3 Ways to Make a Guy Always Want to Talk to You

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3 Ways to Make a Guy Always Want to Talk to You
3 Ways to Make a Guy Always Want to Talk to You

When you like a guy a lot, it's normal to want to talk to him all the time. There are many ways for you to create and strengthen your connection with him so that you can talk to each other more. In the beginning, you can use social media to like his posts and get to know his style and interests better. Then you can use a friendly icebreaker to start a conversation. A good way to keep the guy interested is to find out more about him by asking for opinions, doing face-to-face activities with him, and having deep conversations. At the same time, getting him to talk to you a lot requires learning how to treat him like a friend and flirt as you get to know each other better.


Method 1 of 3: Making the First Connections

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Step 1. Make a friendly or amusing remark to break the ice

One way to break the ice is to pay attention to what is happening around you. Look for something in the place you are with that you can make a funny comment. For example, if you're having lunch and sitting in the sun waiting for the waiter to bring your food, you might say something silly like "Do you think they'll serve us water after waiting so long or do they want us to die here?" Men like girls who play these kinds of games, and it will increase the connection between you.

  • Even if you don't consider yourself a funny person, you can still be playful.
  • These games can help take the pressure off the conversation, making it more fun.
  • Remember that starting the conversation is the most important step. Don't worry too much about the icebreaker. Instead, focus on continuing the conversation.
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Step 2. Demonstrate that you are really enjoying talking to him

Give signs that you are happy to talk to the boy. You can demonstrate that you're having fun in a variety of ways, such as making eye contact, smiling often, genuinely laughing, and leaning forward when you're talking. When talking to him, tilt your head to one side, smile, and touch his head, neck, or clothing. But don't think too much, do what's natural too. Your nonverbal cues should let him know you're having fun.

In case you guys are chatting more by text, let him know you like it a lot. For example, you can write to him "It's really cool to exchange messages with you"

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Step 3. Be confident about yourself and have fun when you're in his company

Write down the things that make you great. Knowing that you are fantastic and not being afraid to show it is a very attractive quality.

  • Don't be afraid of making faux pas around him. Be authentic, with your quirks and all. When you make a faux pas, relax and smile, everyone makes mistakes.
  • Don't stop being yourself to be someone you believe he would like. Imagine if a person acted in a way other than themselves just to please you. would you like that? Probably not.
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Step 4. When you go out with him, also call other people to reveal what is best in you

Have fun and laugh a lot with them in his presence. It's important to show him that you are fun, independent and have friends of your own.

  • This will show him that having a friend is important to you, as well as helping him to see what you are like in the presence of other people.
  • It might even make him a little jealous (in a good way) and maybe make him want to go out with you more than before.
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Step 5. Follow him on social media

If he's frequently on social media, create an account for yourself if you don't already have one. Like or share something he posted. If you're on the same social network, this might be a good way to start chatting with him. Liking and sharing his posts on social media can help create a friendship and give you an idea of ​​what he likes. Also, by liking the posts, you'll know the things that happen to him.

  • After you like some posts, comment on some of them or send him a message.
  • Don't like all posts. Choose one or two things you really liked and wait a day or two between one like and another. By showing him a lot of attention, it can seem like you're obsessed or even seem a little scary.
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Step 6. Post on your social networks

In addition to liking or commenting on his posts, create posts that showcase the things you like. He must have access to your interests the same way you have access to his. For example, share some nice or interesting photos you took, funny animations, photos with punchy lines along with a comment explaining why you liked them, etc.

  • For example, if he posts a lot about the bands he likes and there is one that you like, post a music video or lyrics of the band along with a comment explaining why you like them.
  • Be true to yourself. Only post things that you really like and that are part of who you really are. When posting about subjects you've never shown an interest in before, it might seem a little fake.
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Step 7. Comment on his posts

You must comment on a post he wrote as soon as it is posted. The sooner you comment, the better the chances that he will respond. Consider praising the post, asking a question or commenting on something you found interesting. For example, if his post is about going to a concert with a band you also like, you can comment "How envious of you to go to their concert! Do they play well live?"

Avoid commenting too often. Also, wait a while between one comment and another

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Step 8. If he doesn't seem to be interested in you, go ahead

If he seems distant or off and isn't responding to your messages, he might not be interested. Hopefully, there will be other guys who will want to talk to you and who it's possible to have a great connection. Rather than thinking you failed to interact with this guy, think of these interactions as practices that will help you talk to other people in the future.

Method 2 of 3: Strengthening Your Connection

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Step 1. Ask his opinion about the things you have in common

After the first interaction, continue texting and talking to him to maintain and strengthen your connection with him. One way to strengthen the connection and keep the conversation interesting is to ask him for his opinion on matters that interest you.

  • Ask open-ended questions to start an interesting conversation about anything you have in common, whether it's books, movies, or food. For example, if you two are big Harry Potter fans, you can ask him "What is the best Harry Potter book in your opinion?" And feel free to agree or completely disagree with him. These types of discussions can turn into pranks and can be a lot of fun.
  • You can start by saying your opinion on a particular topic and asking for their opinion. This question can also be associated with where you are or what you are doing. For example, if you're eating an apple at lunchtime, you might say, "I think the Gala apple is the best kind of all. Just out of curiosity, which do you prefer?" Again, being playful is a good way to make the conversation more fun and keep it going, especially when talking about simple topics.
  • Think of some questions in advance that you can ask him before starting the conversation, as matters can be over faster than you think.
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Step 2. Disagree with him in a friendly way and make jokes

If you have fun while you're talking, it will make him want to talk to you more. For example, you can raise your eyebrow when he says that his favorite apple is Fuji, and say something like "Are you saying the Fuji apple is the best? Well, I don't think everyone is perfect." Men like these silly games because they lessen the pressure of conversation and are fun. These games are great because you don't have to talk about anything specific, and yet you are creating a connection.

Practice these games with your friends and family. Find silly things to disagree with them too. Disagreeing amicably can also be good for your relationships with friends and family

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Step 3. Avoid asking questions that he doesn't have to think hard to answer

Avoid small talk or questions like "How are you?" or "Where are you from?" These questions aren't very interesting and you won't learn a lot about it, as it can give you an answer you've used many times in the past. At the end of the conversation, he needs to be excited and eager to talk to you again, so avoid small talk.

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Step 4. Boost your confidence

Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and if you can do that for him, chances are he'll want to keep talking to you. So make him feel good by saying that you like him through sincere, small compliments. Don't make it bigger than it should be, just casually say why you think he's a great guy. For example, if they're walking somewhere and you notice they have a good sense of direction, you can say "I really like the fact that you always know how to get to the places we go."

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Step 5. Learn how and when to end a conversation

One of the ways to keep the guy wanting to talk to you more is to end the conversation at the right time. The best way to end a conversation is to do it after you've shared a great time and before the conversation goes cold. So, think of a reason why you have to go home, and after you share a laugh or some nice moment, tell him you need to leave. Don't forget to say that you really had fun and can't wait to talk to him again.

  • When you finish the conversation, be casual and nice to him. Say something like "Hey, it was really nice talking to you. Now I have to go home and do some stuff, but I hope to talk to you again soon."
  • Keep eye contact with him when he's leaving. Keep looking at him for a second longer and give him a charming smile.
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Step 6. Continue exchanging messages regularly

Depending on the style of your conversation or the guy you like, "regularly" can have multiple meanings. Start texting every couple of days, and you can send more or less often depending on his response time. Send silly or funny comments or questions that make you think about them.

  • For example, ask him to tell you how things are. You might ask something like "Hey, how's that final chemistry job going?"
  • If you prefer, say something interesting that happened in your day or that you have some kind of relationship with him. You can say something like "I remember you told me you like Indie music. I just saw there's going to be a festival like that next month. Did you see?"
  • Try to vary the subjects of the messages you send. Don't just send him funny stuff or ask him how he's doing. Try to make a combination of funny comments and diverse questions.

Method 3 of 3: Deepening the Connection

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Step 1. Do face-to-face activities with him

Some guys create a greater rapport with other people when they do something together instead of just talking. By doing activities together, he can feel closer to you. Here are some examples of face-to-face activities: playing sports, playing a game, or working together on a project. Pay attention to the types of activities he likes to do so that you can do them with him. For example, if he likes outdoor activities like target shooting, ask him to teach you how to fire a shotgun. Or, if there's a game he likes, learn to play.

  • Even if you don't know how to do the activities he enjoys, just trying to learn them will mean a lot to him.
  • Have fun when you're with him. Laugh at your gaffes out loud, ask lots of questions, and talk to others who are doing the activity with you too.
  • Even if he's a conversationalist, doing face-to-face activities can help you build your relationship together.
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Step 2. Know his life's important interests and relationships

Some guys feel connected to girls based on their conversations and feelings. Even guys who might not like the idea of ​​talking about their feelings might want to talk about the things they like and care about when they're comfortable with you. After spending quality time getting to know him, get to know him more deeply. He will feel closer and will be able to trust you when you know more about the things he cares about and the story of his life.

  • These are great types of conversations to have at night. Ask questions about important parts of the past, the important relationships in his life, and the things he cares about most.
  • For example, you might ask "What are the things you are most interested in and why do they mean so much to you?" Or "In your family, who is the person you have the closest relationship with and for what reason?" These questions can be very simple, but listen carefully to the answers so that you can have a meaningful conversation with him.
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Step 3. Find a quiet place where the two of you can talk without being interrupted

During the conversation, sit facing each other or in a position where you can see his face and hear him too. Ask questions about him and use the following tips to hear him better and have a great conversation.

  • Demonstrate with your body position that you are listening. Make eye contact, shake your head, and react with small noises or gestures while he's talking.
  • Give him the distance he needs. A short distance can make you look too interested or smothering you; too long a distance may seem like you are uninterested. Give him room to speak, but position yourself so you can hear and see him very well.
  • Restate the main idea of ​​his lines. This will make you really understand what he is saying. If he's talking about a frustrating day, for example, you can summarize the most important parts of what he's said so far. For example, you might say "So you're saying you didn't understand why your brother acted like that until you found out what was going on with him at school?"
  • Empathize with his feelings. Empathy means understanding the feeling he's going through, even if you don't share that same feeling. For example, you can restate a sentence and be empathetic at the same time, saying something like "It must have been so frustrating for you to have to retake the test after studying so much the first time." It's important to say that you understand his feelings and why he feels this way.
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Step 4. Express your feelings to him

Don't forget to share your feelings too. If you really like him, chances are you're embarrassed to talk about yourself. However, your connection will be greater if you also talk about the things you like and care about. Tell him about the important relationships in your life, the important experiences you are going through, and the good things you love in your life. As before, maintain eye contact when you're speaking, use gestures to express your feelings, and let the tone of your voice express what you're feeling. If he can understand the important things in your life, he's more likely to be able to connect better and care more about you.

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Step 5. Be present as a confidant during difficult times

Everyone needs someone's support during difficult times. If you can be that person, you will build a very strong bond with him making him feel closer to you. There are many ways to be present during difficult times. For example, if you know he's been getting low grades at school and you're going to need to have a serious conversation with his teacher, send a message of encouragement before the conversation.You can send something like "Good luck! I know you'll figure it out, you always manage to solve your problems." Then ask how the conversation went with his teacher and demonstrate that you are available if he wants to talk.

  • Sometimes people prefer to be distracted when they are going through a difficult period in life. In this case, send funny messages to make him laugh.
  • If he says he's going through a rough patch, ask him if he wants to meet with you to talk. Or, let him know that if he just wants to go out and clear his mind, he can count on you.
  • If you're always on his side during difficult times, it will deepen your relationship, making him look to you the next time something good or bad happens.
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Step 6. Ask for his help

Men like to feel needed. If you're going through a time when you might need help, let them know and ask for help. For example, if you need help with a school project, ask if he is ever available to help you. When you meet, give him something to do. Doing tasks together is a great way to bond with people.


  • Think of him as someone you want as a friend. That way you'll feel less nervous and he'll have a better sense of who you are as a person.
  • Don't stress about it. He's just a boy and a human being, just like you, and he's probably been stressed out over some girl too.
  • Don't talk too much about yourself. When you're nervous, it's common to talk more than usual. Keep this in mind and remember to go back to the questions if you find yourself talking too much.

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