3 Ways to Kiss in Many Different Ways

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3 Ways to Kiss in Many Different Ways
3 Ways to Kiss in Many Different Ways

Everyone has a different concept of “the perfect kiss”, but some tricks are universal and you can't not like them. Use the right language to make your partner want more and don't be afraid to innovate, using all your creativity. Besides, kisses are not limited to romantic situations and you can also bet on some fun kisses to show your affection for friends and family!


Method 1 of 3: Improving Your Basic Kissing

Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 1

Step 1. If you are new to the subject, start with a peck

Lean towards your partner and gently press your lips against his. Make your upper lip between his lips and the lower one below.

  • If you prefer, do the opposite, leaving his upper lip between yours.
  • Don't overdo it, the kiss should be soft and romantic, not painful and aggressive.
Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 2

Step 2. Imitate your partner so that the kiss is in tune

If you're not sure what to do with your tongue, mouth and even hands, this tip helps a lot. Let him lead the kiss and let yourself go with his rhythm as long as you're comfortable.

  • If the other person puts a little tongue in, for example, or touches your face, do the same.
  • The same goes for speed. If she's going slow, don't force a faster kiss.
Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 3

Step 3. Find your own rhythm by varying your movements

To be good, a kiss cannot be monotonous. Mix more romantic and light kisses with sensual ones, with a little or a lot of tongue. The key is to follow your instincts, doing what the moment asks for.

  • Change the position of your head and body. From time to time, break the kiss to turn your head or place your hand on the back of your partner's neck, for example.
  • Pay attention to how your partner reacts to kisses. If you try something more intense and he keeps his lips closed, for example, it's a sign that he's not into it.

Step 4. If you want, kiss with your tongue

The secret to a good kiss is chemistry, so let it guide your actions by acting instinctively. Vary the speed and movements of your tongue, increasing and decreasing the intensity during the kiss. Just be careful not to make your tongue too stiff or too loose.

Use your hands. Run them through your partner's hair or hold the back of his head

The Tongue Kiss Manual

Pay attention to the rhythm of the other

Copy his movements with your tongue, whether they are faster or slower than yours, to get in tune.

Use the "secret message" trick

Spell a word with the tip of your tongue and ask your date to guess what it was.

Don't stick your tongue in right away

Start the kiss with the mouth slightly closed and, in the course, gradually insert the tongue.

Don't overdo it on your saliva or your tongue

A kiss that is too wet or too tongue-tied ends the mood. In this case, less is more.

Method 2 of 3: Daring in the Kisses

Step 1. Lick your partner's lips and then blow on them to make them tingle

Run your tongue around his upper lip and after you've made it very wet, blow on it lightly. This mixture of hot and cold will give you goose bumps.

  • Don't exaggerate the language. Just use the tip, moistening the other person's lips.
  • You can also use this technique on other parts of the body, such as the neck and ears.

Step 2. Are you feeling bolder?

Take a little bite on the lips of the crush. The key here is not to go too thirsty for the pot. Do not bite the person's mouth with everything, as this region is delicate. Take it easy, biting gently or, in the middle of the kiss, take a very light bite.

  • Save this trick for the end of the kiss, leaving the person with that taste of wanting more. Then you can also nibble on your own lip, looking her straight in the eye.
  • To avoid mistakes, bite down by lightly closing your teeth.

How to tease during kissing

Glue your body to the other person's to make the experience even more intimate.

Lean towards her, as if to kiss her, but stay there, with your lips very close to her mouth, without kissing her, for a little while.

tease kissing the corners of lips, the neck, the ear and whatever else you want before leaving for the mouth.

suck an ice cube before the kiss, for a very good feeling.

Breathe hard and moan, making it clear that he is enjoying the moment.

Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 7

Step 3. If you want a kiss worthy of the cinema, bet on the Spider-Man technique

Of course, we don't expect it to hang from a web, but there are other ways to give this kiss without getting bitten by a radioactive spider. All you need is to find a good position that works for you and your partner. At first it may seem strange, but together you will get the hang of it.

You can, for example, sit with the person's head in your lap and lean toward them to achieve the same effect

Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 8

Step 4. If you want to get your love turned on, give him a little kiss on the ear

Like the neck, ears have many nerve endings, which makes them supersensitive. Use this information to your advantage and give the person little kisses around the neck, interspersing with very light nibbles on the ears.

  • Abuse your tongue. Run it across the person's neck, top to bottom, or around the edge of the ear.
  • Before giving someone a hickey, ask for permission. A lot of people don't like being with marked skin and it's not cool to do that without them knowing.

Step 5. Want to surprise your partner?

So give a snake kiss. Start as you would with any French kiss, placing your lips over the other person's, with your mouth slightly open. Then move your tongue like a snake itself, putting it in and out very quickly.

  • This kiss is kind of weird, so just give it to someone you're very intimate with. It's not good for a first kiss, for example.
  • Before kissing someone, practice alone, sticking your tongue in and out. This way, you avoid embarrassing situations, with awkward tongue movements.
Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 10

Step 6. If you are close in a pain, bet on the sniffing kiss

It's pretty intense, and to give it, you have to bring your lips together and suck them as hard as you can, both at the same time. This creates a suction effect which, when broken, gives an almost intoxicating feeling of relief.

  • When you separate you will hear a loud noise. It's the suction breaking.
  • If you and your partner have never done this, let him know beforehand as you both need to suck at the same time to make it work.
Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 11

Step 7. Are you more experienced?

Then try a one-lip kiss. To give it, cover your teeth with your lips and gently suck on the other person's upper or lower lip, trapping it between your own. This kiss is more difficult because you must suck with the right intensity, so that the kiss is very sensual.

  • If you've never had a kiss like this before, start with the lower lip, which is easier.
  • If you want to provoke even more, add a little tongue or take a light bite.

Method 3 of 3: Giving Cute and Fun Kisses

Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 12

Step 1. If you're in a better mood, give it an Eskimo kiss

He was raised by these people, who in the harsh cold could only keep their eyes and nose out. In it, just rub the tip of your nose against someone else's.

  • You can also just touch your nose to the other person's nose without rubbing them.
  • This kiss is also perfect for saying good night to your kids. Children love him a lot, starting with the name!
Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 13

Step 2. Show all your affection with a kiss on the forehead

It's perfect for many situations, whether it's to show that you really like a person, either as a boyfriend, as a friend, or to comfort them when they're sad. It's super simple and you just need to put your (dry) lips right in the center of each other's forehead for a few seconds.

  • To feel even closer to the person, combine the kiss with a tight hug.
  • Do not use your tongue or wet your lips to give this kiss.
Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 14

Step 3. Tickle with a butterfly kiss

In it, you don't even have to use your mouth! Just bring your face closer to the other person, touching their skin with your eyelashes. Then blink very quickly, so that she feels the sensation of “wings” beating.

This is the easiest kiss to give, as you can still rest your face on the other person's cheek

Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 15

Step 4. Prove that chivalry didn't die with a little kiss on the hand

This is a polite and respectful gesture, usually made between a man and a woman. To do this, take her hand gently and bring it towards your face, while you lean in slightly, giving it a very soft kiss.

Only kiss the hand of women you know. Today this gesture has become very intimate and can be misinterpreted

Kiss in a Variety of Ways Step 16

Step 5. Greet with a “semi-kiss”

Very popular in Europe, this is a very warm way to say hi. The idea is not to touch your lips to the person's face, but just touch cheek to cheek, making the kissing noise.

  • The number of kisses and which side of the face you give them varies from place to place.
  • If you want to give a little kiss, choose the right side of the face. To give two, start on the right and end on the left.

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