How to Pet Your Boyfriend: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Pet Your Boyfriend: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Pet Your Boyfriend: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Stroking your boyfriend is a sweet and loving way to show how much you love him. However, showing your affection involves much more than just touching him in a loving way. The best way to care for and show love to your boyfriend is to treat him well and value him, then caress him in a sweet and gentle way.


Part 1 of 2: Stroking your boyfriend

Love Your Girlfriend Step 2

Step 1. Wait for a romantic opportunity

If you've been taking care of and taking good care of your boyfriend lately, the field is already prepared. He will appreciate your touch even more if he is aware that his heart and emotions are involved. Find a special occasion to cuddle with him - when it's intimate, when he's sad or upset about something, or in public if you want to show others how special he is to you.

Care for Your Upset Boyfriend Step 2

Step 2. Be careful touching your boyfriend when he's nervous

It can be tempting to soothe him by petting him when he's stressed or in the middle of an argument. However, in times of nervousness people tend to close in more and not want to be touched or petted. Observe your boyfriend's behavior to determine if it's a good time to pet him.

  • If he's showing you that he wants space, or seems distant and indifferent because he's angry or irritated with you, it might not be a good idea to try to pet him. At such times, he may need time to cool off and think. Trying to get close to him and touch him can make him more stressed or make him want to keep pulling away.
  • If the two of you are at the end of a fight and you're not sure if it's a good time to touch him, ask. Simply say "Can I pet you?" He will express whether or not he wants closeness in the moment.
Caress Your Boyfriend Step 1

Step 3. Find out your boyfriend's reaction to touch

Some men are quite "physical" and enjoy this type of contact, while others prefer to show affection in other ways. When dating that special guy, find out how he reacts to certain gestures if he's demonstrating that he wants physical contact. Some men prefer hugs, caresses, or massages when they're stressed, while others prefer time and space to think.

  • If you try to pet your boyfriend when things aren't going well and he reacts negatively, try not to take it personally. It's likely that he just needs space or time to think and doesn't react well to your touch during this type of situation (unless he always behaves that way when you're around).
  • If you notice that your boyfriend never likes to be petted, or if he reacts rudely and unkindly to being touched, it might be a good idea to tell him how you feel. It is not recommended to date someone who does not like to be touched by you.
Caress Your Boyfriend Step 5

Step 4. Offer a massage

If your boyfriend has a week long and looks tired, or if you just want an excuse to touch him, ask if you can give him a massage. He will probably say yes and this will be your opportunity to help him relax; in addition, the massage will create an atmosphere of intimacy between the two. For the massage to be efficient and pleasant, use coconut oil or other scented lotions to relax his muscles.

Ask him which part of his body is feeling the most tension and where he is enjoying the massage the most. He'll probably love a massage on the parts of his body that need the most attention. After you relax him a little, things may become more intimate between you, or perhaps he wants to return the favor of the massage

Snog a Boy Step 17

Step 5. Get his hair out of his face

If you want to caress your boyfriend in an attempt to make the interaction more intimate, find an excuse to touch his face. Brush his hair out of his face, touch his cheek, or gently hold his face in your hands for a few seconds. Most likely he will make eye contact with you, possibly leading to something else, like a kiss.

One of the best times to do this kind of caress is when he's not waiting. Take him by surprise so that his attention is directed to you immediately

Caress Your Boyfriend Step 2

Step 6. Touch him on the shoulder or hold his hand

This is one of the sweetest and most affectionate ways to caress your boyfriend - it's a light touch that will show you're thinking about him. When they're out in public or with friends, reach out and take his hand, squeeze and release it. Instead, you can also reach out and lightly touch his shoulder or rub his back to demonstrate that he is in your thoughts.

At times when he is stressed, sad, or going through a difficult experience, stroking him in this way can be a very affectionate gesture. He will have the space he needs and at the same time you will demonstrate that you care about him and that he can count on your presence

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 7

Step 7. Embrace him

Show that you care and love him by giving him a long, affectionate hug. Most men like to feel their girlfriend's presence. In addition, the hug serves to show all the affection you feel for him. Hug him from behind and put your arms around his waist, or hug him from the front and squeeze him. Sometimes a hug is all we need to feel better. Why not improve his day with this loving gesture?

Part 2 of 2: Showing You Care

Show Your Love to Your Boyfriend Step 8

Step 1. Value it

The best way to show your boyfriend you care is to reveal how much you value him. Men often want to feel needed and want their girlfriend to show that she values ​​them. Don't forget to remind him from time to time how much you care for him and how happy you are to be a part of his life.

Praise him and demonstrate the value of the things he does for you. Doing so will create positive effects in your life too. When he feels noticed and valued, he'll likely want to do more for you, because he'll know you won't be ignored or criticized

Date an Entrepreneur Step 12

Step 2. Praise him

Compliments are not just important to women. Men like to receive them too. Praise your boyfriend from time to time to make him feel more confident and to show you like his looks and personality. In addition to praising his appearance, remember to praise his actions. Express your appreciation for the things he does or when you're proud of him.

When he's going through hard times or fails at something, try to encourage him. Remind him of his strengths and talents. Making him feel better when he's feeling insecure is one of the best ways to praise him

Show Your Love to Your Boyfriend Step 11

Step 3. Help him whenever you can

As much as you are feeling irritated and the last thing you want to do is help him, put your pride aside and help him. Spend your time and energy supporting him in whatever he needs to demonstrate that you love and care for him. A healthy relationship is not just about taking from the other and must be based on mutual support and affection.

You can help him in many ways. For example, doing some task for him when he is extremely busy; help you with some school work or service; give him space to organize, etc. The best way to do this is to volunteer without his needing to ask. This way, he will know that you are doing these things willingly and not out of obligation, or simply because he asked you to. In other words, you're doing him favors because you care about him

Show Your Love to Your Boyfriend Step 16

Step 4. Be gracious and talk to him lovingly

In addition to praising him, talk to him in an affectionate way to express your feelings and how much you care for him. Say how you feel, avoid jumping to conclusions, and be gracious when he needs to. Know that no one is perfect, so even when he makes a mistake or hurts your feelings, be willing to forgive him and be kind.

  • Being gracious to your boyfriend means not holding a grudge, forgiving him, and showing him that you love him even in difficult times. These gestures can be difficult, but they will demonstrate to him that you are understanding and that you are not perfect either.
  • However, don't let him step on you or make mistakes constantly without caring about your feelings. If he does this sort of thing often, it's a good idea to have a conversation. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship, so if you've been gracious to him and yet he continues to behave in a way that bothers you, it's time to talk.
Show Your Love to Your Boyfriend Step 1

Step 5. Keep the relationship healthy

When taking care of your boyfriend, the priority is to keep the relationship healthy. As much as I pretend everything is fine by practicing loving gestures with him, this sort of thing is not enough. Communicate with him regularly. Try to cultivate a safe space in which you can communicate and express how you feel in the relationship.

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