How To Know If You Have A Chance With Someone You Like

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How To Know If You Have A Chance With Someone You Like
How To Know If You Have A Chance With Someone You Like

While having a crush is very exciting, it can also be quite distressing. Taking the first step is scary at times, but it's always good to remember that a lot of people may like you without your knowing it. And it is by analyzing the situation, reflecting on the signs, and flirting with the person you like, that you discover if the feeling is mutual.


Part 1 of 4: Looking for Social Signs

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 1

Step 1. Observe your current situation with him

For example, if you have never spoken, this could potentially be beneficial or problematic, depending on the situation. If they're friends or know each other at any level of intimacy, it can be easier to get close – and riskier. The more aware you are of the situation you are in, the better able you will be to develop a successful approach.

  • In a scenario where he is in a romantic relationship, you should respect that and not initiate any romantic liaisons.
  • Just being known poses a small risk, but it also opens the door to many questions, as you have no way of knowing if he likes you. Assess his attitude and move on if you think you have a chance or feel it's important to express your feelings (but you should also be good at handling rejection situations, and not take anything personally before embracing this one. risk).
  • If they are friends, it means they already know each other, but confessing can ruin the friendship. Think about whether changing the current relationship is worth it and what the chances are that they will remain friends if he doesn't have a mutual romantic interest.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 2

Step 2. Chat with friends

Your friends, especially those who know the person you care about, will be able to assess the situation and tell you if you have a chance with him or not. Think about which ones will be honest with you - some may be afraid of hurting your feelings and will encourage you, even if they think you won't succeed. Ask those who already have a history of being honest, even in difficult situations, for their opinion, and ask for their help on whether or not to take the first step.

The next time they are together around your crush, ask them to pay attention to the situation and give feedback later

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 3

Step 3. Plan a group outing

Hanging out in a group is an excellent way to analyze a boy's interest level in a non-intrusive way. Invite your crush and some mutual friends to a night of bowling, a movie or a simple walk to the mall. This is a great way to interact with him on a more relaxed occasion, and having friends around in case things start to get weird or nervous. If he tries to get closer to you than the others, it's a sign he might have a chance.

This tour is also an opportunity to show you what you're like when you're having fun, which can make him interested in you

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 4

Step 4. Watch his friends

Most of the time, when someone has a crush, they usually talk about it with their friends, and it can show. See if friends make jokes or insinuate some kind of relationship between you when you are around the boy. If they encourage some physical contact, such as holding hands, that can also be a sign.

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 5

Step 5. Look at his profile on social media

See if he's posted anything recently about liking or interested in someone. However, don't look too deeply into his life. Just get a sense of what kind of stuff he's been posting for the past few weeks. You never know, some of the statuses or tweets might be about you!

Posts like "I had an amazing day with one more person!" and you haven't seen him all day, it could indicate that there's one more person in this game, and that he might have a crush on her

Part 2 of 4: Reflect on Your Interactions

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 6

Step 1. Note if it allows you to enter its personal space

If he pulls away when he gets close, it can show disinterest. If he doesn't move away-or, better yet, moves toward you-it's a sign that he feels good around you. When you have an interest in a person, most of the time you will want to stay close to them.

See if he makes a breakthrough and initiates contact. Does he give you high fives, hugs, or tickles you? This could indicate that he harbors feelings too

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 7

Step 2. Think about how often you spend time together

One of the most decisive signs that can tell if someone likes you or not is the effort that the person makes to be around. If they don't know each other much, this information may be irrelevant, but if they are friends, or classmates, it can be easily analyzed.

  • Positive signs include wanting to spend time alone with you.
  • Trying to be your partner on a class project or sitting next to you at break time is also a good sign.
  • Also consider how many messages or calls he makes to you, and how often he comments on or likes your posts.
  • If the current relationship is just acquaintances, see the importance he gives to conversations when they cross paths or at school.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 8

Step 3. Think about the level of commitment

A surefire way to find out if he likes you is to assess what kind and quality of interactions they have. Typically, when someone has an interest in you, they will try to find out more about your personality and opinion, often asking questions. He will tend to notice small details that no one would normally notice, or remember something he said some time ago. In these cases, this is a green light.

See the type of question he asks. The deeper the questions, the more likely he is to like you

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 9

Step 4. Assess body language

In addition to trying to get closer, think of other ways people show interest through body language. Making frequent eye contact while talking may be the signal you're looking for.

  • Analyze how he behaves with other people. If he freely touches others but not you, it may mean that he feels uncomfortable or uninterested. It could also indicate that he feels nervous around you and is afraid of being too invasive. As body language becomes confusing in these situations, consider other factors as well.
  • Note whether he keeps his body facing you when they are in a crowd, stays close, or prefers to sit next to you.

Part 3 of 4: Flirt with him

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 10

Step 1. Reflect on how he reacts to your touch, as this can say a lot

Try touching his arm during a conversation, see how much he laughs and makes you laugh, or lean your head on his shoulder if you're comfortable next to each other and are friends. If he doesn't feel the same way, he will be tense and this will be the cue to stop the touch. However, if he allows this interaction to continue, behaving normally or even more animated, he will return the touch!

  • Try touching it for a second or two while talking, or poking it with your elbow when making a joke.
  • The safest way to play it is to copy the moves. You can give him a slight shove on the shoulder or hug him if he does this often, without necessarily having to initiate contact.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 11

Step 2. Change your body language

A flirtation or show of affection says a lot more than words. Your body can also express your feelings, so make moves that indicate your interest!

  • Lean towards him.
  • Look into the eyes with subtlety as you speak.
  • Give an excited smile when you meet or he says something cute.
  • Laugh at jokes.
  • Place your hand briefly on your shoulder when talking, or on your knee when sitting side by side.
  • Embrace him when you go to say hello or goodbye.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 12

Step 3. Give more praise

This is a great way to show that you like the person, without saying it directly. Most people like to be complimented, and your crush is no exception. Say how attractive he is that day, or how much you admire his intelligence and work ethic on school projects or in the service. If you feel that you are too bold, say something genuine like "I love talking to you."

Avoid overeating. Too much of something good becomes bad, so try to do this step once or twice a week

Step 4. Show interest

Being a good listener is often seen as an attractive quality, and shows that you are interested in their life, opinions and interests. When he's talking, ask questions that prompt him to air his thoughts and make eye contact to show he's paying attention. Try to remember key points in the conversation and bring them up later.

  • For example, if he's talking about his favorite band, when he goes home, do some research and listen to some music. Next time you meet, you can say "Hey, I did some research on that band that commented!"
  • If he says how nervous he is about the results of an important test, ask him how it went.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 13

Step 5. Be respectful

Regardless of his interest in you, always maintain respect. People respond more positively to being respected and treated well, and it won't be different with him. Whether you are starting a relationship or moving away, never talk mean about her and respect your personal boundaries.

In addition to saying only good things, respect each other's wishes. If he asks you to flirt, you must do so. Give it the space you need

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 14

Step 6. Go Deep

When making sure you have a chance with your crush, big or small, don't let the opportunity slip away. Take time to talk to him in person and let him know how you feel. Prefer a quieter place, like a park, so that the noises don't get in the way. A face-to-face conversation is the best choice, but if you can't, text or call. Good luck!

Remember that if he's not interested in dating you, it's not personal. It just means he's not the right person. You deserve to be with someone who is on the same wavelength, so you don't end up wasting time with someone who doesn't

Part 4 of 4: Assess the Situation

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 15

Step 1. Assess your feelings

Before making the decision to invest in him, think rationally and carefully about why you feel for her, and why you want to build a relationship. Sometimes people build a false attraction to others because they are popular, or because others like them. Take a few moments to ponder what you really find attractive and intriguing. See if a relationship is really worthwhile.

  • For example, a relationship based on appearance would not be a good idea.
  • However, if your heart stops for a second whenever you see him, or gets jealous when he goes out with other people, this may be a feeling to explore.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 16

Step 2. Write down your feelings

After thinking about the person you like and why you feel it, write them down in a paper or journal. Many people process what they think better after taking notes, and it can help you notice thoughts and feelings you may not have noticed.

Make a list of pros and cons of investing in your crush

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 17

Step 3. Make sure he's a good match for you

Too often, getting too involved with someone causes logic to be left out. Even though having someone to like makes life more colorful, it's also the time when people make silly decisions. Certainly you must follow your heart, but make sure your head is also involved in the process.

  • See if the values ​​it carries are the same as yours. If you are a religious person and the other party is not, this could become a problem in the future, so don't ignore it.
  • Not knowing the person well also means not knowing the values. You can, however, look for red signs. Like, in a situation where you've heard that this person is always called into the principal's office for misbehavior or has legal trouble, no matter how cute and mysterious he seems to be, these could be signs that you shouldn't date with he.
Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 18

Step 4. Talk to someone you trust

While friends are good sources of advice, they still may not be able to compete with advice from a mom or dad. For sure they have suffered from many crushes throughout their lives, even more so than their friends, and will be able to give good advice on how and how to proceed.

Say something like “Hey Mom, I was thinking, have you ever had a crush on someone but didn't know if you had a chance with him? I wanted some advice.”

Know if You Stand a Chance with Someone You Like Step 19

Step 5. Get over your shyness

Perhaps you are a reserved and quiet person, and you may find it difficult and stressful to make friends and interact with others. Rather than thinking you're nervous, consider yourself excited. Sometimes the feelings these emotions bring are very similar, and it's up to you to control your mind and be the master of your own future. Stay calm and take a deep breath, handling the situation with confidence and excitement.

  • Make a list of your strengths for boosting self-esteem.
  • Try to plan what you're going to say to your crush, and practice in front of the mirror. Imagine the scenario unfolding in the best possible way.

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