How to Be Provocative: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Be Provocative: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Be Provocative: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Being provocative is a social art that involves arousing interest in a potential suitor, showing that there is a chance of romantic involvement, but without obligation. From a psychological perspective, teasing makes us feel powerful, wanted and attractive, satisfies our need for attention, and, most importantly, tests the compatibility between those involved for a potential relationship. Therefore, teasing is a part of the flirting ritual, and to know if you have affinities with another person, the necessary tools are self-confidence, irreverence and subtlety.


Method 1 of 2: Generating Attraction

Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Be self-confident

Confidence denotes independence, security and healthy pride. Being assertive, confident, and having a positive self-image are attractive aspects because they demonstrate that you don't need anyone but yourself, which means that time spent with others is special and spontaneous. The easiest way to demonstrate this is body language.

  • Have good posture. Sit upright, don't hunch or slump, and keep your head up.
  • Look straight ahead, resist the habit of looking at your feet all the time. Making eye contact shows you are open and willing to interact.
  • Try not to move, this is a sign of nervousness.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 2

Step 2. Be casual

Stay calm, act natural and don't push the envelope. Don't force conversations or try to impress, and don't be afraid to say "no" or speak your mind; people will be attracted to you for who you are and what makes you special, not who you try to be. This is reflected in her presentation as well, through her clothes and personal style. So be yourself and don't worry about what others think.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel elegant and sensual. Be careful to show your skin and wear what is comfortable.
  • Avoid too much makeup. Less is more and most people prefer a more natural look.
  • Remember that your pheromones are the most enticing of scents for compatible partners, even if they don't consciously recognize them. Therefore, mild perfumes are better if you want to use a fragrance. Try citrus aromas as it is a pleasant, sweet and fresh smell.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 3

Step 3. Get your future lover's attention

They say it takes two to tango, so once you find out who you want to flirt with, this is the time to get attention; it's easy, just make eye contact, smile and look away – that's called seducing. It's also an invitation for people to come and talk.

  • Add vibrant color detail to the outfit, such as red.
  • Avoid taking the first step. After a few looks and smiles, wait for the magic to happen (besides, that was the first step).
  • It overflows with happiness; smile, laugh and have fun. Anyone who is seeing all this joy will want to have fun too.
  • Gesture, move your body, arms and even your clothes. Our eyes are attracted to movement and this is a great way to make yourself noticed.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 4

Step 4. Be fun and graceful

When meeting someone, it's important to show your playful side. Have a light conversation, be receptive to news and show that you know how to have fun. Make jokes, be expressive and use your sense of humor.

  • Avoid serious or controversial topics.
  • Dance (with him or alone) if occasion permits.
  • At parties, you can make games to generate friendly competition or to create a bond of partnership. Games are also great distractions, which can ease the pressure and open up opportunities for more conversation.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 5

Step 5. Show your interest, but don't use all your tricks at once

Getting to know someone in depth is a process, and the more you discover, the more stimulating it gets. Show interest without being too obvious – being flirtatious and flirting is fun, but with discretion.

  • Don't state how you feel right away, but say something nice. Instead of saying "I like you" on the first date, say "Your smile is beautiful".
  • Be receptive; smile, make eye contact and listen.
  • Body language is the best way to show interest. Face the person directly, don't cross your arms, and use facial expressions to show you're paying attention.

Method 2 of 2: Piking Interest

Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 6

Step 1. Use your body to communicate

Although we think that most communication is verbal, bodily communication plays a fundamental role in human interactions. In reality, this is the first step in flirting, as it shows the potential partner that you are open and interested. It can also be used to signal that you are expecting an immediate approach, or that you want to take things to the next level.

  • Keep your arms relaxed, don't cross them. This is a silent way of saying "stand back".
  • Stir your hair to draw attention to yourself and show you're in the mood for flirting.
  • Sit upright and tilt your head slightly to one side. Gently run your fingers down your neck and face.
  • Come closer if they are already talking, to show that the approach is welcome. Lean during the conversation so that they are facing each other.
  • Run your tongue over your lips and leave them parted. This is a classic sign of desire.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 7

Step 2. Speak with your eyes and face

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, imagine how much can be said with just one look. Facial expressions are also essential to show how you feel and this is often involuntary.

  • If the approach hasn't happened yet, look him in the eye steadily for a few seconds, then turn away. Do this about three times and smile. This shows you are in the game. After the first contact, holding your gaze means you're still interested.
  • Show joy and excitement. Wide-open eyes indicate passion and smiles indicate you are available.
  • Raise your eyebrows and lower your eyelids, like Marilyn Monroe, to simulate an expression of pleasure.
  • Nod your head to show you're paying attention.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 8

Step 3. Use the mirroring technique

Mirroring is the imitation of the body language, speech and vocal intonations of someone you are connected to. Despite being a subconscious reflex most of the time, it can be used intentionally to bond with someone and develop reciprocity.

  • Pick up your drink a few seconds after your partner and sips at similar intervals.
  • Give synchronized bites if you go out to dinner, to show that you are in tune.
  • Change the tone of your voice according to the passion, excitement or other emotions he expresses.
  • Avoid mirroring aggressive or angry postures, as this can subconsciously be interpreted as a threat.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 9

Step 4. Flirt

If the attraction is mutual, flirting is a pleasurable and fun behavior in which two people nurture and enjoy the feeling of being together and discover compatibility with each other. there is a chemistry. The best part about flirting is that it can be done anywhere!

  • Flirting is making the person notice that you are interested and this can be done through your body, words, gestures, expressions and even the tone of voice.
  • Initiate constant but delicate physical contact. This includes running your hand gently and quickly over your arm or leg during conversation, touching your hands lightly, and even touching your feet.
  • Create a space of intimacy, sit close and pay exclusive attention to the conversation.
  • Praise, greet and smile. This behavior is receptive and means you're enjoying what's going on.
  • In a party or other situation where there is more than one possible suitor, say something like "You know, I'm talking to you because you're the cutest one around here."
  • To continue in a shopping environment (supermarket, pharmacy, etc.), ask for help reaching for a product, or ask for advice: "An interesting man like you must have a favorite [fill in the type of product he sells at this location]."
  • At a bar or restaurant, sit down and ask what drink he recommends.
  • At the gym, say "I was blown away by your training. Very good!"
  • For any situation, use the classic "Wow, were you and [celebrity's name] separated in motherhood?"
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 10

Step 5. Play hard

Playing difficult is a good way to find out what the person's interest level is (the harder it is, the more interested they should be), but remember that this tactic only works if they've already shown interest. When meeting a possible new love, there's a fine line between encouraging advances (playing easy) and keeping the person interested (playing hard) and keeping the balance is key - otherwise, your unstable behavior will scare the poor guy.

  • Playing hard is not manipulation; it's about making the person imagine, guessing and not being able to decipher you so easily. Avoid revealing yourself too much early in the relationship.
  • Show that you are attracted, but within your own limits when getting to know each other. Don't feel like you have to be intimate on first dates (if you don't want to).
  • Stay within your schedule. No matter how much fun you're having, don't stay up all night with your new crush.
  • Start with a few displays of affection in public if you feel he is insecure.
  • Don't be afraid to insinuate that there are other suitors after you too.
Be a Tease (for Girls) Step 11

Step 6. Be spontaneous and unpredictable

If you don't eat the same food every night because it's boring, why would you always make things the same? By surprising yourself and others when you say or do something, you become intriguing and fascinating. It has nothing to do with being trustworthy or not, but not being afraid to get carried away by the moment, not having control over everything; it's also all about playing hard to get, as your partner will have questions about whether or not you are available. It's all part of the mystery, spontaneity makes life interesting for everyone involved and helps prevent boring routines from arising.

  • Be curious and open to news. Undo old concepts. Try things you think you hate, like new dishes or hobbies.
  • Say yes"! Jump in when a friend invites you on an adventure. Say "But of course!" when the guy at last week's party asks her out. Better yet, pick up the phone and invite him yourself!
  • Turn off the tv. Get out of the house and do something, stop wasting time watching other people's lives.
  • Change activities and routines whenever possible. Try new ways to run, go to a new restaurant, eat something different for breakfast.
  • Be fearless. Do scary things and approach new situations and experiences with courage and an open mind. Never stop surprising yourself and you will certainly continue to amaze others.


  • Teasing often has a negative connotation, as it is associated with manipulation - but it can be used to flirt with someone you want to have a relationship with. It's not wrong to flirt and tease if no one gets hurt.
  • Teasing is about playing and having fun and can be done at any stage of a relationship to keep things interesting and vivid.
  • Teasing can make boys like or hate you, so don't overdo it. Unless you purposely want to screw with others.


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