How to Date a Christian Girl: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Date a Christian Girl: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Date a Christian Girl: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Religious beliefs can be an important part of many people's lives and define a pattern of values ​​to be followed by these individuals - which is also valid for romantic relationships. When liking a girl who is devoted to Christ, it is important to respect and give importance to that faith, but this should not become an issue between the two. Making room for religiosity is just one way to take her feelings into account and show that she is involved in the relationship.


Part 1 of 3: Getting to Know Yourself Better

Date a Christian Girl Step 1

Step 1. Be honest about your beliefs

Whether you're a Christian or not, the most important thing is to be honest with the girl and stay true to yourself. Try to talk about different subjects, not just religion, and understand how faith influences her personality. First of all, you need to know yourself as people.

The more honesty about one's beliefs the better. Even though she is not a Christian, she will be happy for the sincerity, and perhaps this religious difference is not a problem in the relationship. Talk about your own beliefs directly, saying "I understand this point of view, but I disagree on…" or "Interesting. In my opinion,…"

Date a Christian Girl Step 2

Step 2. Find out what she likes to do

She may not be able to do certain things, like go out drinking, or is actively involved in the church and has a specific role or responsibility. Ask about her interests and hobbies and see what they have in common.

  • Suggest tours that make her feel good. If she likes nature, invite her for a walk or a picnic; if you're interested in art, visit a museum together and ask questions about the exhibits. Find ways to practice activities that are compatible with both of your faiths.
  • Know that “fun” can mean different to the two of you. Maybe she doesn't drink alcohol, or doesn't like certain jokes or jokes. Learn how faith guides her relationships and her life, and act accordingly.
Date a Christian Girl Step 3

Step 3. Find common ground

If you are a Christian too, it will be very easy to think about what to talk about. Otherwise, look for other similarities in personal interests and beliefs that will help the relationship work. You may be alike in many other important ways.

  • It is possible to agree on political issues, for example, outside the religious context. This is an interesting subject that can stimulate a lot of dialogue.
  • Try to find out her position on an issue. Ask "What's your opinion on…?" or "What do you think of…?" and keep asking what you want to know about her. Be careful not to offend: moral and religious issues can be difficult to talk to someone who is not so close.
Date a Christian Girl Step 4

Step 4. Know what her religion thinks about dating

Without asking too many questions, try to find out the girl's opinion about dating according to religion. Christian churches can differ a little bit on some points, like dating, and other evolving modern issues. It can be helpful to know certain things, such as long-term expectations, and be aware of what she says about them early on in the relationship.

Date a Christian Girl Step 5

Step 5. Ask her out

Start with something casual, like a coffee to chat or a walk. Take the opportunity to learn more about her and spend some time alone. It will be easier to talk about personal matters in a casual environment, and it will be an opportunity to see if the relationship can work.

Just because she's a Christian doesn't mean she can't have fun. Be creative. Think of lively and fun activities to do together. Most ideas for a common meeting are suitable in this context

Part 2 of 3: Getting Involved in Partner Faith

Date a Christian Girl Step 6

Step 1. Encourage her to talk about what she believes

It's important that she feels comfortable, not as if she has to be embarrassed or hide her personal opinions. It can be awkward talking about religious beliefs with people you don't know very well. Remember that everyone has their own convictions, which have a certain weight in their own life or personality - and with it it would be no different.

  • Tell her she can always be honest. When an issue comes up on which the two of you have different opinions, say, for example, "Even if I don't agree, I support you and I care about you, and I want to know more about what you think." Understand that the way the other responds to conversations can make a person more or less willing to speak openly.
  • Talk to her about your beliefs too. She probably also thinks it's very important to know about the moral values ​​of the guy she's interested in. This is a part of dating that people often ignore or don't care about as much, but one that deserves special attention in a relationship with a religious foundation.
  • Even if the two are Christians, there can be differences on certain points. Talk about these issues and do your best to learn to accept them.
Date a Christian Girl Step 7

Step 2. Go to church with her

Prove that you care enough to at least make the effort to find out more about her lifestyle. Faith is probably the most important part of her life, like work, a passion, or a project for someone else. Keep an open mind and experiment.

If you are not a religious type, this can be a difficult step. Try it a few times, but if you continue to feel uncomfortable accompanying her to church, talk and explain the reasons for her

Date a Christian Girl Step 8

Step 3. Become part of the girl's spiritual community

Meet family, friends and church members too. Many churches organize events in other locations where members and supporters can socialize. Participate in meetings like this with her; this is a way of showing that you are interested in becoming a part of one of the most important aspects of her life.

Part 3 of 3: Moving forward in the relationship

Date a Christian Girl Step 9

Step 1. Enjoy time together

While it's important to support your partner's faith, so is spending time enjoying each other's company. Try cooking together, going to a movie, or sitting down and talking. Her spirituality is one thing, but a relationship is built with two people.

Plan outings together, or take the time to do fun activities for both of you. Remind yourself of other interests that attracted you to her, and find ways to make the connection between you stronger

Date a Christian Girl Step 10

Step 2. Create boundaries

It's important to make clear what's appropriate and what's not when talking and how you treat each other. After making the date official, it is important that both make efforts to make the partner comfortable and feeling loved and respected. It can sometimes be difficult if religious beliefs are not the same. In this case, it is necessary to know what to expect, thus facilitating communication and preventing one of you from feeling unfairly judged.

  • Always be respectful. Religion can be a touchy subject, even among people who love each other.
  • Know what is and is not acceptable when discussing different points of view, as well as the appropriate time and time. If a subject is often uncomfortable or offensive, it is best to avoid it. It is vital to choose words and subjects carefully when talking about beliefs.
Date a Christian Girl Step 11

Step 3. Make important decisions together

Consult with each other about any life changes that may affect your relationship. Every step of the way must be a joint effort. If an issue becomes an issue because of religious beliefs, discuss the matter reasonably and strive to reach consensus.

It is possible that there are different opinions and wills on important issues, such as sex, career, marriage and children. Being open about these issues from the start really makes things easier. Every couple gets into difficult situations eventually, and religious beliefs shouldn't be an insurmountable obstacle if you really care about each other

Date a Christian Girl Step 12

Step 4. Meet each other's needs

Be the person she needs. Love, kindness, humility and compassion are the greatest Christian values. That's what she looks for in someone and that's why she chose him as a partner. The relationship should work well as long as there is honesty and support from both of you.


  • Keep showing affection and care even after dating for a long time. All relationships are based on companionship and caring for another person. Her faith is just another element of her personality, which needs attention and respect.
  • Dating sites like Divino Amor were created to help single Christians find a suitable partner. If you are a Christian looking to find someone, these services can be of great help.


  • Resolve issues as quickly as possible with open communication. Because religious beliefs are so influential, they can cause occasional disagreements and arguments that must be resolved carefully, or they can cause resentment. Always be respectful of your partner and don't let different opinions get between you.
  • Neither should take the lead and decide how the relationship should progress. Decide on this together, taking into account your faith and feelings.
  • Be very careful when it comes to sex. Her religion is likely to prohibit certain sexual behaviors. Never pressure her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable, or that compromises her values.

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