3 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Like You More

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3 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Like You More
3 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Like You More

Are you in a relationship and would like to make your girlfriend like you more? It's very difficult when we like a girl a lot and feel that she doesn't feel the same way. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get your girlfriend to like you more.


Method 1 of 3: Spending More Time With Her

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 1

Step 1. Find time in your schedule to be with your girlfriend

It doesn't matter how busy you are - if you want to have a girlfriend, you have to be willing to spend time with her. The relationship cannot grow if you are not together.

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 2

Step 2. Demonstrate that you are thinking about her, even when you are not together

Even if there are days when you don't have time to spend with your girlfriend, show that you would like to be with her. Doing this can always upset her, but if she's on vacation with her family or traveling for work, you can tell you're thinking about her. This will make her feel wanted.

For example, send a message saying you miss them

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 3

Step 3. Be flexible and be willing to see her according to her availability

It doesn't all have to be about you and your schedule. Let her know you're willing to see her.

Method 2 of 3: Resolving Your Disagreements

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 5

Step 1. Have an open mind

The worst thing you can be is stubborn. Understand that she is an independent person and that you cannot make her do anything. Let her make her own decisions without you constantly disagreeing.

For example, if she wants to get a tattoo but you don't like it, try approaching the situation with an open mind. Perhaps you can come to the conclusion that tattoos are quite attractive, or at least that it's not your decision

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 6

Step 2. Don't be hateful

When you're in a very intimate relationship, it can be easy to get frustrated or have less patience than you normally would. Never freak out with the other person.

For example, if they are fighting, try to stay calm and talk civilly so that the situation is more of a debate than a fight. Don't yell at your girlfriend

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 7

Step 3. Commit yourself

It is always possible to find a happy medium. You don't have to go along with any of your girlfriend's decisions, but being a little more flexible helps your relationship a lot. If you really like her, this shouldn't be difficult. Try to be more tolerant.

For example, if she really wants to see one movie but you want to see another, ask her if she's willing to see the movie you want next week if you watch hers first

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 8

Step 4. Ask her opinion about other things

Even if you disagree on a specific topic, don't be afraid to ask her opinion on other issues. This will not only get you to know each other better, but it will also show that you value her opinion even if you don't agree on everything.

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 9

Step 5. Respectfully disagree

If you go with your instincts and decide to disagree with your girlfriend, do so in a kind and respectful way.

Say something like "Well I don't know, I still believe what I think, but I'll consider the things you said."

Method 3 of 3: Treating Her Better

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 10

Step 1. Spend more time doing the things she enjoys

Don't insist on seeing the movie you want to see or going somewhere you like. Ask your girlfriend what she prefers to do and spend a lot of time doing those activities, too. Don't be afraid to show her something you like, but always pay attention to make sure she's having fun. Be fair.

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 11

Step 2. Make her feel important and valued

Praise your girlfriend's looks, sense of humor, personality, and all the other qualities. However, don't overdo it. Just remember to praise her out loud whenever you feel like it. This will make her feel special and she will probably like you more.

  • For example, “You are better at math than I am. It's really cool dating such a smart girl.”
  • Another example: “I love hearing your opinion about other people. You are always very perceptive.”
Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 12

Step 3. Keep the conversation going

If you're having trouble starting a conversation with your girlfriend, ask her how her day went or what she wants to do. Don't be afraid to talk about anything you've thought about during the day or interesting things you've seen. She will probably appreciate you sharing your life with her.

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 13

Step 4. Make plans in advance

Planning your meetings in advance is a great idea. That way you'll have a chance to be more creative without being under the pressure of the moment. Try to avoid doing the same things over and over again.

For example, if you guys went to the movies last weekend, try taking a walk next weekend

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 14

Step 5. Gift your girlfriend

Saying that girls need presents all the time is a cliché, but it's always nice to get presents. Flowers are always welcome, but you can also surprise her with a more personalized gift. If she likes running or hiking, buy her a watch or a backpack. You don't only need to do this on special occasions - unexpected gifts are often the most special.

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 15

Step 6. Make friends with her friends and family

It's important that those close to your girlfriend also consider you a good person. She will enjoy seeing you spend time getting to know the important people in her life, and they can still speak highly of you to your girlfriend.

Make Your Girlfriend Like You More Step 16

Step 7. Introduce her to your family

It's also important that your girlfriend knows that you're serious about your relationship. Introducing her to your family demonstrates pride in having her as a girlfriend and shows her that you want a long, lasting relationship.


  • Always remind her that you love her.
  • If she wants or needs anything, give it to her or try to help her.
  • If your girlfriend plays a sport, go to the games and cheer for her.
  • If she makes a mistake, try not to take it too seriously unless it's really serious.
  • Make a handmade gift for your girlfriend; it's going to be more meaningful.
  • If your girlfriend is shy, send messages and messages saying you like her.
  • Try to make her happy by your side.
  • Take her to meet her family, not her bedroom.
  • Love your girlfriend, always!
  • Pay attention to your girlfriend.

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