How to Date in High School (with Pictures)

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How to Date in High School (with Pictures)
How to Date in High School (with Pictures)

Ah, young love. If you want to learn to trade in the complex world of high school today, there are some tricks and tips you can learn to make the process as easy as possible. For example, in this article you can learn how to ask someone out right away and how to hang out with someone even if you don't have a car or a job.


Part 1 of 3: Asking someone out

Date in Middle School Step 1

Step 1. Date only if you feel like it

In high school, it's common to feel an immediate urge to experience new emotions. Hormones seem to go crazy and you're probably starting to pay more attention to people of the same or opposite sex for the first time. But dating in high school shouldn't be your priority. Focus on more important things like school, friendships and developing your unique personality more than finding someone to date.

  • If you want to date, talk to your parents about it and ask for guidance. You will need their permission to date before moving on.
  • If you don't want to date, there's no problem. Keep in mind that most high school relationships these days exist largely on the Internet and in the imagination, which means you shouldn't always take everything people say seriously - don't date if you don't want to.
Date in Middle School Step 2

Step 2. Find someone you like

Who are you enjoying right now? Who do you think would be a good choice to get to know better and spend more time together than you do with a friend? Who do you feel attracted to? Try to find someone you think is fun to date, someone you can imagine spending time with, maybe a lot more than usual. And, most of all, someone you would have no problem kissing.

  • This person should not be in a relationship, nor start dating anyone, as it can be awkward to ask someone out when that person is already dating.
  • As a first step, add this person to Facebook if you haven't already. This might be a good way to get to know her a little better before asking her out on a date.
Date in Middle School Step 3

Step 3. Wait for a good excuse to order

While it's okay to ask a simple, straightforward question like, “Would you go out with me?”, sometimes it's best to have a specific reason in mind so that you'll have an excuse to start a conversation with that person.

  • Are there any parties or events about to happen at your school? Inviting someone to go to a June party or any other type of event is one of the most used methods to go out with someone. If all goes well, you can become a couple after that. If not, you will enjoy the occasion in the same way.
  • How about a championship or any other sporting competition? Ask your darling if you could watch or even go to the games together.
  • Maybe a movie everyone is talking about is about to open. Invite someone to go to the movies with you.
Date in Middle School Step 4

Step 4. Stay up to date with your best appearance

If you're going to declare your feelings to someone, it's best to make sure you're dressed up for the occasion. So wear clothes that are clean and tidy, demonstrate enough confidence and self-confidence to ask someone out.

Take a shower on the morning of the big day and do your hair too, dedicating a little more attention to every detail than usual. You don't have to look like a movie star, but strive to look your best without going overboard

Date in Middle School Step 5

Step 5. Wait until you can spend a moment alone with the person

Try to find the best time to be alone with the person and ask them out. Sometimes, breaks between classes or even after school can be good opportunities to do this. If you can't be alone with the person at any time, just ask, "Hi, can I talk to you for a minute?"

  • Try to do this in person, if possible, rather than using other means such as talking on the phone or on social media. For many people, asking someone out via text message, for example, is a bad idea, but at the same time, this method can work for others. If you regularly talk to the person, making the invitation by means other than direct conversation should not be a problem.
  • Keep in mind that there is always the possibility that the other person will decline the invitation. If this happens in front of a lot of people, it will be even worse than if it happened in a place where they were alone, for example.
Date in Middle School Step 6

Step 6. Introduce yourself if necessary

If you ask someone who doesn't know you on a date, the answer will likely be no. The best strategy for these cases is always to introduce yourself briefly first and then tell the person about your feelings for them.

“Hi, I'm So-and-so. We studied in the same room and I was wondering if…”

Date in Middle School Step 7

Step 7. Just ask

Once you have an opportunity, get down to business and ask. There's no need to think too hard, or even try to look smart. Just be kind, polite and direct. No beating around the bush.

  • Say something like, “I've been paying attention to you for some time and I think you're a very kind and nice person. I like you very much. Would you like to go out with me?".
  • Don't expect to be asked and don't expect anyone to ask you out, regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl, as there is nothing wrong with a girl asking a boy out in high school or any other time.
Date in Middle School Step 8

Step 8. Your parents must be aware of and agree with your intention to date or ask someone out

Considering the fact that high school students are underage, it's important to have their parents' permission to date, as well as the other person's parent's consent as well. Just ask and follow the directions given by them.

  • This is especially important if you are going to ask someone out to a public place with you. All parents should be aware and agree, especially if you need a ride to the meeting place.
  • You can always spend time at school with this person, regardless of what your parents think about the subject. However, it's better to have permission for that, just remember what happened to Romeo and Juliet, who were the same age as those in high school, for example.

Part 2 of 3: Spending Time Together

Date in Middle School Step 9

Step 1. Make appointments to talk over the phone or Skype

Talking to your partner can be just as fun and important to a new love as going anywhere together. So, chat on Skype or use other means of communication besides the phone as well.

Get things you can do together, even if you're not in the same place. If you both like a particular band or show, watch it at the same time and chat on the phone or just leave the Skype chat window open while you do your homework together

Date in Middle School Step 10

Step 2. Exchange text messages

You also need permission to send text messages to your suitor; then register each other's cell numbers and start texting each other. This will allow you to talk and laugh together, even if you are not in the same place.

  • Try to establish good conversations and give your partner something to respond to. Don't just write a simple hello, ask questions, make observations, engage in a real conversation. Don't write short answers either. If you can't speak at the time, tell the truth and make an appointment to talk later.
  • To read some good articles on how to chat well via messages, check out this tutorial or this one.
Date in Middle School Step 11

Step 3. Make it official on Facebook if you like

Many high school romances will take place primarily on Facebook. If you are seeing someone, you need to discuss with the person whether they would like to make this matter public, or whether they prefer to keep everything private and respectful. Remember: lots of people have access and can see what's happening on Facebook.

It's important to take it easy in digital life too. Exchanging emoticons with a kiss face is fine, but don't do it every day

Date in Middle School Step 12

Step 4. Be true to your partner

You need to act and talk naturally when you're with her. Be yourself, have fun and don't try to be what you're not.

  • Give sincere praise when deserved. Saying something like, “You were very beautiful today” will always be meaningful to the other person when it's sincerely said.
  • Act with your partner as you would with your friends, unless, of course, you tend to be a total nerd with your friends at all times. The point is, if you're not friends before, you're unlikely to start dating.
Date in Middle School Step 13

Step 5. Go slow

In high school you are still developing and maturing, and many people mature faster than others, which is normal. You may be feeling a mix of conflicting emotions, as if your hormones are out of control. Don't worry, it's normal to feel this at this age, as your hormones are really out of control. That's why it's important to calm down, think a little, and let things take their course slowly. You have a lifetime ahead of you to date.

  • It's okay to try to kiss someone you care about, as long as you're both comfortable with the situation. Always be honest and sincere.
  • Sometimes, some high school romances can seem devastating if they come to an end, so try to relax. Someday in two or three years you will remember this and laugh.
Date in Middle School Step 14

Step 6. Give your suitor space

If you're “hanging out” with someone in high school, great, but remember that doesn't mean you're married to that person. You shouldn't obsess over who she talks to on Facebook or chats at school break. Remember that you are two people who like to be together and nothing else.

  • Don't get desperate and needy while you're with someone. No text messages on the cell phone or Facebook saying things like: “Kd you?”.
  • Spend time with your own friends and set aside some time to do other things you like to do on your own. There will always be time to date.
Date in Middle School Step 15

Step 7. Look for relationships in real life

Most high school romances don't last long and are nothing more than internet or school relationships. It's okay to be like that, especially considering that at this age you don't have money or your own car. But if you really enjoy hanging out with someone, try to make a commitment to actually get together and not just post things on each other's Facebook.

Part 3 of 3: Going out on dates

Date in Middle School Step 16

Step 1. Go to parties

One of the best and easiest ways to go out on a date or meet people is to attend school parties. These events can be a great reason to ask someone out and a fun thing to keep up with. Most high school parties take place after school or on specific days, which means you don't have to hitch a ride from either parent or guardian.

  • If you're afraid or don't know how to dance, practice. Put on music to play in your room and rehearse a few steps before the party. You don't have to be the best dancer, but make sure you don't look awkward when you dance too.
  • If your school doesn't have any kind of party, you can go to events organized by other schools, especially June parties or soccer championships. Do extracurricular activities or go to school-assembled plays together.
Date in Middle School Step 17

Step 2. Go to the movies together

Ask your date if she would like to see a movie on opening day, to make the date even more important. You can even buy tickets before the date and maybe even plan to go out for a bite to eat or ice cream somewhere after the movie, if you have permission to do so.

  • Going to the movies can be a good way to make a date less awkward. You don't need to talk a lot, which makes cinema a perfect choice if you're feeling nervous.
  • If you have an older brother, see if he can take you to the meeting place instead of your parents. Much better this way for a first date, don't you think?
Date in Middle School Step 18

Step 3. Stay together at school break

While it doesn't feel like a date, it's definitely one of the easiest ways to spend time with the person you care about is to take a break together. Find a quiet place where you can sit or sit at a table with friends and let everyone see how good they look together. You will have fun one way or another.

Offer to do little things for your partner, like throwing their trash away or pulling out a chair to sit on. It might seem tacky or something only your parents would do, but it's always good to make someone feel special

Date in Middle School Step 19

Step 4. See if you can walk home from school together

If you don't see each other much at school, spend some time together after school by walking home if possible. Doing this is a good idea to get some time alone with the person and talk without having a lot of people around.

  • Remember that both your parents and your partner will be aware that they will do this and only do so if they normally walk home from school. If they know they're coming back together, it's okay to take a little longer along the way. Walk slowly.
  • You can also go to other places if it is convenient and you are allowed to do so. Go to the mall or any other store they pass on the way to school. You can also arrange some time after class to take a walk together, perhaps in a park that is close to where you live.
Date in Middle School Step 20

Step 5. Ask your parents if your partner can come to your house

Invite her to dinner some night or to watch a movie at your house. This can be a good way to introduce your family to someone you're dating and let them know your family too. This is a big and important step in a relationship!

You will need to talk to your parents about this, as they probably won't want you to be locked in the bedroom together, but perhaps allow you to be alone in the living room, for example


  • Obey your parents while dating and get their permission to date too.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to your partner.
  • Talk to your partner if you are unsure of the relationship, and if the idea of ​​talking about it makes you equally nervous, ask an adult you trust for advice. Communication is fundamental to a relationship.
  • Give your boyfriend as much time and space as you need. Also, if he dumps you for no good reason, find out what happened, at the risk of keeping it on your mind for years to come.
  • Be polite to the person you care about.
  • Starting to date today doesn't mean you have to kiss tomorrow.
  • Remember that a high school relationship is still too young to have the maturity of an adult relationship.


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