13 Ways to Attract a Boy Who Ignores You

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13 Ways to Attract a Boy Who Ignores You
13 Ways to Attract a Boy Who Ignores You

Are you in love with a boy, but he doesn't notice you? It's not nice to be ignored like that, but be aware that there are many ways to get the guy to notice you and see what you're missing. Below, you'll find some subtle body language tips as well as more elaborate tips on how to break the ice. Come on?


Method 1 of 13: Smile

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 1

Step 1. Showing a beautiful smile will make him notice you from afar

Guys love to see girls smile, so do it whenever you're around him. He will find that you are in a good mood and that you are approachable, which may motivate an initial contact.

Method 2 of 13: Make eye contact

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 2

Step 1. Look into his eyes quickly to show your interest

It doesn't matter if you're sitting across the room or in the hallway, look him in the eye for a moment. When eyes meet, smile and look away. A brief contact is enough to get the boy's attention.

Don't stare or dry the guy, please! A quick look is usually enough

Method 3 of 13: Raise your eyebrows

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 3

Step 1. A quick lift of the eyebrows can help show your interest

If they are far apart, quickly raise your eyebrows and return them to their normal position. As this gesture is often used as a form of recognition, the guy will wonder if he knows you from somewhere. He will certainly start a conversation!

Some guys are afraid to approach unknown girls. By showing your interest with this action, you make it clear that you are available to chat

Method 4 of 13: Stir hair or accessory

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 4

Step 1. This way you show that you are fun and available to talk

Wrap a lock of hair around your finger, run your fingers through your hair, or simply run your hand over a bracelet or necklace. If you do this while looking at the boy, it's a shot and a fall!

Method 5 of 13: Maintain good posture

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 5

Step 1. Use this simple trick to boost your confidence

Relax your shoulders and look straight ahead. Keep your spine straight to appear more confident. The guy will probably notice this and want to talk to you even more.

Be careful not to get "closed". No crossing arms or legs, or leaning in the opposite direction of the boy

Method 6 of 13: Wear a red piece

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 6

Step 1. According to studies, men are more attracted to women who wear red

Choose a cute, laid-back red accessory to wear when you meet the guy you like. Since people associate this color with warmth and positive feelings, the guy will probably be more interested in reaching out to you.

Another option is to use red lipstick to draw attention to your mouth

Method 7 of 13: Show some skin

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 7

Step 1. Showing off your shoulders or neck can get a guy's attention and make him want you

Look for strapless blouses or blouses with larger necklines. Tube dresses and spaghetti straps also work well. If you're a guy, bet on clothes that show your arms or a V-neck. Invest in a sexy and confident look to get attention without showing despair.

  • If you are in school, remember to always follow the institution's dress code. Avoid problems with the board.
  • Draw attention to the dimple in your collarbone with a delicate necklace.

Method 8 of 13: Put on a perfume

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 8

Step 1. Bet on a unique fragrance for him to associate with you

Look for a subtle, fragrant perfume to put on whenever you go out. If possible, choose a scent you've never smelled before, as this will make you stand out more. Whenever the guy smells the perfume, he'll remember you and want to talk to you.

Avoid strong fragrances, as this can end up giving the face or you a headache

Method 9 of 13: Touch It

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 9

Step 1. A subtle touch may be enough to declare your interest

Pretend you accidentally bumped into him, like accidentally running your hand across his feather or bumping into him in the hallway at school. Use physical contact as an excuse to start a conversation!

Be careful not to let your intention be in your face, or the guy will get it

Method 10 of 13: Enjoy with other people

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 10

Step 1. The guy will be more attracted to you if he is surrounded by a group of friends

Always try to be with a friend or two whenever you bump into the guy. It doesn't matter if they are friends or friends, the idea is to be with a small group to draw the crush's attention even more.

After getting to know him a little better, it's okay to split up from the group and get more alone with the guy

Method 11 of 13: Ask a question

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 11

Step 1. Break the ice with a fun question to make him talk more

For example, ask a question about something they have in common. Bet on open-ended questions - those that can't be answered with just "yes" or "no" - to encourage you to talk more. Always comment on his answers so that he also gets to know you better.

  • For example, if you bump into him in a coffee shop, ask, "Excuse me… what's your favorite drink here?"
  • If they're at school, ask, "What did you think of the math test?"

Method 12 of 13: Praise Him

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 12

Step 1. Saying something kind shows you are genuinely interested in talking to him

A good idea is to point out something small that you noticed in his appearance, in passing. The guy will be flattered and will probably try to return the compliment.

  • For example: "I love that botton in your backpack" or "I love your sneakers, huh?".
  • Follow the compliment with a question to keep the conversation alive. For example: "Nice shirt! Where did you buy it?"

Method 13 of 13: Ignore it

Attract a Boy Who Ignores You Step 13

Step 1. If the boy doesn't respond to your advances, let him go after you

Guys can sometimes seem disinterested when a woman is on the line. Try to replicate his tactic! When you pass him on the street, pretend you didn't see him. You bet he'll be chasing you soon!

Ignoring it also helps give you room to move forward if things don't work out


  • Be careful not to weigh your hand or appear desperate, as this could drive the boy away.
  • If he keeps ignoring you, chances are he really doesn't feel like it. Remember that it is not possible to control the feelings of others and that it may be better to get on with your life.

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