How to Tell if a Girl Wants to Kiss: 10 Steps

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How to Tell if a Girl Wants to Kiss: 10 Steps
How to Tell if a Girl Wants to Kiss: 10 Steps

Knowing whether or not a girl is going to be receptive to a kiss is the kind of thing that creates enormous anxiety, but it doesn't have to be. What you have to do is pay attention to the person's conversation and body language to see if you have a chance or not. Women have more subtle ways of communicating than men - that is, gestures sometimes speak a lot more than words. This article will give you some tips on how to interpret her body language and find the right time to make that thrust.


Part 1 of 3: Analyzing the Conversation

Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 1

Step 1. Pay attention to her attitudes during the conversation

There is no specific sign that someone is in the mood for a kiss, but the way the person talks and interacts can be a clue.

  • Does she look back when you make eye contact? When a person keeps eye to eye, it's a sign that they are, at the very least, interested in the conversation. Notice if her eyes look bigger when she talks to you. Usually, when someone sees something interesting and pleasurable, the pupils dilate and make the eyes look bigger.
  • Does she smile and laugh? A sincere smile and a good laugh at the appropriate times indicate that she is enjoying the conversation. These gestures alone are not a free pass for you to kiss the girl, but they are good signs of receptivity.
  • Does the girl occasionally glance at your lips? This could be a sign that she wants to kiss you. But be careful! Take the whole context into consideration, because maybe she's the kind of person who has a habit of looking at the speaker's mouth.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 2

Step 2. Pay attention to her enthusiasm during the conversation

It's easy to see a person's level of satisfaction by the way they behave while chatting.

  • If she looks bored or looking forward to the end of the date, trying to kiss her is a bad idea.
  • On the other hand, if she suggests that you extend the meeting - like going out for coffee, taking a walk, etc. - is an indication that she is enjoying the moment and may be open to a goodnight kiss.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 3

Step 3. Watch how she leads the conversation

Most of the time it is possible to identify what the person is thinking about the meeting just by the way of speaking.

  • If she is very involved in the conversation and asks questions to try to get to know you better, it is a sign that she is interested.
  • If the conversation is all about her, her comments are ignored, or she is silent most of the time, it's a sign that she's not in the mood.
  • A conversation about intimate matters is a sign that the two feel at ease and, probably, the feeling of attraction is mutual.

Part 2 of 3: Interpreting Body Language

Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 4

Step 1. Analyze her posture

Notice how she behaves when you are together.

  • If she turns her body toward you (shoulders, chest, and legs or feet), leans over and keeps her arms uncrossed, chances are she's into you.
  • A receptive posture, despite being a good sign, needs to be analyzed in the general context. She may be cordial, but she may be more interested in friendship than romance.
  • Close proximity or touches are signs of interest. Just make sure she isn't getting closer because she can't hear you.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 5

Step 2. See how she reacts to physical contact

Pay attention to the reaction when you touch her arm or hand.

  • A rigid or withdrawn posture is a sign that she is not feeling comfortable. Kissing is definitely not a good idea.
  • Smiles, giggles and flushed cheeks are signs that she feels good next to you, and will likely enjoy a kiss.
  • A longer hug when saying goodbye is also a sign of affection.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 6

Step 3. Ask

It's okay if you can't identify her receptivity through her body language. When in doubt, ask if you can kiss her.

The question shows that you are considerate of the person. Besides, it's the best way to make sure she's in the mood too

Part 3 of 3: Taking the First Step

Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 7

Step 1. Get closer

Depending on the girl's body language and her enthusiasm for the conversation, you may start to move closer and prepare to kiss her.

  • With the right reciprocal signals, the kiss will come off naturally, and neither you nor she will feel embarrassed.
  • The first thing to do to have your first kiss is to get closer. If you are seated, move closer until your leg touches hers.
  • Come closer and touch the girl's hand if they are standing.
  • A clear sign that she's not in the mood is if she pulls away the moment you try to get closer.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 8

Step 2. Send the right signals

So far you've only focused on her body language. Now it's time to give the girl a chance to interpret your posture.

  • I make eye contact, taking turns looking between her right and left eyes, then looking at the girl's lips and holding her gaze for a few seconds. Many people interpret this behavior as a desire to kiss.
  • Take it easy. A soft and pleasant conversation is the preliminary to a more affectionate moment, but always maintaining closeness and eye contact.
  • If she doesn't return eye contact or keep her distance, she's probably picking up on your signals and trying to show that she's not interested.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 9

Step 3. Bend over to kiss her

You've made it this far by receiving positive signals through body language. Come closer to kiss her!

  • Move even closer, looking gently into her eyes and her lips.
  • The reciprocation of her gaze to his eyes and mouth says it all. Get closer to the long-awaited moment.
  • Did you notice that she was embarrassed? Walk away or make conversation by saying something humorous. It's okay if she's not ready for the kiss yet.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 10

Step 4. Maintain a serene posture

Kissing the girl or not, try to maintain a calm, gentle posture.

  • After the kiss, look the girl in the eye, smile and continue the conversation. Don't show anxiety or exaggerated excitement so as not to appear immature.
  • Even if the kiss wasn't good, don't despair, don't get angry, or treat her badly. Forget it and continue the conversation or smile and apologize.


  • Don't force a girl to kiss you. Respect the person's feelings and desires.
  • Do not pick up parts of her body without permission.
  • Don't take it personally if the kiss attempt doesn't work. Sometimes it is simply not the right time or the person is not in a good mood, other times they are reasons that are beyond your control. Lift your head and move on.

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