How to Know the Right Time to Kiss on a Date

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How to Know the Right Time to Kiss on a Date
How to Know the Right Time to Kiss on a Date

For those who haven't had the opportunity to be on many first dates, it's normal to find yourself thinking about the right time to kiss. But you don't have to worry too much about that, as you usually only know the right time when it actually arrives. Most of the time, when the two suitors spend the entire date showing interest in each other, they try to kiss close to goodbye. For everything to go well, always remember to respect each other's limits.


Part 1 of 3: Showing and capturing interest

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 1

Step 1. Stare at the suitor's mouth

It may sound a little silly, but spending time doing this shows you want to kiss him. Of course you don't have to look all the time, staring into the eyes is also very romantic.

Divide time well between mouth and eyes, spend two seconds in one, then switch to the other repeatedly

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 2

Step 2. Tap gently

While they're talking, find a way to touch each other. But this is not necessarily an intimate touch. Simply touch your arms or shoulders casually (or, because they're too close, let your legs touch each other). All these touches demonstrate the desire to get closer.

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 3

Step 3. Notice if you are touched back

If your touches are matched throughout the meeting, it means that there is interest from the other party. People who don't like to be touched tend to withdraw; these require a little more patience. Wait until she shows interest first and then proceed.

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 4

Step 4. Praise

Say you like your suitor's smile and good humor: it's a way of showing affection, because everyone likes to hear nice things about you.

  • Try to be honest and direct with your compliments. That is, pay real attention to each other's details and try to discover qualities you like about them. Only then will your compliment sound specific to that person.
  • For example, “You look beautiful” is a generic compliment. On the other hand, saying, “Your smile is so adorable it lights up the room” is much more specific.
Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 5

Step 5. Observe body language

If someone bites their tongue in front of you or stares at your lips too much, it could mean she's wanting to kiss you.

She can also play with her hair a lot, stare, and even begin to imitate your movements subconsciously

Part 2 of 3: Finding the right time

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 6

Step 1. Wait until the end

Usually, the kiss happens at the end of the date, especially when it's the first one. After a good chat, the two will have known each other better and will not have the feeling that they are kissing a stranger. The kiss can serve as a farewell.

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 7

Step 2. Find a reserved place, but not so much

Kissing in public is a problem for a lot of people, so go for a place a little more private, like the front porch of one of your house. However, to avoid making him nervous, try not to take the other to a very isolated place.

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 8

Step 3. Keep an eye on the cue

If a person is too embarrassed to say they feel like kissing the other person, they can use the trick of stalling to walk away at the end of the date. She will remain still even after saying goodbye.

Part 3 of 3: Getting permission

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 9

Step 1. Look each other in the eye

Once you've found the right time and the perfect spot, spend some time just looking each other in the eye – which can be a little awkward since it's something you don't do on a daily basis for more than a few seconds. Get ready to kiss.

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 10

Step 2. Lean forward

This will indicate your intention to kiss. Your suitor is likely to lean towards you as well – otherwise, she will tend to lean back.

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 11

Step 3. Ask if you can kiss

Consent is important when trying to kiss someone. It means that you are allowed to do what you asked, such as kissing, holding hands, or doing something more intimate. A request of this nature will not break the mood in any way. On the contrary, it will show how much you respect the other person.

Try saying something like, "It was a very nice night, can I kiss you?" A question like that can be even more important when it comes to someone shy

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 12

Step 4. Kiss

Once you get a “yes”, kiss me. Bring your face halfway between the two of you and let the other one walk the rest of the way. Once your suitor has said “yes”, it's only fair that he participates in the moment. So that they don't bump their noses, both will have to tilt their heads a little to the side (to different sides).

It is important to keep the tongues slightly separated and soft, otherwise the kiss can be very hard and therefore not so pleasant

Know when to Kiss on a Date Step 13

Step 5. Remember that a rejection doesn't mean there's something wrong with you

One person can like the other a lot and still run away from a kiss. Often because you're not ready to kiss. Don't torture yourself over it, especially if she's willing to go out on a second date.

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