How to Tell If You Like a Girl: 9 Steps

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How to Tell If You Like a Girl: 9 Steps
How to Tell If You Like a Girl: 9 Steps

Passion can be a very confusing feeling, particularly when we don't have much experience in the subject. If you've been stressed out about not knowing if you really like a girl, finding out the truth can help you build up the courage to open up to her about it. Pay close attention to your feelings and your own body language because, if you like the girl, it's quite likely that your body is already signaling that interest.


Method 1 of 2: Getting in Touch with Your Feelings

Know if You Like a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Determine if you feel happy with her

When we like someone, we feel good and happy in that person's company; therefore, reflect on your feelings when you are with the girl, and be aware of your own emotions. If you don't feel any joy or excitement when you meet her, you might not be in love.

When we're in the company of someone we care about, our brain activates areas rich in dopamine, a substance responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness

Know if You Like a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Reflect on whether you always think about the girl when you are away from her

A strong indication that we like someone is to spend our days daydreaming about them, thinking over and over about what they must be doing at that very moment. So note if you've been doing this lately and count the number of times you think about the girl throughout the day.

If you think about the person more than three or four times a day, chances are good that you really like them

Know if You Like a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Assess whether you are usually nicer to her than to other people

Our passions are usually treated differently, so maybe you find yourself buying a snack or doing constant favors for the girl. A good sign of romantic interest is to care about a girl's feelings and strive to make her day more enjoyable.

  • Perhaps you allow her to pass in front of you in a line, or perhaps you always try to help her with her schoolwork.
  • Another good sign is making an effort to be more polite to her than to others.
Know if You Like a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Think about the opinion you would like your friends and family to have about the girl

When we like someone, we want the most important people in our lives to feel the same; so if you've already asked your loved ones for their opinion about the girl and you want them to accept it, chances are good that you really like her.

  • If you like the girl, you will feel uncomfortable if your friends and family don't have a positive opinion of her.
  • You're probably not in love if you don't give a damn what other people think of the girl.
Know if You Like a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Be aware of your feelings when something good happens in her life

We feel pride and happiness when the person we care about succeeds in some endeavor; and her victories are pleasurable even if they have nothing to do with us. If you don't feel anything or just feel jealous of the girl's success, this is a good sign that you're not in love.

Maybe you cheer for her during competitions or feel happy when she does well in a race

Method 2 of 2: Assessing Physical Evidence

Know if You Like a Girl Step 6

Step 1. Notice if you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see her

Sometimes, meeting someone you care about can result in an adrenaline rush in your body, causing a feeling of butterflies in your stomach. If you get a strange, mild feeling when you're around the girl, you're likely to really like her.

  • Not everyone gets butterflies in their stomachs when they see someone they care about, but this is a common symptom of infatuation.
  • The butterflies in the stomach can become rarer as we age and gain experience.
Know if You Like a Girl Step 7

Step 2. Notice how it feels to touch her hand

Pay attention to your feelings when you hug the girl, or take her hand - do you feel anxious or happy? If so, that's a good sign of passion. On the other hand, if you feel bad or indifferent, this is an indication that there is no romantic feeling there.

  • Only touch the girl if you're already her friend.
  • Stand back and respect the girl's personal space if she seems uncomfortable or tries to move away.
Know if You Like a Girl Step 8

Step 3. Assess whether you tend to look at her non-stop

When we see someone we care about, a very common physical reaction is to follow them with our eyes - you wouldn't look at someone like that if you weren't interested, so note where you usually look when the girl is around. If you ever find yourself looking in her direction, chances are you're in love.

The urge to look at someone over and over is a sign of strong attraction

Know if You Like a Girl Step 9

Step 4. Notice if you sweat a lot next to her

Passion can trigger anxiety and lead to excessive sweating, so watch if you feel anxious or if your heart starts beating faster in the girl's company - these are good signs of interest.

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