How to Sign a Love Letter: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Sign a Love Letter: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Sign a Love Letter: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Are you crazy about a girl (or boy) does a long time, and finally plucked up the courage to send a love letter. Of course, you want all the details to be perfect. When you go through the text with a fine-tooth comb, don't forget to pay special attention to the end, which is the icing on the cake! It can make a difference when it comes to achievement.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing a farewell

Sign a Love Letter Step 1

Step 1. When in doubt, finish the letter with a word or two

The farewell is the part before your name where you say "bye". Some examples would be "With love", "From the bottom of my heart", "See you soon" and so on. If you don't know what to say, just write a short, sweet sentence. A subtle, sweet ending says a lot.

  • Suggestions: "I love you", "With love", "From your love", "Always yours", "It's fine, my angel".
  • Use when:

    Whether you want to sound elegant, end up classy, ​​or you're in a long-term relationship, and when too much romanticism would sound "fake".

  • Do not use when:You want to be creative, you are very emotional and want to show it off, or your partner has complained that you are "too far away".

Sign a Love Letter Step 2

Step 2. Use a "-mind" ending A common way to end a letter is with a single word ending in "-mind"; that is, an adverb

At the end of the letter, these words often denote how you are feeling as you write it, or until an answer arrives. In the case of love letters, use adverbs to emphasize how much you care about the person, or how anxious you are for an answer.

  • Suggestions:

    "Devoutly," "Gerly", "Honestly, " "Faithfully".

  • Use when:

    Want an easy way to describe how you feel.

  • Do not use when:

    The relationship is still in its infancy. This might seem a little cliché, or too formal.

Sign a Love Letter Step 3

Step 3. Be humorous

Don't you want the letter to be pure boredom? A little lightness and grace can turn an ordinary letter into a most pleasurable thing to read. In this case, the farewell is your "last move". In other words, it's your last chance to get a laugh from the recipient. So end with a good clowning!

  • Suggestions:

    "Slimmer than you," "Nois that flies, witch", "Sick stomach", "Brother, I'm too beautiful", or "Don't miss me that much".

  • Use when:

    Want to cheer your partner up, or lighten things up. This method brings up happy feelings immediately and relieves some of the pressure of having to write a "perfect" letter.

  • Do not use when:

    Not being able to think of anything funny to say, or when the person thinks you're not taking the relationship seriously. Also avoid using this method after a discussion.

Sign a Love Letter Step 4

Step 4. Be honest

Love letters are a rare chance to communicate "exactly" what goes on in the mind of the writer, especially in relation to the loved one. It's one of the few chances we have to be absolutely frank. So if you feel your emotions speak for themselves, use the farewell to open your heart.

  • Suggestions:

    "I've never felt this way before," "I need you," "You're unique," or "You complete me."

  • Use when:

    Be confident that you have a very strong emotional connection.

  • Do not use when:

    You are not 100% sure where you are in the relationship. Otherwise, the situation can be awkward.

Sign a Love Letter Step 5

Step 5. If you want to be daring, be loving without fear of being happy

A love letter is a great way to open up to someone you already know have feelings for each other. However, this goes best among people who have already started a relationship. Don't use this method for the first declaration of love, or you could end up scaring the person.

  • Suggestions:

    "You little baby," "Kiss in the hand," "Kiss with a pat."

  • Use when:

    you want to be affectionate, welcoming, or fun. Everyone likes someone who animates them.

  • Do not use when:

    The person has complained that you are very needy. So she will take you more seriously.

Sign a Love Letter Step 6

Step 6. Use an inside joke

This is a good way to show that you've put a lot of effort into the letter. End it with something only you and the person would understand. It's a good way to be funny, but at the same time build more intimacy with the person, and approach them romantically.

  • Suggestions:

    "Will you want fries to go with it?, " "You won't forget to adapt the answer to the ABNT standards", "Give it to you".

  • Use when:

    Wanting to be funny and creative. This will demonstrate that you are intellectually striving for the relationship. The intention is to remind the person of some good time they spent together.

  • Do not use when:

    You don't even have that many memories together yet. Otherwise, the person may not "get" the joke, and you will sound bizarre.

Part 2 of 3: Choosing a Visual Style

Sign a Love Letter Step 7

Step 1. Use handwriting

The "classic" love letter is breathtaking, passionate, tacky, and written with a quill pen. It's pretty hard to make one in that Romeo and Juliet style these days, but you can still give it some old-fashioned air by handwriting a farewell. Large, wavy and flowery letters can give a Shakespearean atmosphere, from the time of great love, causing a romantic effect.

  • Have you forgotten how to do this? Take a look at our tutorial on how to write in cursive.
  • If you are going to write your name in cursive, do it with great care, drawing each letter perfectly, instead of making a sloppy signature. The name has to be recognizable!
Sign a Love Letter Step 8

Step 2. Add hearts and "love" symbols wherever you can

Dot the letter with loving symbols and drawings to show the reader that you have feelings. As a bonus, you'll earn some cute points. Drawing hearts is the most popular, but depending on the degree of the relationship and where you want to go, you can draw a couple, wedding rings, roses, among others. Follow your intuition.

There is no "right" way to do this, but a common tactic is to draw a little heart on all the dots in the letters "i" and "j"

Sign a Love Letter Step 9

Step 3. Use large, illuminated letters

If you have the time and willingness, you can earn extra points, awakening the artist who sleeps inside. Draw each letter (or just the first one if you're in a hurry) in great detail, well thought out. Include plants, animals, or other pictures in each of the illuminated letters. You decide.

Sign a Love Letter Step 10

Step 4. If typing, use a dramatic font

Not every letter needs to be handwritten. Nowadays, most are done with some help from the computer. However, that doesn't mean you need to stick to standard fonts like Times New Roman, and Arial. Instead, use a bolder font that makes the text more creative and beautiful. Most word processors have many interesting fonts.

  • Here are some examples of fonts found in Office: Blackadder, Bradley Hand, Brush Script, Colonna, Kunstler Script, Parchment, Vivaldi Italic.
  • You can also download new fonts from the Internet if you don't like the ones already available in the program. offers over 200 cursive fonts.

Part 3 of 3: Being creative

Sign a Love Letter Step 11

Step 1. For the letter to be anonymous, omit your name

Do you want the love letter to be really different? The very different suggestions in this section can help make it even more exciting. You can, for example, decide not to put any names on the letter. Thus, the person will be wondering who sent it. You can tell the truth when you're ready for it.

A variation on this method is to write the letter normally and cut out your name. Keep this piece of paper and give it to the person a couple of days later. She will be surprised

Sign a Love Letter Step 12

Step 2. Finish the letter in a different language

Do you know any language other than Portuguese? So, it can give an exotic, unexpected look to the end. You can simply translate a normal farewell into another language, use a foreign language picture, or something different.

  • See in this link how to say "I love you" in several different languages.
  • Bonus points if you write "I love you" in Italian or French, the "Languages ​​of Love".
Sign a Love Letter Step 13

Step 3. Draw a picture next to the farewell

You don't need to have a reason for everything you include at the end of the letter. If you're good at this and can think of something cool, draw a picture. Chances are, the person will appreciate the effort you put into the details. So try it, even if it doesn't make much sense in the context of the letter. Here are some examples of what you can draw:

  • Animals (especially the ones the person likes);
  • Plants (see above);
  • Coats of arms or emblems (real or imagined);
  • Cartoon or comic characters;
  • Drawings of the two of you (be careful: if this is your first love letter to the person, this may sound "exaggerated").
Sign a Love Letter Step 14

Step 4. Include an attachment or some personal object

Here's something else you can add to the end of the letter: something special for the person. In other words, a gift! It can be almost anything, but here are some easy and practical examples:

  • A magazine page with a personal meaning;
  • A flower or leaf from a place you like to visit;
  • Poetry excerpts;
  • A piece of fortune cookie paper;
  • A movie ticket or event you saw together;
  • A photo of you, the person, or both of you.


  • To learn how to do the rest of the letter, see the tutorial on how to write a love letter.
  • You will find many other examples on the Internet. Do a Google search.

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