3 Ways to Tell If He's Flirting You

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3 Ways to Tell If He's Flirting You
3 Ways to Tell If He's Flirting You

It can be difficult to read a boy, especially a boy who interests you and who apparently likes you too. Even if you don't know everything about body language, actions and words, there are many things that can be learned. Pay attention to how he acts around you and you'll be on your way to decoding his behavior.


Method 1 of 3: Reading Body Language

Tell if He's Flirting Step 1

Step 1. See if it starts ringing

While touching doesn't necessarily mean he's interested or flirting, there are definitely certain touches that can make it more likely. You want the ringtones to be warmer and less "friends".

  • A friendly pat on the back means he's friendly and comfortable with you, but not necessarily that he's flirting with you. Likewise, a high-five or fist flick are friendlier actions than a flirtatious gesture.
  • A touch on the hand that lasts for a while or a hug a little longer than he gives his friends are likely to be signs of flirting or interest.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 2

Step 2. Analyze his eye contact

Eye contact is one of the biggest parts of flirting. It creates a connection between two people and can mean he can't take his eyes off you. Delayed eye contact is a good sign.

  • He'll want to look at you, especially if you're teasing (teasing is another sign of flirting). That way he can see what your reaction is, or just admire your appearance.
  • If he smiles at you, so much the better; flirting should be fun; smiles between two people can be a sign of communication and interest.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 3

Step 3. Look at how he is sitting or standing

People tend to unconsciously mirror the actions of people they like. When you're with the guy, notice if he mimics your actions, like taking a sip of coffee after you've done the same, and so on.

  • Notice things like: is he sitting across from you? Does he make sure to keep within his field of vision so he can see her? Does he lean toward you when you speak?
  • If he's turned away or looking away, or if he's turning away in the middle of a conversation, crossing his arms or legs and walking away, he's probably not flirting with you.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 4

Step 4. See if he raises his eyebrows when he talks to you

Men tend to raise their eyebrows slightly when they're talking to a woman they're interested in. Keep an eye on the way he moves his eyebrows when you're around him and when the guy is with other people to see if there's any difference.

Method 2 of 3: Paying Attention to What He Says

Tell if He's Flirting Step 5

Step 1. Notice if he asks for recommendations

A boy who likes you wants to connect with you. That means borrowing books or asking for movie or music recommendations. He might even make it a chance to make a verbal flirting, teasing about your choices.

This shows that he values ​​your opinions and wants to connect with you on a deeper level. It could also mean that you taste really good

Tell if He's Flirting Step 6

Step 2. See if he teases you

Gentle teasing can be a big part of flirting, so a guy teasing you is probably trying to flirt with you. That means teasing her about something you're doing or making fun of her terrible sense of direction, for example.

  • He may also make jokes more often than usual when he's around you to get your attention. This can range from boring jokes to making fun of himself (his bad sense of direction).
  • Make sure he's not saying anything mean or hurtful. The teasing shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself. He may be trying to flirt, but he's not doing it nice. Leave someone like that aside.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 7

Step 3. See if he compliments you

A boy who is interested in you and who wants to flirt will pay more attention to your body. Praising can be a part of flirting, especially if he does it in a flirtatious tone.

  • He can compliment your appearance, your smile, what you're wearing, etc.
  • He can also compliment other things besides his appearance. Things like your writing skills, your storytelling ability, your math mind, your video game skill, etc.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 8

Step 4. See if he asks open-ended questions

These are the kinds of questions that keep her talking, as well as show you if he can hang out with you longer or flirt more. Pay attention if he does this in conversations.

  • Some examples of this type of question are: "So you're single because…" or "What are you going to do this weekend?"
  • These questions indicate his interest in your relationship status or whether he can see you or not, but in a romantic way.

Method 3 of 3: Perceiving His Actions

Tell if He's Flirting Step 9

Step 1. Pay attention to whether he is close

A boy who is interested in you and who wants to flirt will stay close to you. History end. He won't be busy all the time and will make time for you. Even if he shows interest in ignoring her, he will make a point of ignoring her personally.

  • Remember: it's hard to flirt if he's not even there. If you're never around, he's probably not flirting with you.
  • Even if he's not physically around, he'll make an appearance by texting, calling and appearing wherever you are.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 10

Step 2. See if he tries to impress

A boy who is interested in you and who wants to spend time flirting might try to impress you. When he's doing or saying something "nice," the guy will make sure you're paying attention.

See if he tries to outdo his friends when he's around you. He can outdo them in terms of the cool things he's been doing. He might want to outdo them on the dance floor (and show off how well he can dance) or impress everyone with his new bike trick, etc

Tell if He's Flirting Step 11

Step 3. Pay attention if he laughs at the things you say

A guy who likes you will laugh at your hilarious comments (even if they're not that funny, especially if they're not that funny). Your manner will make him smile if he's interested in you.

Keep in mind that a nasty laugh is not a good sign. He can smile when you're funny, but if his laugh hurts, stay away from this boy. You don't want to flirt or do anything else with this boy

Tell if He's Flirting Step 12

Step 4. See if he's thoughtful of you

Again, a boy who is interested pays attention. If the guy is acting kind to you, doing nice things for you, helping out, there's a definite chance he's interested.

  • For example, if he gives you flowers or something small because he thought of you (even if it's something silly), that's a good sign.
  • He can also do something like take soup when you're sick. This shows that he's thinking about you and that he's willing to help, especially if it's more work.
Tell if He's Flirting Step 13

Step 5. Notice how he treats you

This is important. The flirting instinct can be something of a boy's personality. You need to find out if the boy is treating you differently out of genuine interest.

For example, even if the guy gives you flowers or touches your hand for a long time, if you're doing it with all the girls, he might be flirting, but for fun. He probably doesn't feel anything special for you

Tell if He's Flirting Step 14

Step 6. See if he tries to defend her

There's nothing like a boy who interferes with something to be on your side. If you are arguing with someone, or if someone is treating you badly, see if the boy comes to your aid.

If someone is hurting you, does he interfere? Even if he was teasing before? This is a good sign that what he feels goes way beyond the level of flirting


Trust your intuition. If you think there's a chance he's flirting, ask if he's interested


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