How to Flirt with Older Men: 13 Steps

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How to Flirt with Older Men: 13 Steps
How to Flirt with Older Men: 13 Steps

For some women, men of the same age do not live up to their elders. However, as you are in a different phase of life, it's possible that you don't have much in common and you don't quite know how to flirt with them. Fortunately, in talking to an older man, it's more important to have confidence in your youth than to have common life experiences.


Part 1 of 2: Making an Older Man Feel Comfortable

Flirt With Older Men Step 1

Step 1. Treat him like a person, not an age

When young women talk to more mature men, they sometimes feel the need to say what they like about them. Such an attitude will make you think you are looking for a "type," not a person.

  • Rather than starting with what appeals to you about mature men, focus on showing why you specifically want to talk to him.
  • Do you like gray hair? Does he dress well? Did you overhear him talk about an interesting subject?
Flirt With Older Men Step 2

Step 2. Talk about the age difference only if the subject comes up

Make him relaxed and comfortable in your presence, allowing him to decide whether or not he wants to talk about it. If he never brings it up, that's fine. Discussing other issues shows that you weren't attracted to age. If he does, however, talk about how much younger you are, don't shy away from the conversation.

  • Once he's sure of your interest in him, he can talk about his preference for older men.
  • Don't talk too much about past relationships. Talk in general about what older men have to offer that men your age don't.
  • Financial stability shouldn't be the focus of the conversation. Think of all the other things mature men can offer, such as emotional stability, a perspective on life, and a more relaxed lifestyle.
Flirt With Older Men Step 3

Step 3. Let him decide if he wants to talk about his work

Every man has his way of approaching financial stability issues. Let him decide what he wants to reveal about the job.

  • A conversation focused on the field of work and business will imply that your interest in the older man is financial, not love.
  • On the other hand, he might want to show off what a great job he has. Allow him to use this feature on flirting just as you are using his age.
Flirt With Older Men Step 4

Step 4. Show financial independence

Regardless of having a great job, he may not want to talk to a much younger woman if he feels you need to be supported financially. Even if he doesn't talk about work, find a way to talk about yours.

  • Don't talk about your salary, but show that you work and can take care of yourself.
  • If you're at a bar and he wants to pay your bill, say thank you but don't accept. Say "You're so kind, but you don't have to."
Flirt With Older Men Step 5

Step 5. Respect his opinion

Every adult agrees that there is nothing more irritating than a young person who thinks he knows more than anyone else. You don't have to agree with everything, but don't constantly antagonize him. Some people are concerned about keeping up-to-date on how they think as they get older. Make him feel experienced but not old.

  • A good way to deal with the difference of opinion is to see it as a learning experience. Instead of focusing on how much you disagree, ask him to explain why he thinks that way.
  • Listen openly and attentively. You don't have to change your thinking, but you can show that you respect it enough to want to understand it.
  • If, however, he holds opinions that you find offensive, show that you were upset and leave. Don't sacrifice your principles just to date someone.

Part 2 of 2: Making a Good Impression

Flirt With Older Men Step 6

Step 1. Engage him in a conversation

Respect his opinions, but show that you have yours. Differences of opinions, rather than leading to disagreements, can lead to fascinating discussions. What man wouldn't be crazy about a woman who knows how to turn a disagreement into a great conversation?

  • Relax your facial expressions so he doesn't think you're getting annoyed by the difference in opinions.
  • Laugh about how different you can be on certain issues.
  • If you're lucky, you'll have found someone who really thinks like you. In that case, celebrate!
Flirt With Older Men Step 7

Step 2. Dress your age

Youth is one of your greatest assets when flirting with older men; use it to your advantage. When going out at night, wear clothes that make you stand out from older women. Don't dress like a teenager going to a "One Direction" concert. Wear clothes that look good on women in their 20s or early 30s but would be inappropriate for women in their 40s.

What most attracts older men to younger women is that they are of the ideal age. You don't have to look older or younger; is already on point

Flirt With Older Men Step 8

Step 3. Don't focus on youth

When he looks at you, he will already see that you are a young woman. No need to emphasize your age to get his attention! Act on it, but don't make it the center of the conversation. Highlighting this aspect repeatedly ("This is my dad's favorite song") will make the conversation tiresome for him. Plus, he'll think you're just a pretty face with no content. Instead of wasting time talking about how young you are, focus on how mature you are for your age.

Flirt With Older Men Step 9

Step 4. Don't hide your youth

Hiding your youth will make him think you don't have much in common. For example, he might talk about kids, mortgage, 70s music, and various other things you don't know well. Don't carry on the conversation by pretending you understand what it's like to be a father. He'll notice soon.

  • Don't be so childish. You are young but not futile. Instead of saying, "I don't know anything about real estate," focus the conversation on something that interests him. Ask him what he likes about home ownership, for example.
  • Even if he talks about how difficult something is, just smile and say "I haven't been through this yet, but I can't wait."
  • If he wants to share an experience, keep an open mind: "I don't like 70s music, but I can listen more if you think I'll like it."
Flirt With Older Men Step 10

Step 5. Be yourself

Older men have had more time to find out who they are. Generally, they are more confident about their personality and tastes. They want the same thing in a woman, even if she's younger. Listen as he talks about his experiences, but share yours too. If you're really looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, let him know. If you still like hanging out with friends on the weekend, don't apologize, it's part of who you are.

Flirt With Older Men Step 11

Step 6. Make eye contact

Don't challenge him to a staring duel, but connect with him by looking. Keeping eye contact shows that you are self-confident and that you are attracted to him.

Flirt With Older Men Step 12

Step 7. Run your hand through your hair and neck

The neck and hair are very personal areas of the body; not even our best friend touches them. They are off limits for everyone, especially for sexual partners. Draw attention to them so he knows what you're thinking.

Flirt With Older Men Step 13

Step 8. Remember body language

It applies to any flirting, not just older men. Be aware that much of this language can suggest that you are interested in a sexual relationship. Take into account his feelings and your safety. Don't make him think you're interested in sex if that's not your real interest. If, however, you are interested, your body can help to show this more clearly than your words.

  • Draw attention to your lips: bite your bottom lip, pout while you think, or apply some pretty, shiny lipstick. Make him think about kissing you.
  • Don't be too shy to touch him: place your hand on his when you laugh at something he says, or on his shoulder when you lean in to share something private.
  • Don't cross your arms; this attitude shows you are closed to flirting.
  • Lean towards him to close the distance between you.


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