3 Ways to Show Interest in a Woman

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3 Ways to Show Interest in a Woman
3 Ways to Show Interest in a Woman

Showing a woman you're interested can be easier than you think. However, you will have to show interest in several areas, as well as talking and laughing with her. If you already know her well, you can give her small gifts or show that you are interested in the things she likes. The starting point, however, should be your body language. In this article, you'll learn how to use your body language and communication skills to show a woman that you like her, whether she's someone you already know well or not.


Method 1 of 3: Using Body Language

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Step 1. Smile at her

Smiling is one of the body language signals that most show you are open to getting to know someone. Also, the smile shows that you are a happy person. The woman, in response, will notice that you are happy to see her.

  • Give a real smile to show you are attracted to a woman. A sincere smile is usually one that pushes your cheekbones or shows your teeth.
  • The smile also works as a reward. This means that every time you smile at someone, the brain understands it as a reward and the person is happier. This makes people associate you with happiness.
  • If you like, you can even smile when you're across the room to show your interest.
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Step 2. Relax your body

Maybe you haven't even realized you've got your arms and legs crossed. For many people it is natural to be in this position. However, to communicate openness in body language, it is important to uncross your arms and legs to show the woman that you are open to talking to her.

  • Crossing your arms and legs gives off a defensive image, even if you're not feeling that way at the moment.
  • Basically, it's like you're saying, “Look, I don't want to talk to you. Go away!".
  • It can be helpful to turn your body toward the woman instead of facing the opposite way.
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Step 3. Look ahead

Looking down, staring at your feet or lap doesn't make people pay attention to you, and it indicates a lack of confidence. Always look at the person to show that you are interested in them. Looking in the eye is a great way to start.

  • Combine a smile with your gaze, even if you're on the other side of the room. This is a great way to show a woman that you like her.
  • However, never stare. Briefly look at it for just a few seconds. If you're talking to the woman, however, looking her in the eye at certain times in the conversation will show you're interested.
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Step 4. Show the best version of yourself

Often, when trying to show attraction to a woman, some of the nonverbal body language can seem a little arrogant. For example, you may want to sit with better posture or curl your stomach. It's also normal to want to touch your hair or clothes.

  • In most cases, it's common to do these things without thinking about it. They can show your attraction without you realizing it.
  • It's also important to pass on confidence. Stand straight, look the person in the eye, and speak in a confident tone of voice.
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Step 5. Bend towards her

When talking to an interesting woman, one of the ways to show attraction is to bend toward her. Suddenly you will make it known that you like her and she will feel your attraction. However, if she pulls away or tries to leave, let her go. Don't invade her personal space without her permission.

Don't try to approach a woman in a private setting, such as an elevator, especially if you don't know each other. This attitude can seem threatening, so use it only in places with people around you

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Step 6. Use touch

It's obvious that you shouldn't catch someone off guard and try to kiss them without permission. However, random taps during a conversation can help create intimacy. For example, putting your hand on her shoulder when you're talking can help show that you like her.

  • You can touch her shoulder when complimenting her blouse. Say something like "This shirt looks great on you."
  • If she backs away, don't try to touch her again.
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Step 7. Bow your head

By bowing your head, you show that you are engaged in the conversation and that you care about what is happening. Also, the other person will see that you are listening intently, as your ears are turned toward them, which shows your attraction.

  • The opposite of involvement is looking around the environment. If you're looking elsewhere, the message will be that you care about anything but the person you're talking to.
  • Instead of looking around, look into the person's eyes as this is indicative of interest.

Method 2 of 3: Talking to Her

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Step 1. Get the conversation going

It can be difficult to get a conversation going if you don't know the person yet, especially if you're attracted to them. Your attraction can make you speechless and a little shy, but don't worry, you don't need to use silly pick-up lines to get attention. Simple tactics are more effective as long as they get you talking to her.

  • For example, asking a question can start a conversation. It can be something as simple as “It's hot today. Do you like it when the weather is like this?” or "The best coffee is here, don't you think?" This tactic can work even better if the person is talking about themselves rather than about you, with a question like "Is this bag from that designer?"
  • Ask the person to do something for you, such as passing a napkin or taking her bag off the seat. Asking for a favor will create a slight closeness so that you have a space to talk.
  • Don't forget to introduce yourself and ask her name.
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Step 2. Keep the conversation flowing

Just saying hello and leaving won't do much good. However, if you can make the conversation flow, especially if you get her to talk about herself, you will show an interest in her and what she has to say.

  • Ask open-ended questions to support the conversation. For example, ask something about her, such as "What do you do for a living?" or “What do you like to do in your free time?”.
  • As you listen, try to find common interests so that when the conversation pauses, you can talk about something you have in common with her.
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Step 3. Give praise

A sincere compliment means a lot when it comes to showing you are attracted. The emphasis is on “sincere”. So while you're talking to her, notice something unique about her that you like, like her eyes or her mood, and comment on it.

  • For example, you can say “Your eyes are very engaging and their color is beautiful”.
  • You can also say, “Wow, you are very smart!”.
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Step 4. Repeat her name

After hearing her name, try using it in a conversation. Don't overdo it, but repeat it once or twice to help create a closeness. This goes to show that you care enough to remember. Also, people like to hear the sound of their own name.

For example, you can say “Nice to meet you Jessica” or “Jessica, what do you think of this song that's playing?”

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Step 5. Laugh when she says something funny

If she tells a joke, laugh, but don't overdo it. Laughing too hard may seem forced, but laughing when she actually makes a joke can bring you together and show that you think she's attractive, especially if you both know the joke wasn't all that funny.

If she seems too nervous to joke, make a joke. Say something about yourself, such as “Giants always cause all kinds of trouble. That's why people pick up their spears when we're around,” in case you're tall and occasionally trip over a chair

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Step 6. Be considerate

Paying attention will show you care. Anticipating her needs will impress her and show you that you care enough to find out what she wants or needs before she has to talk.

For example, if you notice that her drink is gone, ask her if she wants another one. If she is tired of standing, ask her if she would like to find a table to sit and talk

Method 3 of 3: Showing You're Attracted

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Step 1. Show interest

This means that you should talk to her whenever you see her, even if you only have time for a simple “Hello!”. If you have more time, ask her how she is and show a real interest in the answers. Try to remember a few details to mention in an upcoming conversation.

  • For example, if she just says “going” when she asks if everything is okay, try going further. Ask “Just going? It doesn't look very good. Do you want to talk about it?”.
  • If she mentions that her dog is sick, next time ask him how he is. Something simple, like “What about your dog? Improved?" that's all you need.
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Step 2. Keep in touch

If you can, find the person on Facebook. Don't imply that this is stalking you, but if you've seen each other more than twice and talked a lot, then she's likely to accept your friendship request.

After she accepts, make a comment or two on her posts. Keep it light and flirt subtly. For example, if she updates her profile picture, say “That's beautiful!”

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Step 3. Give her a nickname

Create a nickname that is for her and just for her. Do not use it when other people are around. Having a nickname helps to create a feeling of intimacy between the two of you. Just remember not to use a name she hates.

This approach will likely work best with a woman you already know well. Giving a nickname to someone you've seen twice in your life might seem awkward

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Step 4. Give her a gift

Don't do anything too elaborate, as this can make you uncomfortable. Think of something simple. A little reminder, with or without reason, can show that you think she is a special person.

  • For example, deliver a simple bouquet of flowers for her birthday or bring her a coffee when you go get yours.
  • Likewise, when she says the date or her birthday, write it down and never forget to congratulate.
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Step 5. Create an inside joke

Laughter is one of the best ways to connect with someone and sharing a joke will create more intimacy between you. Try playing with something you always see or some mistake you made that is a joke.

For example, maybe you've slipped at one time or asked her if she wanted the coffee cold instead of hot. Now, every time you bring her coffee, you can say "Here's your cold coffee."

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Step 6. Support her interests

Everyone likes to be supported in what they do, so if she mentions something she is doing, show your support. Paying attention to what she likes will help show that you care about her and what she does.

  • For example, if she likes poetry and always reads in bars, tell her you'd like to see her perform one of these days and really go. This will show that your interest in what she does is genuine and that you know how to act beyond just talking.
  • If she mentioned a specific object, lend it to her. If she's commented on a book she'd like to read or a movie she'd like to watch, bring it to her. Don't say you're going to do this, just show up with the item in hand the next time you see her. She will be happy with the consideration and notice that you pay special attention to her. You can say "I remembered you commented on this book the other day, so I thought you'd like to borrow it."
  • Offer a “freebie” ticket. If you want to ask her out without actually ordering, give her a “freebie” ticket you bought for an event such as an art exhibition. Inviting her will show you enjoy her company.

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Step 7. Ask her opinion

Whenever you have a decision to make, ask her for her opinion about it. Doing so will show that you value what she thinks, and if you follow her advice, she will likely be happy and feel better around you.

  • For example, say you want to paint your room. Ask what color she thinks best in this case.
  • If you do end up painting the color she suggested, show her a photo of the final result or invite her to your house and see how it looks.

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