • So that he gets the hint, focus on his lips when kissing. Obviously, take it easy and don't force the situation.
  • Hopefully, the person will start kissing in the same way. The excess of saliva produced by the French kiss is what can make the whole situation a slobber.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 3

Step 3. Kiss a lot

When people are getting to know each other, it takes a while for them to get to know each other's tastes and styles. This is normal.

  • You will need to practice a lot until you find the perfect kiss. It is very important that the couple is willing to find out what is best for their kisses.
  • As everything takes time, don't give up right away. Keep kissing and guiding your partner to kiss better early on so he doesn't feel like he's rocking. If he believes he is doing well, it will be difficult to fix the problems.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 4

Step 4. Open your mouth, but just a little

Wet kisses tend to happen more often when a person opens his mouth too much during the act.

  • By closing your mouth a little, you encourage your partner to do the same.
  • Close your mouth slowly and naturally. If you appear aggressive in the move, your partner will likely be offended. If the movement is natural, it will likely mimic it.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 5

Step 5. Restart the kiss

If the person is drooling a lot, it's better to start from scratch than continue.

  • End the kiss, take your partner's face in both hands and look into his face. If possible say something passionate.
  • Now, restart the kiss, with your mouth less open. Take the lead in setting the pace and tone of the situation. If you're having trouble ending the other kiss, try kissing the other person on the neck so it doesn't seem so obvious.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 6

Step 6. Try not to use too much saliva

Excessive saliva on the face is the culmination of a wet kiss. If this is happening, maybe your mouths are too open.

  • Maybe you're to blame for the wet kiss. It's very important to understand what happens during a frilly kiss to know what the other person doesn't like and to avoid problems.
  • People often consider a kiss frilly when they get saliva on their face, especially on the outside of their lips. If one of you needed to wipe your face, that's a sign that the kiss was drool.
  • Saying something like "Let's kiss, but don't get each other's faces wet" in jest, you probably won't hurt the other.

Method 2 of 3: Discussing the situation

Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 7

Step 1. Talk directly about what you don't like

Communication is all-important within a relationship and there's no need to keep wandering around or using euphemisms. Be honest and direct.

  • If you don't want to hurt the other person, it's best to try to solve the problem with positive, subtle reinforcements. If that doesn't work, be direct. Believe me, your partner will appreciate your sincerity.
  • Talking about what you like can be better than asking the person to stop doing what you don't like. Still, it may be necessary to speak directly and clearly, but still gently: "I prefer softer kisses. Is it okay if we experiment like this for a while?"
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 8

Step 2. Use positive reinforcements

When the other person kisses you nice, make it clear by saying things like "Wow, I love it when you kiss me like that."

  • People are often sensitive to kissing skills. So it's better to talk about what you like, not what you don't like.
  • If the person is kissing in a way you don't like, start kissing them the way you would like to be kissed and use positive reinforcement after a few minutes to encourage correct techniques.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 9

Step 3. Talk about kissing

If you prefer, you can simply cut to the chase and talk to your partner about exactly how you want to be kissed. Speak in a sensual and affectionate way always!

  • Say something like "I love it so much when you kiss me slowly and lovingly" for example.
  • Another option would be to simply ask to be kissed in a specific way. It's better to express how you feel than to repress it and not like the kiss.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 10

Step 4. Be patient

Don't just give a person a foot in the ass for wet kissing. Maybe you end up giving up on a possible good relationship.

  • A lot of people think they kiss well but don't realize they drool a lot. Maybe the last person you were with didn't like your kiss (as hard as it is to imagine). According to studies, many people judge a relationship by the first kiss, but that can be a mistake.
  • It takes time to meet a new partner and understand their likes and dislikes. Your connection will be nuanced and needs time to grow. Allow time and remember that communication is essential.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 11

Step 5. Accept wet kisses

There are biological reasons behind this type of kiss. According to studies, men are more likely to kiss frilly.

  • A man's saliva has testosterone, which ends up increasing the other person's libido. By accepting wet kisses, maybe your sex life will improve!
  • Kissing also has other chemical benefits, releasing dopamine (which makes people feel good) and oxytocin, which helps bond.

Method 3 of 3: Using pranks

Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 12

Step 1. Play a question and answer game

It is possible to turn the kissing problem into a fun game to cover up the situation.

  • Ask questions like "How do you like being kissed?" or "What is your favorite type of kiss?" and respond in your preferred style.
  • The goal is not to appear critical, but to make it clear that you want to get to know the other person better. As a result, she will also get to know you better. Maybe there's something your partner wants you to change in kissing too, isn't there?
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 13

Step 2. Quote a magazine

You can say you read about a different type of kiss in a magazine and ask if you can try it.

  • Say the experience can be fun: "In the magazine, they say we should try a softer kiss, not too much tongue. Let's try it out? I think it'll be fun."
  • Keep the conversation light and say you read about it in a magazine by accident. Don't make it look like you were looking for more information on the subject.
Deal With a Sloppy Kiss Step 14

Step 3. Play repetition

In the game, you must repeat each other's kiss. Suggest this game and say it will be fun.

  • The idea is to kiss your partner in a specific way. Then he must repeat exactly what you did. Then you reverse the situation.
  • Before starting the game, say something like "I love kissing you" to warm up the mood. At the end of the game, your partner should know how you like to be kissed.


  • Try to be discreet. Don't draw too much attention to the problem, or the person may be offended.
  • If the other person tends to drool a lot during the kiss, encourage them to have a few drinks that dry their mouths. Any liquid with caffeine should suffice.


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