3 Ways to Respond to Young Men on Tinder

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3 Ways to Respond to Young Men on Tinder
3 Ways to Respond to Young Men on Tinder

Did you slide to the right and have some matches? So you should already have some messages popping up in your inbox. The way you answer varies depending on whether you want to get to know the guy better, you want to set up a date, or you just need to say a loud “No thanks!” This task is simple and you still have the chance to make some really cool matches!


Method 1 of 3: Responding If You Are Interested

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 1

Step 1. Send a short reply if the message is also short

If you're shy but want to show interest, answer something simple just to keep the conversation alive. You can put an emoji waving if you want to be nice. At the very least, that answer will get his attention.

Say something like “Hi Eric! Nice to meet you." At least he'll know you got the message and is willing to continue the conversation

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 2

Step 2. Ask a simple question to keep the interaction going

If you want to direct the topic of conversation, respond with a simple question. Avoid things too personal at first and try to get to know him better.

  • For example, write "Everything quiet around?" It's pretty simple, but it helps get the conversation started.
  • You can also send a "What are you doing?" So, he can talk about a hobby, work or what he studies.
  • A more direct question, for example, would be "How was your weekend?" He can respond by talking about the fun things he's done and his favorite hobbies.
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 3

Step 3. Make a comment about what is written in his bio for you to talk about something he likes

Making direct comments about the bio demonstrates to the guy why you got interested in it and can help start a conversation.

  • For example, “I saw that you practice triathlon. Have you been competing for many years?” This opens the way for you to talk more about your interests.
  • Another kind of comment: “I saw in your bio that you have four sisters! I imagine you always spent a lot of time with women in your childhood.” Give him a chance to talk more about his family.
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 4

Step 4. Say something new about yourself so he can comment

If you also like something he's put in his bio, talk about it. Be honest and don't pretend to like something just to have something to say. Show only what you feel like showing.

  • If you two like sports, say things like “I bet you also stayed up late watching Corinthians play last night and you're sleepy now. And that poorly marked absence, huh?” This opens the way for you to talk about the things you both like.
  • Show him that you have a common interest by talking a little more about yourself, “I'm also training for a competition. I'm doing the half marathon. It's already the sixth I participate. How long have you been doing triathlon?”
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 5

Step 5. Send a flirting message to show interest

After talking for a while, show your interest by playing a charm. Give him a little tease when he says something silly or say you loved talking to him.

  • Say “It was so much fun talking to you. You look really funny and cute.”
  • Or things like “Wow, the conversation went so well, didn't it? Looks like I've known you for a while.”
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 6

Step 6. Send a-g.webp" />

This can change the direction of the conversation or at least guarantee a reaction from him. Using these gimmicks is a nice way to keep the answer simple, but a little different from the other people he's talking to.

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 7

Step 7. Ask something about his photos to get to know his match better

This shows that you have stopped, looked at all the photos and want to know more about him. Don't be afraid to give praise.

  • You can say “I loved that photo of you in the waterfall. Where is this place?”
  • Say “Looks like you were having a lot of fun in that photo on the beach. What beach was it?”
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 8

Step 8. Use a wildcard question if the conversation is getting cold

It shows you are dynamic and spontaneous. In addition, it can show more of your personality and bring out a new facet.

Ask out of the blue “Have you ever gone rafting? I always wanted to try!" This may sound random, but it's a question about leisure and one that can spark a conversation

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 9

Step 9. Write a joke if you want to show your playful side

If the conversation gets stuck, break the ice using humor. Show off your charming, cheesy or jokey side to make him smile or laugh.

An example of a silly but funny joke would be “Do you know the difference between weather and weather? Weather is what's going on between us, and time is what we're wasting.”

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 10

Step 10. Ask what he is looking for

If you want to continue the conversation, try to find out what kind of relationship he wants from Tinder. Maybe it's better to talk about it before giving out your cell number if he just wants a no-strings-attached stay.

  • Be cheeky and say something like "I like to go on dates to get to know people better, do you?" It's possible to keep things light and find out what he's looking for anyway.
  • If you want to be more serious, say "I'm enjoying our conversations, but I'm not sure if you want something more casual or more serious."

Method 2 of 3: Making a Date

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 11

Step 1. Give your number and talk about making an appointment after you talk on the phone

If you want to go out with him, give him his number and talk about meeting him in person. That way you can listen to his voice intonation to get a better idea of ​​how interested he is.

  • Say “I loved meeting you! My number is (x). Call me later so we can arrange a place to meet.” So you make it clear that you want to take the conversation off the cell phone screen, but you want to set up this meeting with him.
  • If you want to talk more and then set up the meeting, say “My number is (x). Call me later. We can even arrange to see each other.”
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 12

Step 2. Suggest a casual and safe place that has plenty of people around and friends of yours for the first face-to-face meeting

Say you want to meet him to talk more over coffee or beer. Think about your safety and choose a public place that has several people around. Take some friends too.

  • For example, say “I'm having a beer with my friends later. I would love for you to stop by for us to get to know each other.”
  • Talk about a public event you're going to, like “There's going to be a movie in the park tomorrow night. Me and my friends are going there, do you want to come too?"
Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 13

Step 3. Suggest a traditional date if you want to be alone with him

If you want something more romantic than drinks with friends, propose a “traditional date”. You can invite him to dinner, have a picnic, take a tour of the museum, go to a football game or anything else you both like. The place will still be public, for your safety, but it will be just the two of you.

  • Make a suggestion such as “There is a very nice park in the northern part of the city. How about having a picnic at lunch? You take something for dessert and then we can go on a trail. What about?"
  • If you want something more romantic, say “There's a new restaurant I'm looking forward to. Want to have dinner there this weekend?”

Method 3 of 3: Responding When You're Not Interested

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 14

Step 1. Say you're not interested if you don't want to continue the conversation

Disappearing is not a polite answer! Be direct and honest. If you've been talking for a while, say you don't want to continue. If the conversation was nice, say thank you and say you'll stop there.

For example, say “I enjoyed talking to you, but I don't think we have much in common. I don't want to take up your time, but good luck meeting someone nice here!”

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 15

Step 2. If he made you discouraged, say so

Sometimes you need to be direct with men who make rude or offensive comments. Leave the answer ready in case it starts bothering you.

Respond "I don't want to do that sort of thing, but good luck finding someone who does."

Respond to Guys on Tinder Step 16

Step 3. Stop responding if he doesn't feed the conversation or has sent you some nasty message

If he ignores you or continues to piss you off even after you say you're not interested, stop responding. Eventually he will notice and stop.

  • If he has offended you or said something nasty about your body or personality, stop responding and move on. It's not worth talking to people like that.
  • You are under no obligation to respond to messages you receive. If any are annoying, don't respond.

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