3 Ways to Kiss a Woman's Neck

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3 Ways to Kiss a Woman's Neck
3 Ways to Kiss a Woman's Neck

Kissing is one of the best parts of a relationship between two people; kissing a girl's neck can be sensual, a joke or even a romantic action. Of course she needs to like it, and there are several ways to make kissing on the neck a great experience for both of you. However, don't forget that there are several components that must be taken into account in an intimate relationship. The kiss on the neck is just one of the factors that can be used to impress and treat your girlfriend well.


Method 1 of 3: Choosing the Right Place and Time

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Step 1. Look for positive signs

The best kisses are those where you can tell that both people are enjoying themselves. Watch your girlfriend before trying to kiss her on the neck, as it is necessary to identify whether or not it is the right time to do this; usually, her body language and facial expressions will give you important signals.

  • Pay attention to where you touch it. Whenever your hand touches hers when giving her a drink or helping her put on a coat, feel her response during this physical contact. If the girl distances herself, it's probably not the best time to kiss her; however, if the opposite occurs and she is receptive to touch, it is a positive sign.
  • Note the way of eye contact; does it allow you to maintain eye contact? This is an indication that she is willing to kiss you. If she looks away, the girl probably wants to distance herself, at least for the moment.
  • If she blushes it's a good sign. Seeing the girl's cheeks turn red when she looks at you indicates attraction. Also look at the girl's feet; if they are facing her, she is being receptive.
  • Know the right time to act. Pay attention to her actions and words. If, for example, the girl is telling an emotional story about a fight she had with her best friend, this is probably not the best time to kiss her on the neck; she will think you are not taking her seriously.
Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 2

Step 2. Check if the “environment” is suitable for a kiss on the neck

Before trying to kiss her, analyze your surroundings. Many women are willing to kiss and show affection for their partner in public, but the vast majority will avoid too "intimate" contact with others around them. Pay attention to the girl's behavior; Does she seem relaxed and at ease? If so, this might be the right time and place to kiss her.

  • Know how people around you behave. Is the girlfriend's family extremely conservative? Of course, kissing her sensually on the neck around her mother and father is not the best decision, as well as being around her colleagues and the head of the girl's work.
  • If you are in a public space, watching an event such as a concert or football game, kissing on the neck might be a good idea. However, avoid this if you think the kiss will attract the attention of those around you. You and your girlfriend might feel uncomfortable.
Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 3

Step 3. Practice good hygiene

Women say that physical “chemistry” is very important when choosing who they want to kiss; they are attracted to the smell and appearance of others. Many women say that they prefer to be kissed by someone who takes care of himself, who is very clean. If you have a beard or mustache, trim it to look good.

Keeping your breath fresh is also important. If you think there is a possibility of kissing her, suck a candy or mint gum first to make the kiss more pleasurable for both of you

Method 2 of 3: Giving the Perfect Neck Kiss

Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 4

Step 1. Play a little

Being relaxed and playing with your girlfriend a little are very romantic attitudes, as they indicate that you are comfortable with the girl, that you are having fun, and that you are confident in showing your affection for her.

  • Rub your lips on the side of the woman's neck in an up and down motion. This type of kiss relaxes and leaves both "in the mood". Plus, your girlfriend will be eager to know what's coming next.
  • When “climbing”, give the girl's lobe light little bites. Don't overdo it on strength!
Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 5

Step 2. Approach from behind

Approach your girlfriend from behind and surprise her with a kiss on her neck. The element of surprise makes this type of kiss more romantic and spontaneous; just remember to do this in a suitable place and not scare her by being too quiet!

If your girlfriend has long hair, use your hands to gently push it out of the way. Then give her quick, warm kisses on the back of her neck

Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 6

Step 3. Slide your lips over the girl's neck

Instead of giving several quick kisses, make a longer movement. Begin the kiss at the top or bottom of the neck and, without breaking the contact between your lips and your skin, slide your mouth up and down.

  • As this kiss is longer than the others, the best thing to do is to test this method when you are both alone and in a particular place.
  • Try to wrap your arms around the girl's waist or place them over her shoulders. Do whatever feels natural to you. If the kiss lasts too long, pull her closer and hold her in your arms.
Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 7

Step 4. The kiss needs to be meaningful

Kisses are “tools” that convey many emotions; the way of kissing signals the person's intentions. For example, a kiss can promote affection and bonding between two people; a quick kiss on the neck indicates that you are happy to be with your girlfriend at that moment.

  • This kiss also shows that the boyfriend is trying to seduce and make his partner more excited. If this is the intention, kisses should be warm, sensual, longer and more persistent in all areas of the woman's neck.
  • If kissing is to increase the affection between partners, gently massage the girlfriend's arms or shoulders. If you want, holding her hand will also make you both more intimate.

Method 3 of 3: Understanding the Importance of a Big Kiss

Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 8

Step 1. Know why kissing is important

In any relationship, kisses are fundamental and those on the neck are no different. Learning to kiss well will have a very positive impact on your romantic life; research shows that couples who know how to kiss have better relationships, and are more important to women.

If you're worried about the quality of the kisses you're giving your girlfriend, try something new. Be more careful, more confident, or ask her questions. Say “I love it when we kiss goodnight. Is that you?". Pay attention to the answer

Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 9

Step 2. Learn the elements of a great kiss

A great kiss involves much more than the contact between lips; trust and physical contact, for example, are other essential elements. Try hugging or caressing the girl during the act. This increases the level of affection between you.

Good hygiene, as mentioned earlier, is also an important part of kissing. Bad breath is very unpleasant and can disrupt the relationship of couples, as well as body odor. Don't forget about deodorant before going out with your girlfriend

Kiss a Girl's Neck Step 10

Step 3. Train

The most important aspect of all this is to remember that kissing is personal; what matters is that you and your partner enjoy and feel pleasure. Also, don't forget that the first kiss probably won't be the last – there's plenty of time to get better! Training him can be a lot of fun for both you and your girlfriend.

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