How to Date a Marijuana User: 12 Steps

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How to Date a Marijuana User: 12 Steps
How to Date a Marijuana User: 12 Steps

Despite being a controversial subject, let's assume: almost everyone has dated or hooked up with someone who smokes marijuana. The relationship with a cannabis smoker is no different than it would be with someone who doesn't smoke, and if your partner's habit isn't an addiction that negatively affects your life, there's no reason to fight that love. With patience, understanding and information, it is possible to enjoy a relationship with anyone, pot or not.


Part 1 of 3: Making contact

Date a 'Stoner' Step 1

Step 1. Get to know each other

To know what you want from a person, it is essential to know yourself. Start a healthy relationship with self-awareness so that you don't drag past emotional burdens and unnecessary tension. Know what you want and you will hardly be wrong with anyone.

  • Know what your values ​​are. Reflect on yourself and think about what is important in your life. Making a list can help; ask yourself "What is most important in a relationship?" or "What do I not tolerate?" and "How do I usually communicate?"
  • Identify the type of relationship you want. What are you looking for: a long-term relationship or a sporadic affair? Could you face a boyfriend who has a smoking habit? If you don't support the idea, it's best to finish before it gets serious.
Date a 'Stoner' Step 2

Step 2. Think about your compatibility with the person

It's common to start a relationship with high expectations and trying to impress each other, but in reality this is the time to find out the rapport between you.

Instead of thinking about the progress of the encounters, why not think about the things you both have in common? Are there similar tastes and goals? Do you like to talk or spend a lot of time not knowing what to say?

Date a 'Stoner' Step 3

Step 3. Ask lots of questions

The idea is to get a good feel for what the person is like, not make a police inquiry. In addition to attraction, it is important to pay attention to signs such as aggression, a history of instability or a possible addiction problem and this should be a rule for the beginning of any relationship. Do not fall for the deception that marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, many people who use it do not use heavier substances. However, leaving any kind of prejudice aside, realize if your partner has an addiction problem.

About a million and a half Brazilians smoke marijuana daily, so don't be surprised if he smokes a joint by your side right from the start. Marijuana is a substance increasingly used and accepted by society and he probably knows it

Date a 'Stoner' Step 4

Step 4. Don't be prejudiced

The stigma of the “tramp and injured pot smoker” is fading; many successful people have declared themselves active cannabis users. Many people think that weed consumers are nerds, pigs and just think about it, but this information is dead wrong. Of course there are people like that, but they are a minority and starting a relationship with that kind of judgment may deprive you of getting to know a unique, cool person with values ​​of their own.

Part 2 of 3: Building a solid foundation

Date a 'Stoner' Step 5

Step 1. Be patient

Patience is a key aspect of any relationship but, as is well known, cannabis users can have short-term memory affected.

For example, when your partner asks you to repeat something, it's not because he didn't pay attention but because he's under the influence of a substance that reduces memory capacity

Date a 'Stoner' Step 6

Step 2. Understand the reason he uses cannabis

Many people smoke marijuana for its medicinal effects and others, just for its cheapness. Talk to him and try to understand why he likes smoking.

Cannabis relieves symptoms and even cures a lot of illnesses. Skin problems, cancer, anorexia, chronic pain, insomnia, eye diseases… these are just a few examples of what marijuana can treat. Again, chances are your boyfriend smokes because of the high, but it could be health problems as well

Date a 'Stoner' Step 7

Step 3. Learn about marijuana and its effects

Don't hesitate to ask your boyfriend and friends questions, do some research on your own and try to understand the effects it has on your mind. This will help him see life from a perspective more like his own and it will strengthen the relationship.

By releasing dopamine, marijuana makes people feel relaxed and euphoric and finds fun in everything. There are other possible sensations, such as paranoia, sensitivity to sounds and light, increased appetite, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, difficulty concentrating, decreased motor coordination and reduced ability to concentrate. It can also make the user sleepy after these effects. Although they are real, the effects don't happen all at once and not all users feel them equally. Talk to your partner and find out how he feels

Date a 'Stoner' Step 8

Step 4. Find out about the legislation in your country

Laws on cannabis use vary from country to country, and knowing them can be of great help in avoiding unnecessary risks.

In Brazil, having or possessing drugs is a crime. The penalty varies according to substance and amount. Having a joint is different from having 5 kg of marijuana; in the first case, the joint is considered as personal use and in the second, the 5 kg is interpreted as sale (or trafficking). A joint would yield alternative measures such as volunteer work, a fine and a criminal record. Even though the penalty is milder for the user than for the dealer, it is not advisable to pay to see it. Prevent your boyfriend from smoking on the street

Part 3 of 3: Saving the relationship

Date a 'Stoner' Step 9

Step 1. Set limits

Be clear with each other about what is acceptable and what is not. This will help them to have a relationship with more trust and less disagreements.

Let's say you don't support smoke. Use a friendly tone and say that you prefer not to be around when he smokes. A good partner respects this sort of thing and you can work out together how to get around it. He may smoke before or after meeting you, or consume it in the form of food when they are together

Date a 'Stoner' Step 10

Step 2. Do your part

Since you've decided to stick with a pothead, respect his decision. You don't have to stay with him if you feel the habit is damaging your relationship, but be willing and do your part to resolve any issues.

  • Agreements depend on the word and attitude of two people. When something bothers you, talk about possible changes to make the relationship work. Don't start with criticism and accusations, make suggestions on how it would be more enjoyable for both of you, and be open to hearing his point of view.
  • For example, if you feel like you don't have enough opportunities to see him sober, try to arrange specific meetings for that from time to time. Unless his health problem is and he needs to be under the effects of cannabis, spending time together without the influence of any substance can be a deep and intimate experience.
Date a 'Stoner' Step 11

Step 3. Giving in from time to time doesn't mean holding back

Do not give up your space and right not to do something that goes against your values, especially in relation to drugs.

For example, if he offers marijuana too insistently, or asks you to store marijuana in your house, it's time to think about whether this relationship is worth taking on

Date a 'Stoner' Step 12

Step 4. Have fun with your partner

One of the best aspects of dating a pothead is that they are always in a good mood and relaxed and dates are almost always fun.

Enjoy munchies at a new diner or taking cakes and cookies by surprise. Have a picnic


  • Don't assume that a person will change their personality for you. This applies to every type of relationship. You can (and should) talk and come up with ideas on how to improve dating, but keep in mind that push the envelope and make him choose between marijuana and you won't do any good.
  • Marijuana can be very useful for treating illnesses and having fun, but smoking it causes respiratory illnesses. If your partner smokes a lot of marijuana and you are concerned about his or her health, suggest healthier alternatives such as using it in food preparation and using a vaporizer. The herbal vaporizer can be expensive, but it's a great investment. It heats cannabis to a low temperature and filters out many toxins that the burning would release, such as carbon monoxide.


  • Smoking marijuana can be addictive. Surveys revealed that 37% of Brazilian users are dependent. Observe if your partner's habit hinders you in everyday tasks and seek professional help, if necessary.
  • Don't let him drive stoned. Marijuana inhibits reflexes and slows down response time. One study has shown that drivers under her influence are 50% more likely to be involved in a car accident.

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