How to Win a Woman: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Win a Woman: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Win a Woman: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Getting a woman is not difficult. It is difficult to conserve! Even so, most men face this difficulty one day. Read these tips to learn how to act the right way with that girl you've always wanted.


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Step 1. Dress up

Clothes ironed, clean, without tears or holes, appropriate attire for the occasion, use a very pleasant perfume, take a shower every day, cut your nails frequently, brush your teeth (avoid bad breath), shine your shoes, cut your hair, keep them hairstyle. You don't have to look good, but you do have to look good - that is, have good hygiene and look good. No woman is going to like a dirty man, wrinkled clothes, dirty and big nails, bad breath, among other things. Try to be very capricious with yourself.

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Step 2. Have a decent bearing, as if you were a race horse

Walk upright, head facing forward, not downcast, pessimistic and scared. Don't walk hunchbacked, that's horrible! Women like men who are proud of themselves (without, however, that they are boastful of their own qualities). Show that you have an indomitable spirit, that you are optimistic in the way you carry yourself. And being optimistic in life in general doesn't hurt either.

Get a Boy in Middle School to Like You Step 5

Step 3. Smile a lot

A smile is a great attraction, as long as you take good care of your teeth, not having cavities and other things like that. A smile is a quality that shows many good things about you: it shows that you are at ease with life, that you are not a bad mood, that you have the capacity to like people and it is contagious and attracts… just don't give smiles 24 hours per day: vary your countenance a little. But don't underestimate the power of the sincere smile, which will still do you good for your health. See how politicians smile a lot; I wonder why? To win voters. The seller also smiles, to be comfortable with the buyer. Anyway, smile!

Build Muscle Step 18

Step 4. Take good care of your physical health, as this will give you more enthusiasm and encouragement

Nothing worse than a despondent guy; it will never conquer anyone. Do physical exercises, walk, treadmill, exercise bike - finally, you can choose what you want to practice. Your joy will increase and show on your face. It will be an attractive thing, and your body will be slimmer, avoiding that little beer belly.

Approach the Guy You Like Step 5

Step 5. Don't talk about your faults to anyone, or keep talking about your strengths

Let it figure it out for itself. Counting advantages is naive, it's very ugly. You will be covered up with mysteries that the woman will be happy to discover about you little by little.

Sweep a Girl off Her Feet Step 6

Step 6. Read poetry and stuff

Learn to be romantic and say nice things. So it's good to read a lot of stuff like that. Watch romantic movies, extract the good examples of romanticism.

Impress a Girl Step 4

Step 7. Praise the woman

Every woman is needy and enjoys being admired. See not-so-obvious qualities. If she's pretty, talk about her personality; if she has a very nice body, talk about her hair, her eyes. Make her feel unique and be sincere in what you say. You don't need to lie. Note these sentences:

  • "You're the only person who makes me want to cry…" - she'll ask why. Be prepared to say something right away, anything cute will do. Take the opportunity to praise more!
  • "I feel good about you…" - why do you feel good about her?
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Step 8. Women like romantic fantasies; so try to invent your own for her

For example, you can put an invisible ring on a girl to seal your commitment to care for her; it's a nice little costume, and you can embellish it well and make up many more. Give her something, tell her that she can open her heart with it, and ask her what she's going to do with such strong power. Laugh a lot at these times or be very romantic, with a beautiful smile on your face.

Sweep a Girl off Her Feet Step 2

Step 9. Every woman is curious

Abuse their weakness. There are many ways to do this. When you're talking to her, use certain phrases (not memorized) that make her curious. For example: "I like something about you". She will be curious and want to know what it is; don't be hiding then, say something and keep saying things like that. "You are full of qualities." What qualities? Tell her you have something to say to her, but hesitate to say it. She will insist on knowing and suspect that you are going to ask her for a date or something.

Be a Gentleman Step 8

Step 10. Have plenty of things to talk about

Nothing more tedious than talking to a guy who only talks about one subject. Vary the themes. For this, read a lot, reflect on life, on things, have a good repertoire. One time tell a story, another time say something romantic; talk about her and what you think about life. Anyway, vary: talk about everything, but change the subject gradually, not abruptly. Be smart.

Be a Gentleman Step 5

Step 11. Never whistle when a woman passes you or anything like that

That doesn't attract. It can even amaze - although some women like it when a man's amazement is an involuntary, impetuous gesture, saying, "Wow! What a beautiful woman!" But it doesn't always work; often, there is a rude response from the woman. However, if she smiles, you know you can ask for her phone number.

Snuggle Step 12

Step 12. Don't try to sing every woman that passes you by

Otherwise you'll have a reputation as a cheap conqueror, and that's not good. Select well who you want to conquer, and then, yes, conquer with everything you know. Use everything and every suggestion possible.

Write a Letter Step 15

Step 13. If you have her address, you can write a neat little letter

Why don't you take a calligraphy course? At these times, that goes well. Even if you don't have it, be careful with the lyrics (don't write on the computer and print it out, it's in bad taste). Include some brief poetry. Be a little mysterious in the letter, especially if she doesn't know you well. Use your imagination when writing and be very careful with what you write.

Call or Text a Girl Step 3

Step 14. If you know her phone number, call without hesitation

Meditate beforehand about what you can talk about, the subjects, and be sure to say who you really are, don't pretend you are someone else. Say your name without hesitation. Tell her that you saw her somewhere, ended up getting her number and felt an irresistible urge to call for a chat (if she's not busy, because if she is, ask when you can call back at a better time). Try to convey confidence to her, as she may think it is a prank call. You can tell how far you live, give your phone number. Doing so might ease her distrust. Say you were very curious to hear your voice, use your imagination in the conversation. Don't exaggerate the timing, be insightful, talk enough. Leave to talk more next time. After calling a few times, try to arrange a meeting.

Sweep a Girl off Her Feet Step 8

Step 15. Be cheerful, enthusiastic and loving

Tell tasteful jokes and make her laugh whenever possible - women love to laugh. Play word games and have a vivid imagination. Just don't do weird clowning; she might find you immature.


  • Always be honest in everything you say.
  • After you get the woman of your dreams, keep the love. Never betray.
  • When a woman says no, it means NO. Remember: no never means "maybe". That goes for both a stranger and your wife. Never be an ignorant person.

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