3 Ways to Conquer a Girl (LGBT)

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3 Ways to Conquer a Girl (LGBT)
3 Ways to Conquer a Girl (LGBT)

There are several ways to get a girl's attention. You can spend a lot of time with her, try to get to know her better through the small details and so on, as well as touching her (if you have permission and intimacy, of course) and making eye contact and praise. Remember to be genuine and, in the end, understand that it's all about having fun.


Method 1 of 3: Getting to Know the Girl Better

Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 1

Step 1. Find out if the girl likes girls too

If you have the courage, you can slap the face and ask her directly. If you're shy, send out some more subtle signals of your intentions. The girl will be much more invested if she likes girls and notices that you do too.

  • You can talk about LGBTQ+ topics of interest or even participate in area events wearing the colors of the rainbow.
  • Be direct, like "Do you like boys or girls?"
  • Make comments like "My ex-girlfriend loved this show!" to show you like girls.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 2

Step 2. Spend time with the girl to get to know her better

The more time you spend with the girl (alone or in a group), the more she will get to know your personality. Talk about interesting subjects and things like that.

  • Invite the girl to go to a party or a bar or even do something more relaxed, like eating ice cream.
  • Ask her to go to a movie with you and some of your friends.
  • If you don't know if she's interested, invite her to an LGBTQ+ event in your area to find out.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 3

Step 3. Ask the girl open-ended questions to get to know her better

Show interest in the girl's life to make it clear that you're into her. Talk about subjects like family, studies, work and hobbies. She may also ask questions to find out more about your life.

  • Ask "Do you have pets?" or "Where do you like to go on the weekend?"
  • Comment on her responses to not let the conversation die. For example, if she's just taken a trip to Japan, say "Wow, I've always wanted to go there! I want to try the cuisine."
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 4

Step 4. Listen to what the girl says and memorize important details

Show that you are attentive whenever the girl starts talking about her life or her day. Memorize details, such as the names of her relatives, to surprise her with your dedication.

  • Make eye contact when talking to the girl.
  • If the girl says she's nervous about an upcoming exam or work presentation, send a good luck message on the big day.
  • If she says she likes reading and Chinese food, send her a list of cool books or ask her to go out to a restaurant.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 5

Step 5. Ask for the girl's mobile number to exchange messages with her

Ask for the girl's mobile number to talk to her and arrange to go out from time to time. If you agree to pass, it's probably because she's interested.

  • Say "Are you excited to exchange WhatsApp? So we can talk once in a while?".
  • Send something like "Hi! How's the weekend?" or "Are you willing to go out after work?"
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 6

Step 6. Follow the girl on social media and see what she posts

You can follow the girl on Instagram or Twitter to see what kind of stuff she posts in the media. Also start commenting on what she posts and like some photos to show your interest.

  • Add the girl to Facebook.
  • Comment on her photos with something like "That's cute!" or "Nice picture!".
  • Don't exaggerate to the point of liking or commenting on everything she posts on social media.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 7

Step 7. Trust your potential

You don't have to change to fit anyone's pattern. Trust yourself and express your desires and interests - and you will catch the attention of any girl.

  • Even if you're not very confident, start smiling more, holding your head up and looking people in the eye to make that impression.
  • Don't be ashamed of your sexual orientation. Be proud of who you are.

Method 2 of 3: Flirting with the Girl

Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 8

Step 1. Praise the girl for showing interest

There's no one who doesn't like to receive compliments (as long as they don't create a weird mood, of course). Talk about the girl's outfit, smile or an ability and pay attention to her reaction to see if you got it right or not.

  • Speak up making it clear that you are interested in the girl. For example: it's better to say "You look great in that heel!" than "I love your shoes!"
  • If interested, the girl can even return the compliment while making eye contact and smiling.
  • Maybe she's not interested if you say "Thank you!" and start talking to someone else.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 9

Step 2. Make eye contact to bond with the girl

The eyes are the most expressive tool for anyone who wants to find out if there is attraction to another person. So look into the girl's eyes for a few seconds.

  • Make eye contact even if you are further away and whenever you talk to the girl.
  • He smiled at her before looking away to make the gesture playful.
  • Do not make eye contact in uncomfortable situations, such as in the bathroom at a club.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 10

Step 3. Smile to show that you are nice

Smiling is another strategy that makes anyone more interesting and happy. Show the girl your smile whenever you talk to her, laugh at the jokes and so on.

Smile and make eye contact with the girl for a few seconds

Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 11

Step 4. Play the girl playfully

Physical contact between two people, even if slight, can already create a certain attraction. Place your hand on the girl's arm when you are going to smile at something she has said or put your arm around her shoulders when you are walking.

  • Don't overdo this physical contact if you've just met.
  • For example, you can shake the girl's hand lightly before you say goodbye to her.
  • If the girl doesn't think it's bad when they touch her face, remove the strands of hair that fall from her forehead.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 12

Step 5. Show your interest in the girl through body language

This includes things like leaning your body towards her when they're talking, fussing with your hair, and biting your lip. The body naturally demonstrates certain gestures when there is interest in someone, but there are also other, clearer ways to convey that message.

  • Keep running your hands through your hair or your fingers through a strand, winding the strands.
  • Bite your lip lightly when the girl is speaking.
  • Don't cross your arms and don't be hunched over.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 13

Step 6. Take the girl's foot playfully

Making the girl laugh is an excellent way to pique her interest. Play about things that are simple and non-controversial, like a funny habit she has or an incident that happened recently.

  • For example, you can make fun of the stuffed animals she still has in her room.
  • Don't play if you don't know how the girl will react.

Method 3 of 3: Finding out if the girl likes you too

Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 14

Step 1. Pay attention to the girl's body language

Just as you used your body language to get the girl's attention, so will she use hers. For example, if she keeps looking at you and smiling for a while, she's in the mood.

  • A person who likes another tries to "imitate" her hand movements, even if she doesn't know it.
  • Notice if the girl maintains eye contact with you and smiles.
  • The girl can show that she likes you through touching, exchanging glances, and so on.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 15

Step 2. See if the girl laughs at the things you say

If the girl smiles and laughs a lot when she talks to you - which isn't even so funny - she's probably interested.

The next time you see the girl, see if she smiles or laughs at the funny things you say

Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 16

Step 3. Watch if the girl starts a conversation with you

If you're the girl who usually talks about WhatsApp or in person, she's certainly up for it, even more if she's been talking all day.

  • Note if the girl asks questions about your life or if she responds quickly to your WhatsApp messages.
  • If the girl sends you a message on WhatsApp first thing in the morning or before going to bed, she's probably interested.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 17

Step 4. See if the girl gets ready when she goes to meet you

If the girl always tries to be well-groomed, with her hair and makeup done, and perfume past, perhaps she intends to make a good impression. Keep an eye out for these details when you meet her in person.

  • She doesn't necessarily have to wear fancy clothes. Even a pair of jeans and a basic blouse say enough, even more if they fit her well.
  • The type of activity you are going to do greatly influences how much the girl will be concerned about her clothes and makeup. For example, it's okay to wear gym clothes to go hiking, but it's not okay to wear any "rag" to go to the movies with you.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 18

Step 5. Ask the girl's friends if they think she is interested

Here's a good way to find out what the girl is feeling without talking to her directly. Chat with her closest friends.

  • In this case, there is a strong possibility that the girl's friends will comment to her.
  • Say something like "I think Jessica is really cool. Is she into someone right now?"
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 19

Step 6. Talk to the girl

If you're afraid of damaging your friendship with the girl, it's best to talk to her face-to-face to ask if she's interested in anyone (without exposing yourself).

  • You can also talk to the girl and say what you feel, but remember that your friendship is more important. Explain that it's okay if she doesn't feel that way either.
  • Say "Are you into someone?" or "Is there someone special in your life right now?" The girl.
Get a Girl to Like You (LGBT) Step 20

Step 7. Respect the girl, even if she isn't interested

Don't take it personally if the girl says she doesn't feel like it. Respect how she feels and step aside for a while to process everything. Maybe it's not meant to be - and your ideal match is still out there.

  • Give it time and go after things that make you happy.
  • Make new friends, exercise, pursue new hobbies or even travel a bit.


  • The girl may start to like you more if she notices an approach to her friends.
  • Take care of your hygiene (bath, wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair) so that you are always tidy and charming.

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