How to Kiss Someone Other than Your Height: 8 Steps

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How to Kiss Someone Other than Your Height: 8 Steps
How to Kiss Someone Other than Your Height: 8 Steps

You guys are a cute couple, but the height difference between the two is stark! While this doesn't get in the way of their love for each other, a simple kiss can sometimes be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are easy ways to even out that difference. Wearing high-heeled shoes, using a piece of furniture or a stair step as support, or simply making an effort to meet midway are some of the most practical solutions. When both are adept at these methods, they can create other techniques and more creative positions.


Method 1 of 2: Equalizing the Height Difference

Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 1

Step 1. Bow slightly if you are taller

A simple way to make this difference less obvious is to make the taller person bend a little to the height of the face of the shorter one.

If you're the tallest, put your arm around your girlfriend's neck. After a while with her face upturned, her neck may start to feel uncomfortable and painful

Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 2

Step 2. Stand on tiptoe

As for the shorter person, standing on tiptoe is sometimes enough to reach the partner's face. If the height difference is too big, in addition to having to stand on tiptoe, your partner will need to bend over a little.

Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 3

Step 3. Use the resources you have around

See if there's anything you can use to minimize this height difference and bring them closer together. It can be a step on a ladder, a sidewalk stop, a stool or a crate, to name a few examples.

  • The smaller of the two can climb any of the suggested alternatives to gain a few centimeters.
  • The tallest one, on the other hand, should descend one or more steps from the stairs or be at street level, not on the sidewalk either.
Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 4

Step 4. Wear high-heeled shoes

A short person who has a very tall boyfriend needs some tricks to try to get a little bigger, and one of them is the high-heeled shoe. Boots, wedges, sandals and platforms are some of the models of high heel shoes. Another option is to use a type of tall insole used inside the shoe, even if it has no heel.

Celebrities often use these insoles to gain a few inches

Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 5

Step 5. Sit down

To make kissing even easier, you can sit on a sofa or chair. If the difference is still too evident, the taller person sits in the chair and the shorter one can sit on the first person's lap.

Just make sure the piece of furniture is firm enough to hold the two of you. Breaking your chair and crashing to the floor is not the most romantic scene in the world

Tip: Lying down next to your partner also helps to minimize the height difference, but it's okay if you still don't feel comfortable with it.

Method 2 of 2: Experiencing More Creative Positions

Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 6

Step 1. Give a movie kiss

For a kiss as romantic as what you see in the movies, support your partner's back and throw her down on her back, leaving her practically parallel to the floor. Be careful not to strain your spine when doing this, as you'll have to bend over too. Use leg strength to balance and support the weight.

  • If you are the tallest of the couple, support your partner around the waist and spine so that you can provide some balance for her.
  • The shorter of the two should put their arms around the taller person's neck for support.
Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 7

Step 2. Jump into the arms of the loved one

If your boyfriend has the strength, jump into his arms and wrap your legs around the guy's waist, making your face level with his or a little higher. Be sure to warn in advance so you don't catch the other person completely off guard.

Want an extra dose of romance? If you're the taller of the two, spin your girlfriend around after she throws herself into your arms

Kiss Somebody Who Is a Different Height Step 8

Step 3. Kiss other parts of your partner's body

Lips and cheeks aren't the only parts of your body you can kiss someone to show affection. If you are the shortest person in the couple, kiss your partner's hand or shoulder. Being the tallest, give an affectionate kiss on the head or lift the person's hand for a pat.

Tip: Try to create your own way of showing affection. Taking the hand in a different and loving way is as special as a kiss.


When your boyfriend is wearing a jacket, take the opportunity to playfully pull his clothes off and bring him closer to you


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