How to Embrace Romantically: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Embrace Romantically: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Embrace Romantically: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Hugging is an intimate form of physical expression between two people that can communicate a lot. It may just be a formality, a way of giving comfort or an expression of true love. Perhaps the most pleasant hug of all is the romantic hug. We will show you how to do it.


Method 1 of 2: The Frontal Hug

Hug Romantically Step 1

Step 1. Position your arms so that it joins your torsos

In a romantic hug, your torso - your chest and stomach - will touch. This is an intimate and cozy position that emphasizes closeness.

  • Generally, the taller person puts their arms around the waist of the shorter person, while the shorter person puts their arms around the taller person's neck or shoulders. The opposite can also occur, especially if there is a large height difference: the taller person puts their arms around the other person's shoulders (and pulls them towards their chest), while the other person wraps their arms around from the waist.

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Hug Romantically Step 2

Step 2. Support your head

Leaning your head against or over someone is a sign of intimacy. Move your head to the side as you lean in for the romantic hug. Don't go too sideways - you want your face to lightly touch the other person's. To add an extra romantic touch, rub your head or even your face against the other person's head/neck (or chest, if it's much smaller than the person you're hugging).

Hug Romantically Step 3

Step 3. Press and hold

A romantic hug lasts longer than a platonic hug. Gently hug harder for two or three seconds. Take a deep breath and exhale; get lost in the hug and enjoy. Keep in mind that your grip should be strong enough to be noticed, but without causing the other person discomfort. Making the hugged person pass out from breathlessness is not very romantic.

Hug Romantically Step 4

Step 4. Use your hands

Slide one of your hands on the person's arm or back. Or, if your hand is at the side of her head, gently stroke her hair or the back of her neck. Caressing slowly is romantic. A hasty caress is comical, unless the surroundings are freezing and you're trying to warm the hugger.

Hug Romantically Step 5

Step 5. Separate yourself slowly

As you pull away, keep your hands on the other person so they continue to touch after the hug. This is a good time to look each other in the eye, smile and let your heart speak.

Method 2 of 2: The hug from behind

Hug Romantically Step 6

Step 1. Approach from behind

One way to increase spontaneity is to surprise your loved one with a hug from behind. As long as the person isn't doing anything very important, wrapping your arms around her waist and leaning your head against hers can be a pleasant surprise.

Hug Romantically Step 7

Step 2. Position yourself behind the person you are about to hug

Press your torso against the back of the person you are hugging and wrap your arms around them. It doesn't really matter if it's tall or short, but where your hands end up.

  • Generally speaking, taller people relax their arms and hug only with their forearms. Shorter people can stretch their arms instead of bending their elbows.

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Hug Romantically Step 8

Step 3. Position your arms in front of you

You can "stack" one arm on top of the other, place one in front of the other, or even extend your arms across the chest of the person you are hugging and hold their shoulders; the best way depends on the size of your arms and the size of the person you are hugging.

Hug Romantically Step 9

Step 4. Support your head

As in the frontal position, leaning your head against or over someone is a sign of intimacy. If it's bigger than the other person, you can rub it on their face or neck. If you're smaller, you can turn your head to the side and rest on your back.

Hug Romantically Step 10

Step 5. Squeeze and hold

A romantic hug lasts longer than a platonic hug. Gently hug tighter for two or three seconds. Take a deep breath and exhale; get lost in the hug and enjoy.

Hug Romantically Step 11

Step 6. Use your hands

For the person being hugged, stroking their arms is a natural loving touch. You can even reach for your face or hair to caress. For those who hug, however, caresses can become very intimate without much effort. If you're already at this stage with the person you're hugging, it's a delightful way to begin intimacies. If not, proceed with caution. It can result in the ice being broken or your nose being broken. Caressing slowly is romantic.

Hug Romantically Step 12

Step 7. Turn the hugger forward

Enjoy a frontal hug and closeness with your partner. If you need more directions, start at the top of the page again. Enjoy!


  • Do everything slowly. Quick hugs and polite smiles are for people you don't know and relatives you don't particularly like; long hugs are for the people whose presence you adore. Also, because romantic hugs are such an intimate interaction, you'll want to give the other person enough time to interrupt you if they feel uncomfortable. Don't move like a slug, but extend your arms slowly enough so the other person knows what you're doing.
  • Hugging is like dancing or kissing; it's interactive. You respond to the other person's energy and cannot force a reaction.
  • A hug brings someone close, so take care of their body scent. On the other hand, remember that perfume, cologne, and mints can make a romantic hug more enjoyable if used without exaggeration. Nothing can end the moment more than an unpleasant smell coming out of you or your partner, and that includes very intense perfumes.
  • Try hugging from behind under the stars and, after hugging, stay in the same position and kiss him goodnight.
  • Try using a natural perfume fragrance such as fruit scents.


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