3 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You

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3 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You
3 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You

You've been dreaming about your first kiss with your special someone, but it doesn't seem like he'll ever budge? It's possible he's nervous and doesn't know how you would react. Follow these steps to indicate to him that you want to be kissed.


Method 1 of 3: Getting in the mood

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 1

Step 1. Have good breath

Remember to brush your teeth and tongue before leaving the house. Carry gum or candy with you if you're going to a party that has a kissable guy. There is nothing worse than kissing someone who has bad breath. In that case, do yourself a favor and eliminate that halitosis.

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 2

Step 2. Find the right spot and pick it up yourself

Take him somewhere that gets you both in the mood for a kiss – go for a walk, go to a movie, etc. If you're at a party, ask him out or find a way to leave him alone (that such a hide and seek between partners?). Friends will likely ruin the mood and also put a lot of pressure on it. If you really want to be kissed, find a way to be alone with your guy.

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 3

Step 3. Be outgoing as soon as you're alone

Be confident and friendly. If you're nervous, try not to show it. Have an open, inviting body posture – don't cross your arms and legs and don't stare at him while you're talking. Lean your body toward his. Laugh at his jokes and praise him. Praise him on what you think he is good at, for example: “You look beautiful in that shirt – it really brings out your blue eyes”. Make him feel comfortable.

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 4

Step 4. Approach him

If you are not close to the guy, move closer, minimizing the space between the two. If necessary, create an excuse to get closer. It's possible he's probably looking for a way to get close to you, and your excuse might give him the perfect opportunity to kiss her.

Say you're cold and approach him if he's walking the streets. If it's inside, say you have an eyelash in his eye. Lean over and wipe your eyelash, face the guy and don't move

Method 2 of 3: Giving Physical Cues

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 5

Step 1. Break the contact barrier

The contact barrier is an invisible line drawn between two people who are interested in each other. Be the first person to cross the line – touch the guy on the arm when laughing, rub your leg against his if they're sitting next to each other, etc. Touching him will let him know you don't mind the contact physical (including kissing). If the guy breaks the contact barrier first, respond in some way – perhaps touching his arm or rubbing his hand against yours – to let him know you're comfortable with what's going on.

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 6

Step 2. Make your lips kissable

Before thinking about kissing, make your lips look attractive. Dry and cracked lips are not very nice! Make sure your lips are well hydrated by applying a little Vaseline or cocoa butter to them before bed to prevent them from drying out. Make your lips inescapable. One of the classic ways to do this is to greedily bite your lip when flirting with him. Maintain eye contact throughout the process.

  • If you're going out to dinner, get something to draw his attention to your lips. If you're eating something that spills over (such as ice cream, strawberry, watermelon, etc.), allow some liquid to fall onto your lips and slowly lick it off. Be careful not to look like a baby girl who struggles to eat without getting dirty.
  • Apply some lip gloss while the guy is watching. His eyes will focus on your lips. Just be careful not to overdo it – the shine can be very sticky. For a less sticky approach, use cocoa butter or lip balms.
Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 7

Step 3. Flirt with the eyes

Eye-to-eye contact is very important to make the guy understand that you want to be kissed. The stare demonstrates that you are confident, and that you can also play hard to get. One way to make him discover that you want to be kissed is to stare deeply, looking down until you meet the guy's lips, then looking back into his eyes. Don't do this over and over again as he might experience some discomfort.

Another way to flirt with your eyes is to act shy. Keep eye contact for a moment. Then lower your eyes, smiling a little. Look at him again and show off your best sensual look

Step 4. Kiss him

Who says guys need to take the first step? If you want to be kissed, why not seek the kiss? Guys can get really nervous around girls they like – so why not take the pressure off him and kiss him? Confidence is attractive. Get him girl!

Method 3 of 3: Giving Verbal Cues

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 9

Step 1. Flirt

Flirting lets the guy know you're interested in him without being too direct. Engage in a light conversation – annoy him (without being cruel). You could even tease him that he hasn't kissed you yet (and that should be a BIG indicator that you want to be kissed.)

Flirt by texting. Sexy and funny messages can be great for 1) letting the guy know you're funny; 2) demonstrate to him that you are interested, and; 3) make him think about you even when you're not together. Don't overload the guy with subliminal messages – this could be a bit exaggerated and disappointing

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 10

Step 2. Make him feel confident

Make your guy feel like the only man on the planet – and the strongest, sexiest guy ever. Giving him a boost in confidence might make him let go of his nervousness and kiss you.

Ask him to lift or open something for you. When he's done, say something like "Oh, look at these muscles!" Even when saying things like “I love your eyes”, try to massage his ego

Get a Guy to Kiss You Step 11

Step 3. Ask him to kiss you

Sometimes you just have to be direct. If you've given too many calls without acting crazy, it's time to just ask for a kiss. Keep in mind that being direct has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you'll get your answer (and hopefully a kiss) right away – on the other hand, the answer might be “no”. If he's a really shy guy, he might need to pluck up enough courage to kiss you. He may not be all that interested in you either – if that's the case, don't be disappointed. There are many other fish in the ocean of kisses.

You can make your question sound sexy while still clarifying your desire to be kissed…now. When you're close to him (like when you pretend there's something on his cheek), get close to the guy's ear so that your lips brush gently and whisper, "Kiss me" or something like that. More than likely, this brushstroke and this bold request will completely free him from his shyness


  • Remember not to overdo it with Vaseline and other lip products – they can produce a sticky kiss.
  • If the boy doesn't want to kiss you, don't push him. Allow the kiss to occur naturally.
  • Before trying out these tips, make sure the guy is single. If he's not, you could be in a lot of trouble.
  • Don't feel rejected or betrayed if you don't get your kiss. The guy is probably not ready or doesn't like you that way. There are many other guys in the world.

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