3 Ways to Inflate a Man's Ego

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3 Ways to Inflate a Man's Ego
3 Ways to Inflate a Man's Ego

Every man needs an ego boost from time to time. It could be that something has left you with low self-esteem recently, or maybe you're just interested in making him feel even more special than he is. Whatever the reason, don't worry, there's no secret, just show that you admire him, praise him from time to time and flirt with him a little.


Method 1 of 3: Praising Him

Boost a Man's Ego Step 1

Step 1. Tell him how cute he looks

Make it clear that you find him attractive and, from time to time, tell him how handsome he looks when he wears certain clothes. It may be that he doesn't think he's handsome or that a compliment like that sounds weird to give a long-time partner, however, do it, because every man likes to be complimented sincerely.

  • If he goes to the gym, try saying: “The workout has been working out lately. You are a cat!”.
  • It doesn't hurt to cheer him up by saying that other men must be jealous of his looks. He will be pleased to know that someone who is not close to him is also of the same opinion as you.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 2

Step 2. Praise him for achievements

Don't skimp, value his every new achievement, from a time-consuming household chore to a job promotion or an art project. Honestly demonstrate how proud you are of him. To celebrate, prepare his favorite dish for dinner or, if you prefer, throw a surprise party. He will no doubt feel special.

In the case of a promotion, for example, say something like: “I knew that promotion would be yours. I'm so proud of you. How are we going to celebrate?”

Boost a Man's Ego Step 3

Step 3. Ask him for advice

Try to remember a problem that you have been struggling unsuccessfully to solve. Maybe you're having a hard time making up with a friend, or suddenly it could be something more complicated, like deciding whether or not to accept a potential job offer. Ask him for help, and then thank him for making the effort to come up with a solution to your problem.

  • It's also worth asking for advice to solve minor doubts – what clothes to wear, for example.
  • It is not necessary to accept his advice, what matters is to show that you value his opinion, taking it into account when necessary.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 4

Step 4. Praise his performance in bed

Although times have changed, men have not ceased to be corporeal beings. That is, the physical relationship is not everything, however, they like to know that they are able to satisfy someone in bed. For that reason, tell him he's the best man you've ever had and the best you could ever have. If you prefer, name what you like him to do.

For example, mention that you like the fact that he is so attentive to your needs

Boost a Man's Ego Step 5

Step 5. Be proud of him in front of others

The ideal is to praise him to other people when he is around. It would be interesting, for example, to comment on a possible promotion at work or how he has been a great father. Seeing you're so proud of him, to the point of bragging in public, will inflate his ego instantly.

  • Throw something like: “He's been a great partner, especially lately. I'm very lucky to have a man like that!”.
  • Even if he hasn't seen it with his own eyes, he may hear it from others and, similarly, he'll feel great knowing he's been praised in public.

Method 2 of 3: Flirting With Him

Boost a Man's Ego Step 6

Step 1. Laugh at jokes

Perhaps there is nothing better to inflate a man's ego than to show him that he has a great sense of humor. Sometimes you might not be in the mood, but try not to resist when he does or says something really funny. However, don't laugh forcedly – ​​he'll take it as a show of pity – or laugh when he falls or does something that wasn't purposefully funny.

Say, for example: "You will laugh me to death any time!"

Boost a Man's Ego Step 7

Step 2. Maintain eye contact in a crowd

Make him feel like it's impossible to take his eyes off him. The best time would be when both were in a place full of people who could easily distract them. So that it doesn't look like it's chasing, don't stare at it all the time, blink and smile from time to time.

Boost a Man's Ego Step 8

Step 3. Show that you find him attractive

In addition to praising his physical characteristics, highlight other qualities that you find attractive about him. Make it clear when he's doing something you find exciting. Tell him he's too handsome to resist. Don't be afraid to show that you want it.

Don't let him leave the house without hearing: “Wow! Every day I say that, but you're getting hotter every day!”

Boost a Man's Ego Step 9

Step 4. Send a text message throughout the day

He will love to know that you can't stop thinking about him, even when you're not together. Don't send too many messages throughout the day, after all, the goal is not to be annoying – so limit yourself to one or two messages. Keep it simple with phrases like “I'm thinking about you” or say you're looking forward to seeing him.

  • A more suggestive message would go like this: "I don't know if I can wait until night to see him." That way, he'll know he can count on your help to relieve his stress when he gets home.
  • If you want, send a message saying that you really liked the program they did the night before.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 10

Step 5. Make first physical contact

The idea is to show that you can't resist it and need to touch it as soon as possible. Give kisses, hugs and caresses. Although it is not necessary to take it to the sexual side, it can be a good form of seduction, if that is the intention.

If you want to go further, dress up in lingerie and immerse yourself in one of his fantasies

Method 3 of 3: Valuing Man

Boost a Man's Ego Step 11

Step 1. Value the hits

You don't have to praise everything he does, but don't miss out on the little day-to-day fixes. Say, for example, that you admire seeing him changing diapers, doing his income tax, or cooking.

  • It would be interesting to use a sentence similar to: “Thank you very much! You have been a hand in the wheel here at home today.”
  • Once in a while, you don't even need to say anything, just exchange a relaxed handshake.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 12

Step 2. Share how grateful you are for his dedication to you

In a relationship, being faithful is an obligation for both of you, however, it costs nothing to say you are grateful for his dedication to you, especially in a world like today, where betrayal seems to be commonplace. For that reason, say you feel lucky. If you have a family together, let him know that you are also grateful for his dedication to his children. Try to demonstrate how all this care of him makes a big difference to the family.

For example, say “We all see your commitment to taking care of our family. So please know that we recognize and are very grateful for everything you do.”

Boost a Man's Ego Step 13

Step 3. Do something he likes

Besides saying you're proud of his talents and interests, do something together. Knowing that you are interested in learning more about something he is dedicated to, he will immediately feel more self-confident. For example, if he plays football or video games, ask him for a class and surprise him by joining him one day.

If you prefer, it can be something simpler like making pasta for dinner, even if it's not your favorite dish

Boost a Man's Ego Step 14

Step 4. Reveal the defects

Maybe he's already struggling to accept his own mistakes and, for that reason, his self-esteem has been reduced. Admittedly, it's impossible not to point out each other's faults from time to time, but try to control yourself. Instead of condemning him, say you like him the way he is, with his faults. For example, if you come to the conclusion together that he is a little envious of others, take the time to solve this problem together.

  • To help you overcome insecurity issues, say something like, “I know you feel a little insecure sometimes, but it doesn't have to be that way. For me you are the best. If you don't believe it, we can work together to resolve it.”
  • Do not accept certain errors. There are certain behaviors that are even capable of alienating the couple's friends – excessive jealousy, for example.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 15

Step 5. Don't get bogged down in details

It is sometimes difficult to overlook certain facts, even if they are small. For example, he may insist on leaving the towel wet on the bed, or he may always forget to lower the toilet seat. Admittedly, not all of each other's mistakes should be overlooked, but to avoid compromising his self-esteem, try to ignore the small flaws.

If some issues do recur, bring them up, but don't be teasing

Boost a Man's Ego Step 16

Step 6. Ask for his help

Although you are certainly capable and independent, a man feels great when he knows he is useful. However, don't ask for help for everything, as the effect can be reversed, making you angry. Prefer to ask for help from time to time, for problems you are sure he will be able to solve.

  • For example, if he understands computers, ask him to make his notebook faster.
  • If he has manual skills, ask him to fix a wobbly table.


  • Don't laugh or act sarcastic when you compliment him, as this will create a negative feeling that will leave you feeling insecure.
  • Don't make false gestures or compliments. If he notices, he'll think you're sorry for him.


  • If he doesn't like something, don't push it.
  • When trying to inflate a man's ego, never treat him like a child. Everything you do must be true so he doesn't question your intentions.

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