How to Attract a Gemini Girl: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Attract a Gemini Girl: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Attract a Gemini Girl: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Being with a Gemini is meeting two different people. She has a dual nature and is able to show different personality traits at different times. However, both sides of it can be equally attractive and intriguing. If you're up for this adventure, a Gemini girl might be right for you.


Part 1 of 3: Understanding Her Personality

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 1

Step 1. Be prepared to be surprised

Gemini is represented by twin people, two equal parts, yin and yang. That means you never know which twin you're dealing with! One minute she'll be playful and fun, the next she'll be serious and reserved. If you can stand both sides, you have a chance with this dynamic woman.

You never know what to expect from a Gemini. If you're looking for a constant woman who will always take care of you, it's best to look for another sign (like Virgo). She can be submissive but also dominant. If she's a real Gemini, it's going to be a balance of both

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 2

Step 2. Understand how creative and smart she is

Twin wives are unstoppable when it comes to their creativity. She likes to spend her time doing something related to music, arts or literature.

A Gemini girl can take things well or not. If you make a joke by being funny and cute, she'll take it easy. Just don't forget that at some point she's going to return the favor

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 3

Step 3. Know that she may be immature

There is a side to Geminis that is very childish, quarrelsome, and immature. It almost balances the serious and mature side. The “younger twin” can show up when she's meeting her parents or at work. Who knows!

A Gemini benefits from people who can handle her more radical side. A person who stirs up their immature side can create bad situations, but someone who only brings out the mature side may not be much fun. Try to be balanced too

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 4

Step 4. Expect never to know what will happen

If you're with a girl like that, she could be reading poetry on the couch one minute and leaving a note saying she went to Italy the next. She is curious and always looking for a new adventure.

That way of being may not be good for some people. You might think she doesn't care or love enough when that's not true. Plus, the Gemini wants to know if you'll still be there when she gets back

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 5

Step 5. Don't expect her to like makeup and magazines

She knows she's naturally beautiful, so she doesn't care. And she prefers books.

That's not to say she isn't feminine. She is. Or at least part of it

Part 2 of 3: Conquering a Gemini

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 6

Step 1. Be smart

A Gemini girl wants someone who can accompany her physically and mentally. She needs to know that you are a match for everything. The last thing she wants is a partner who is inferior.

When you're with her, talk about the book you're reading. Ask her if she wants to go to a museum. Mention an article you read. She will find it intriguing and think about what she can learn from you

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 7

Step 2. Show that you can satisfy her sexually

Twins have two sexual sides: submissive and dominant. She can be shy or take the initiative. Play the same game! Let her take the lead when she wants and attack when she does.

She doesn't want someone who is dominant enough or submissive enough; she wants someone to complete her

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 8

Step 3. Let her speak

Geminians are very sociable. When the more childish side comes out, they can get pretty chatty. When she wants to tell her all the book she's reading, sit down and listen. Watch her. Let her entertain you.

Since this sign needs stimulation, ask questions. Show thoughts and theories. Talk about things you've been thinking about

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 9

Step 4. Invite her to interesting and exciting meetings

Geminians like to be surprised, intrigued. She's going to want to do things that aren't traditional.

Don't feel too pressured to do this all the time. It has two sides; once you show that you can handle the more curious and adventurous side, relax and show the side that prefers to be in your pajamas, watching movies

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 10

Step 5. Be ready to put in the effort

She will vary greatly in mood and can be affectionate and available one time, and the next cold and distant. You'll have to know how to handle and be ready for both, taking it well when she's away and being receptive when she comes back.

Remember: not everything is about you. Even though she's quite hesitant to start dating, she'll be completely loyal and loving when she starts

Part 3 of 3: Making the Relationship Last

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 11

Step 1. Surprise her because she will do this to you

Say you'll take her to dinner, but take her for a night at the planetarium. Write a song for her. Little things make a difference.

Surprise her with your personality, too. Do something you never thought you would do and she would never guess

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 12

Step 2. Make room for her

She needs time alone for her own adventures. She is not running from you. She'll be back, full of new experiences to share with you!

If her independent side bothers her, talk about it. She will love listening to you and talking about it. And he'll be happy to see you care

Attract a Gemini Girl Step 13

Step 3. Know how to deal with jealousy

After committing to you, a Gemini can get pretty jealous. It took her a long time to make sure you were worth it, and seeing it fail may make her suspicious.

  • Think of it as a declaration of love. She likes you and wants you around.
  • Don't try to make her jealous on purpose.
Attract a Gemini Girl Step 14

Step 4. Know how to handle her mood swings

After a while, you'll know which of the “twins” you're dealing with. Knowing when she wants adventure and when she wants to be quiet is essential.

Accepting that these two personalities are here to stay is the biggest challenge in a Gemini relationship. Once past that point, the relationship will be easy


  • Always be yourself. And wear a good perfume.
  • You have feelings too, and you can't just rely on them. Sometimes you won't be able to give her the support she needs. Explain why. Talk to her.
  • Know that you can't hold back a Gemini's outburst. But always be available to her, even when the Gemini doesn't want company. In that case, make it clear that you are available and walk away.

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